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    So just a little blog entry as to what I've been up to. I have finished my poetry submissions for two anthologies and working on the contests now, deadline of July 15th. I'm almost through with my time/writing crunches. Whew! I've become the president of the local poetry club of Florida State Poets Association, and that's keeping me hopping, working on growing the membership and organizing meetings and so forth, all to be virtual. The unfortunate byproduct of this pandemic is I am becoming agraphobic ...
  2. The ending that wasn't the ending -- or was it?

    Yesterday I noted I thought I might rework the ending of my work just completed, and so I took on that task.

    I had two villians with close ties, and they both died in the last chapter. Both deaths were "off camera", and both were unexplained, though with inference as to what caused them. I questioned the similarity.

    My first thought tempted me to change the second death, or possibly let the man live on to cause trouble in a potential sequel. When I pulled up the chapter ...
  3. Second guessing myself

    In Robert Heinlein's five rules for writing, he proclaimed:

    • Rule One: You Must Write. ...
    • Rule Two: Finish What You Start. ...
    • Rule Three: You Must Refrain From Rewriting, Except to Editorial Order. ...
    • Rule Four: You Must Put Your Story on the Market. ...
    • Rule Five: You Must Keep it on the Market until it has Sold.

    Hopeful authors routinely break all five rules. I'm in the middle of breaking rule number three on my just completed work--now back in revision.
  4. Research

    I spent much of the day wasting my time to discover that I have very low regard for Pro Writing Aid, as detailed in a post in Writing Discussion.

    I loaded both the novel I wrote a sequel to, and my novel, fully analyzed both, and compared the results. The original is better than mine, and I scored better on style, grammar, and other metrics measured by the software. That's not a good recommendation for the software.

    I spent the rest of the day in another review of my manuscript, ...

    On a personal note, I'm seriously sick of my content being burried. This isn't like a couple days, this is over a month of every single thing I post being completely ignored.

    This is irking the hell out of me.

    Most of the people I liked when I joined are gone.

    What the fuck even happened to Plasticweld? Why was he banned?



    This isn't half the song yet, and it's going to be at least 7 minutes long ...

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  6. First results in on my sequel

    If you're new to my blogs, in the last few weeks I wrote a sequel to a famous author's work. He passed away long ago, and I've always wanted a sequel to that story. So I finally decided to write one myself. I may never get permission to publish, but it's been a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about my writing, and writing in general, as I wrote it. And now I know what happened next, even if I did have to decide myself.

    I sent a mobi of the the sequel out to five people familiar with ...
  7. Scrivener vs yWriter - My decision

    I'm going to end the suspense early: I selected Scrivener. (I'm also going to post this in the Forums at PiP's request).

    So what made the difference for me?
    yWriter pluses:
    • Very organized set of forms for things like Chapters, Scenes, Characters, Locations, Items ...
    • Good inter-relation between parent and child elements.
    • Can open multiple scenes at once for reference and editing.

    yWriter minuses:
    • built in Editor is just too limited - deal breaker for
  8. Once more into the breach

    Having finished a read of the original novel in its 1957 magazine series yesterday, I decided to move straight into another read of my sequel to it. I had not done exactly that before. I reread the novel as I wrote the sequel, then read the sequel once I finished that read of the original, but that was all mixed together with writing the sequel. So this was just a straight read through of both books in sequence.

    I know I have to be prejudiced, but goodness, I think it's seamless. I ...

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  9. The Worst Test Ever

    Since I made no progress on new work today, not even my series of aborted attempts to start the Scrivener tutorial (getting the idea I'm not really enthusiastic about tutorials?), I thought I'd talk about a trauma from my youth. Before we begin that, I did finish the magazine series of my favorite book. Despite hints that it had extra material, it did not. It was identical to the paperback and eBook files I've read. My only conclusion is that the "extra material" are the intros each of the last ...
  10. Life gets in the way

    I started out the day doing some programming on the new system my partner sold, then had to put it away until he gets a few answers from the client on details I need to proceed. (I should have this in the poetry section).

    Intent on finally getting to the Scrivener tutorial, I watched as our Samsung 4K TV gave every indication it's about to lose its main logic board. In three years, that's the second time this has happened, and really not after that many hours of operation. It was our

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  11. Mechanized Warfare (complete demo)

    This marks my fourth complete song in one month, and my third in two weeks flat.

  12. Funny episode

    I just had an amusing and somewhat perplexing episode.

    I've been doing research on the novel I just wrote a sequel too, and I came across a mention of a reader's companion to the author. I did a Google search for it, and the first result was the Amazon product page. I go there, and the blurb at the top isn't very informative, so I scroll down to see what the top rated review has to say about it. I read a few lines of the review, and I"m thinking, "I remember this book. I think I may
  13. Next Project

    Culture shock (or method shock) time. The book I just finished was almost entirely Pants. I had a general goal in mind for the hero, and chapter by chapter (sometimes scene by scene) I dreamed up what would happen next.

    Now I'm going back to a book I wrote three chapters of 12 years ago. I sort of started in on this book a couple of years back (maybe three), and I see what got in my way. I was very busy getting a house ready to sell and then getting it sold--a process which took more ...
  14. "Going Live"

    My wife finished her read through last night, and I finished mine this afternoon. I found a few terms that were inconsistent and fixed those, and added one little funny scene.

    I decided it was ready for outside eyes, so I sent it off to five friends who'd expressed interest.

    I choked up again reading the last scene, thought it's the fifth time (at least) I've read it. The MC is talking to someone who died in the original novel, but who remains a constant focus of inspiration ...
  15. Finishing Touches

    Last night and today my wife did a read through and found about 20 things to correct. That means I rushed my proofreading in the app too much, and I'll admit that. I was eager to get the book onto a Kindle and read it straight through. I've been doing my read through, too. I found a couple of punctuation errors she missed, but most of my changes have been to introduce more interesting wording where I found a "vague" phrase.

    A little alarming, two sections of text were in the wrong place. ...

    So, I've been MIA for a while, here's a quick update. Lot's going on, the pandemic and one would think I would have lots of time seeing as I'm home all the time, boy you couldn't be more wrong. Working on 2 art pieces for ekphrasic poetry, made the artwork, seems those were easy, the poems, eh, not so much. These are for submission for an anthology that I have to turn in 3 poems for which will have to be ready within the next few weeks. Almost ready for that. Another anthology submission requires ...
  17. Making music is hard

    I've finished two songs in a week and I'm a bit burnt out, but I'm still working on another song despite some difficulty concentrating.

    Everything is so fucking annoying.

    EVERYONE makes my life more difficult for no fucking reason.

    I'm tired of being alive.

    I'm really tired of a lot of shit.

    All I have left is my fucking guitar.

  18. Third day of Proofreading

    Well, I didn't make it easy on myself. I had about 350 sentences to go when I decided it made more sense to re-proof all the sentences with linking verbs I had moved through before I added the feature, and before I finished those last 350.. So I went into the database and wrote a query to mark all sentences with a "to be" conjugation, which had not been updated, back to the "unread" status.

    Suddenly my To Do count jumped back up to almost 1700. It was discouraging. I wound up staying ...
  19. Second day of proofreading

    Tough day of proofreading, and it started last night.

    It seems that each time I finish a novel and start revisions and proofreading, I get fixated on a different issue. This time it's linking verbs (copulas). That's not to say I've ignored fixing instances of linking verbs and passive voice in previous novels, because I don't ignore them, but last night I added a feature to my proofreading app to flag copulas in the current sentence displayed.

    I started finding more of ...

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  20. Tactical Assault (full demo/lyrics pending)

    This is one of my slower songs, but I'm still very happy with the composition as I just completed it less than two hours prior to posting this.

    It needs to be rerecorded but I'm saving it and moving on to the next composition.
  21. First day of proofreading and my method

    I finished revisions for my first read-through yesterday. Nothing exciting or illuminating to report today. I did complete 53% of my proofread with my proofreading app, and was happy to only find four typos.

    The app breaks the document into separate sentences and shows me one sentence at a time to proofread. That keeps errors from being buried in the middle of a paragraph, or from overlooking them from being either too interested (or too bored, in the case of the n'th time through the ...
  22. Community of the Living Dead (full demo w/ lyrics)

    Community of the Living Dead





    [Bridge and Verse]
    Nobility in the eyes of the Antichrist
    Seek out approval from their demonic prince
    Sacrificing ...

    Updated June 25th, 2020 at 04:40 AM by RhythmOvPain

  23. Just A Guy

    There’s this guy who works in my area. There’s not much to notice about him. He’s kinda hunched over. I think he might have scoliosis like my uncle had. A closer look at his face, and you see his thick glasses. His tongue seems to hang out a bit. There’s some medical term for that, I think. “Darn it Jim! I’m a machine operator, not a doctor!”

    The base contracts with a company that hires folks with “disabilities”. I’m more than “okay” with it. I think it’s great, but not ...
  24. Chapter Twenty

    Having only 1100 words to reach my goal for the novel, I wrote a bit over, but not by much. I managed to dispose of the villain, and finish with a meaningful scene that choked me and my wife both up, again. Not being satisfied with that, I added a bit in the middle which will do that, too. So if you read the original book, you may tear up twice. If you then read my sequel, I may get you three times.

    My wife was eager to hear the ending, and now she's eager for me to finish my first ...
  25. Chapter Nineteen and almost done

    The day before I decided in general how my villain would be defeated. Yesterday I had to think up the details. As it turned out, I only needed to describe two phases of the program in detail, starting with the elimination of his main lieutenant. I was worried I had more story yet to tell than the word count I had in mind for the total novel length. It doesn't look like that will be much of a concern. I wound up with enough room to write a couple of scenes capable of setting up another book in the ...

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