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  1. Two rejections

    I received two form rejections this week. These were the first stories I've submitted in five-years. I feel like a writer again.
  2. Having an Opinion

    That's become somewhat of a thinly veiled insult, calling someone "opinionated". It seems to set down the marker that the person with the opinion has closed their mind to new ideas, and is hostile to criticism.

    Here's my take:

    Having an opinion means that you have the acumen to reason, and the maturity to stand by your reasoned thoughts. It doesn't mean that you want to argue, and are spoiling for a fight all the time. It simply means that you believe ...
  3. When I was a kid...

    When I was a kid, sure we had differences of opinion about politics and other things, but we shared a common reality. These days, there seems to be two realities: one based on objective facts and the other based on how those who believe it want the world to be. Their leaders actually call it, on national TV, "alternative facts."

    When we can't even agree on facts, there's no way in hell that we're going to have civil dialog. Everything just devolves into yelling and screaming ...
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