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  1. _Slapstick, or, Lonesome No More! _ by Kurt Vonnegut Review

    Note: This review was originally written back in 2016 as part of a personal "1001+ Book Challenge." I follow a Peter Boxall's 1001 Books: You Must Read Before You Die list and write about books I found particularly noteworthy. This post was edited recently to improve grammar and overall readability, but still reflects the views of a 23-year old me. My writing has improved since then, I promise!


    Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut Review
  2. Poems and Poetry

    So I've been writing, reading, critiquing and doing re-writes of poetry, attending writing groups, participating in open mic's, talking to other poets about their poetry and writing assignments, dreaming about poetry, reading books about how to write poetry, reading books about how to write, eating poetry (oops, got carried away there with poetry). Yup, once you start eating the poetry perhaps you're taking things a bit too far and it's time for a breather. Watch some Netflix. Seriously, I haven't ...
  3. Me and my damned bladder, whatever...

    One of these days.

    It's Sunday morning, or at least it was, twenty seven minutes ago, and, as always, first on my "to do" list is the long walk out of town for my cheap-store shopping . As is the way of things at this time of the week, I usually arose from my slumbers at about nine, roused by a steaming hangover, it's not as though I get drunk even, maybe my having worked a Friday night shift and not going to bed until Saturday night has something to do with it but anyway,Okay, ...

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  4. #18- thoughts outloud


    I'm better now. The video history 'E' showed me caused a crisis of conscience, but I'm over it. I've made a recommitment.

    I'm sure 'E' was testing me. I almost failed. I felt bad for all those individuals that were killed during that time but I don't anymore. Feeling bad isn't necessary and in fact it is counterproductive. We must stay focused on the long term goal. The Kronstadt Rebellion was a counterrevolutionary action. The local Red Army members, thought ...

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  5. Writing well is torturous sometimes

    In a new article by Sarah Labrie, the author talks about a subject many writers shy away from discussing: how excruciatingly difficult it is. The article resonated with me in that I am often guilty of staring for hours at a blinking cursor before ending each session by slamming my fist on the keyboard, having not penned a single coherent sentence.

    It's not writer's block she's talking about. The act of writing itself is as utilitarian as it gets: string a few words together into a sentence ...
  6. Junk

    I tried to write today, but produced dreck.

    It's been five years since I've made a serious effort at writing. I should expect to be a little rusty, but this is the pitts. It's like language decided to leak out of my brain as if it were a font and I'm leftover with the most elementary of words. I was diagnosed with PTSD recently, so I've had a lot on my mind, I'll admit that. But I returned to writing to heal and thus far it's more frustrating than it's worth. I remember when words ...
  7. #17 - thoughts outloud


    It's been two weeks and I am still thinking about the accident I saw, about the guy that flew in his wheel chair. Its not that I care about what happened to him, I mean I do, but not really- he's a complete stranger who I know nothing about, but I'm thinking about the accident, about what I saw, or more like how I saw.
    It's hard to explain. I'll try...

    It was weird because I had seen him just a second before the hit, and then when I looked back I couldn't ...
  8. My cat is a better writer.

    I find myself trying to compose words today in a coherent, legible manner. I expect these words to have a poetic quality to them, something that stimulates the brain in an interesting way. Instead I find that the words I produce on the page are utter drivel.

    This is my crisis. I suppose after not writing for five-years, I should expect to be rusty. But it's like I've forgotten how to formulate a meaningful sentence. I can put two words together but they don't resonate. I've forgotten ...
  9. What it means to be British ...

    by , October 15th, 2019 at 09:45 AM (A Creative Spirit in Portugal)
    or does it?

    State opening of Parliament Oct 2019

    Until yesterday my feelings towards the Monarchy remained neutral.

    As I watched the pomp and ceremony at the state opening of Parliament and listened to the speech the Queen had to deliver (whether she believed it or not) I felt compassion for the frail old lady who gives our country the stability that so many others lack.

    Maybe we should ...

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    Hobbies and Interests
  10. When Friends Fight (language)

    This relentless bashing of The President over Turkey and The Kurds is asinine and needs to stop. Sometimes, allies have disagreements. There’s always the option of going Wilsonian multinationalist, and trying to “solve” the issue. Not only does that rarely work, but it often creates more problems. The nation-building after WWI helped set-up the conditions that set WWII ablaze. And Africa is still paying for that hubris.

    News flash: President Trump is a nationalist. I know ...
  11. #16- thoughts outloud


    I saw a guy in a wheel chair get run over. He didn't actually get run over, but he got hit. It was a busy intersection and I was stopped, and I noticed him because he kept going into the crosswalk and staying there after the light changed, into the street, then back out on the corner. He might've been drunk or high, or crazy.

    I looked away and then when I looked back I saw something large spinning in the air like four or five feet off the ground while ...

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  12. I'm Not Dead (Yet)

    Quote Originally Posted by TheLAW View Post
    But I'm Not Dead Yet.
    -Contrary to popular belief.
    -Inspite of what you heard.
    -My life may contain some grief.
    -The headlines seem absurd because.
    -I'm down.
    -I'm broken.
    -Not on solid ground.
    -I've heard the lies you've heard spoken.
    -Where's the light?
    -Where's the tunnel?
    -Not sure how much I'll need to fight.
    -The good times have stopped, well.
    -Last hill.
    -Last turn.
    -Last climb.
    -Last fall.

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  13. Books that I've read...

    More than once now, I've sat reading a book at home and, after having read a few chapters, suddenly found myself thinking, I know what happens next, I've read this one before. I've read so many now, it seems, I can't REMEMBER every book that I've read, that I've decided that I'm going to start, well, I HAVE, started, at A,B,C, in the fiction section, and I'm going to slowly work my way through them alphabetically.
    Last weekend, I brought two from the same author home, on the assumption that ...

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  14. Deconstructing, Man (language, drugs)

    A guilty pleasure of mine is the 1993 movie “Demolition Man”. Good lord, what campy fun. Sandra Bullock was SO hot. And, for those of you so inclined, Stallone was in good shape. Actually, both actors have aged well. I don’t know what happened to Wesley Snipes. I think he fled the country on tax evasion.

    As an aficionado of the dark art of dystopian storytelling, this movie resonated with me. The script writers borrowed liberally from Aldous Huxley’s masterpiece “Brave New ...
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