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  1. time

    by , October 9th, 2020 at 08:04 PM (Stillborn Thoughts)
    itís been a week. where to begin, i donít know. maybe because
    all time has lost its meaning, and each day has blended to a blurred
    abstract of what we all once knew. but regardless, what a week itís been.

    to begin with, i have been finding my moods more stable and controllable.
    something that two years ago seemed unattainable and elusive,
    but has slowly come as water erodes stone into unimaginable shapes.
    i have found, more and more, that at dayís

    Updated October 9th, 2020 at 10:23 PM by Greyson

    Poetry , Journal

    So just a little blog entry as to what I've been up to. I have finished my poetry submissions for two anthologies and working on the contests now, deadline of July 15th. I'm almost through with my time/writing crunches. Whew! I've become the president of the local poetry club of Florida State Poets Association, and that's keeping me hopping, working on growing the membership and organizing meetings and so forth, all to be virtual. The unfortunate byproduct of this pandemic is I am becoming agraphobic ...
  3. Submissions for Poems to Mayo Clinic - You Can Submit Till May 12th!

    So instead of a blog, I'm working on a project collecting Cheerful, inspiring, uplifting poems or saying for the healthcare workers at Mayo Clinic here in Jacksonville, FL. I'm opening it up to anyone here at the Writing Forums if you make it here to my blog site I guess......... Not sure where else it might be appropriate to post this...... I have the submission details on my poetry chapter website for all those details, so I'll save it by referring you there. www.northfloridapoetryhub.org ...
  4. In Timeout

    This past Monday morning the governor of Indiana put our state in time out, but honestly it was the mom version. You know, she loves you, knows youíre good, knows that all you need is a nudge in the right direction. So she gives you a faux grounding. Later that day, the mayor of Indianapolis acted like the dad in this relationship whoíd come home, heard about what weíd done, and put the hammer down. It felt like punishment. ďGo to your home and donít come out until I say itís ok. I donít care what ...
  5. I Am At A Loss

    I haven't been around because I have not been able to write.

    Right now, I think for me, at my age, my greatest worry / concern ( outside of spiritual) is the my stories will not be told.

    I worry that my characters will go unknown, dying with me without having been shared. Sure, I could create the profiles and leave detailed notes in the hopes that one of my children or another writer will tell these stories. It wouldn't be the same. They would put in their own creativity, ...

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  6. weighty, oppressive things

    by , March 19th, 2020 at 04:32 AM (Stillborn Thoughts)
    i am tired of many things today. i am tired physically and mentally from poor sleep and a listless mind.
    i am tired of the virus. i am tired of the reactions to it. i am tired of being shown humanityís true face.
    and i am tired of this creative bump.

    but despite this tiredness of mind and spirit, i am being mindful. i have given the advice Ďspeak to yourself no different than you would a friendí and i have begun to heed it myself.

    this week, despite the anxiety

    Updated August 16th, 2020 at 03:00 AM by Greyson

    Poetry , Journal
  7. The cost of self-improvement

    What if, instead of the current broken system, we paid people to go to college, providing they performed adequately in their classes, and charged tuition for people to serve in the military. This would make sense if you look at return on investment (ROI). People with four year degrees contribute more to society than those without, while military veterans are often a drain on society.

    Just a thought. Now it's time for my nap.
  8. Frustrated in Florida..............

    So here it is February 22 and I'm still recooperating from my second cataract surgery. I haven't been on the forums much because I am suffering badly from dry eye and my time on the computer has been restricted very much. I have also been distracted mentally and therefore haven't felt very inspired either. I have always been a writer who uses her fingers to help with the "flow" of creativity, not being able to write quickly enough to keep up with my thoughts. So, not being able to ...
  9. Historical Reflections

    Much of my writing is just random reflections, or descriptions of particularly enjoyable, or meaningful, experiences. I try to write them in a sufficiently interesting way to generate a conversation on either the writing style, or the substance.

    Iím very fortunate to live in Britainís oldest recorded town. About 60 miles east of London, it was the first Roman capital of England until the Iceni warrior queen, Boudica, slaughtered the inhabitants and raised it to the ground in ...
  10. Dropped Out of Site

    So I've been MIA for a while, my puppy hasn't been well, she has advanced cardiac disease and I've been nursing her and have been preoccupied, she's better now on a new medication. I also was scheduled for cataract surgery (which I postponed to January because of all the things going on with my puppy) and and emotional roller coaster I have been on. Not a good time to deal with eye surgery, and all that goes with it for me, which is the handicap of not being able to see well or being able to drive ...
  11. Opposite Gender Pen Name?

    There are so many instances of neutral initial pen names, also called non de plumes, that itís rather ordinary and taken as a normal happenstance in the literary world. Jo Rowling is perhaps one of the most famous examples. C.S. Lewis and D.L. James come to mind. Pretty ordinary stuff here. What about a gender flip-flop though? During the last generations of literature, dozens of women have taken on male pen names to approach a reading crowd that might not have given them the time of day ...

    I keep watching updated news reporters with their interviews of what is going on in the Bahamas and Abacus. I have been torn up over the whole thing. Living in Florida I have been in many storms, nothing like this, but hurricanes, tropical storms and such so I know what it is like to see and hear the roaring fury of the wind and rain.

    I was in South Florida when Hurricane Andrew went through Miami, and the devastation was shocking there, similar to what happened in the Bahamas but ...
  13. Poem for the Victims in the Bahama's --- Anonymous Video Hell

    I wrote this today after needing to express the agony I feel watching and empathizing with those poor souls in the Bahamas. My heart is breaking and wrenched for all of them, the people, the island, the animals, birds, even the little bugs, decimated by this storm from the depths of Hell.

    Anonymous Video Hell

    First views of storm damage from a young woman,
    filming her once-home neighborhood, commenting
    on the destruction, the wreckage, twisted, ...
    Tags: poem, storm
    Poetry , Journal
  14. HOME AGAIN, HOME AGAIN, JOGGITY, JOG an author's winning the game............

    So, got home on Tuesday night...... picked up the puppy Wednesday, maintenance crew in the apartment building decided to clean my A/C ducts while I was gone and left a royal mess so after being gone a whole week got the pleasure of having to clean my entire apartment all over again, vacuuming, mopping floors, washing the kitchen and bathroom down. FINALLY got all that done, bills paid, and wallah! We have a hurricane on the horizon folks! Dorian is out side, wanting to knock on the door and visit ...

    So, time for a family reunion in Upstate New York. Airplane ride yesterday starting with an early rising at 4 a.m. to make a 7:20 flight out of Jacksonville, Florida landing in Albany, New York at noon. So, some call it a vacation (?) it's really a family reunion and for me, eh, more of an exercise in anxiety overload and family drama re-enactment Scene 3000. Where's my Xanax?

    So off to scenic New York and the Baseball Hall of Fame country. Baseball camp is in the tail-end of ...

    First Saturday of the month is Blackout Poetry day. If you don't know what that is, here's the gist: Poets gather at a coffee shop (okay, you don't have to gather with poets, you can go solo at home LOL), grab a torn out page from a book, find words that make a poem and then black out the rest of the words. This is a fun activity for me, one I look forward to every month. Sometimes you get a page that works out really well and surprises you at the twists and turns the words take, but most of ...
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  17. Another Day In The Neighborhood

    ........ Well, this past day and a half have been amazing! I finally have had a poetry breakthrough from my blockage. It seems that the dam has broken and the waters are welling out in a torrent. I have been able to plug into the creative process with relative ease. I am opening clean pages and the words are forming lines and stanzas almost as if on their own. I've opened the thesaurus and rhymer and verses are flowing. It's almost as if they been hiding in the recesses of my mind all ...
  18. New member as of last night, my first blog post

    So, officially a new member of this writer's site. Glad to be here. I've tried a few other sites like this but have found them time-wasters because they didn't have organized instructions on how to use the functions and the site structure itself was not intuitive to use and from my experience there wasn't really any on-line help available. Not so here, so I'm giving you a try. So far impressed.

    Now, on to the good stuff. So, I'm looking forward to having a place to get honest, constructive, ...
  19. Handpan... My New Creative Challenge

    by , May 31st, 2019 at 11:03 PM (A Creative Spirit in Portugal)
    A few weeks ago we went to our local beach for coffee and as we enjoyed the breathtaking views across the beach and rugged coastline beyond the sound of haunting music caught our attention. I turned to locate the source of this mystical sound I noticed a man playing what can only be loosely be described as an instrument shaped like a cataplana.

    Updated May 31st, 2019 at 11:13 PM by PiP

  20. Hunting for Meaning

    Hunting for Meaning

    I grew up with half my family living in a small town and the other half living on a farm. In the city there was bike riding on the streets, going over to friends houses, and lots of television and spending time indoors. In the country we would walk in the woods, play hide and seek in the cow barn, mess with old equipment in the shed, and, eventually, there was hunting.

    When I was smaller I hunted squirrels and birds. When I ate something I had ...
  21. adventures in the small press

    As some of you may know, I am the editor-in-chief of a small press, seen to be
    "upcoming" in some circles and probably "uppity" in others. It's a full-time job, and a constant learning experience.
    The primadonna factor is less than I thought it would be...which is a good thing. I've never had a nasty letter from a prospective writer, and only a few have groused publicly. One of the most enjoyable things is making connections. As editor, I'm the guy that makes first ...
  22. A Place Dropped into Our Lap

    So, just when we'd resigned ourselves to waiting a year before house hunting again, using the time to build credit scores and fixing up this place, one of our friends came to me and said, "Are you still looking for a place or have you found one?" When I said we hadn't yet, she said, "Would you like to buy our place? We're moving to Texas and we want you and your family to have it."

    I couldn't believe my little ears! I joyfully said YES!!! Their asking price ...
    Fiction , Poetry , Journal
  23. Ah, Such is Life . . .

    Here's a couple of memes I did today to cope with my disappointment of having to wait yet another year for a house . . . Yeah, they beat our scores down 15 points for my hubby, and 40 for one of mine. I fortunately, didn't ask for an update from Equifax, so that one is three points down because I opened a checking account for my business. Live and learn . . . Now we have to go open a few of those credit building loans. Lots of 'em!!!

    creditscoretrashed_12.jpgsonohouseforus_12.jpg ...
    Fiction , Poetry , Journal
  24. Sales and Download Stats

    I just checked out my total sales from the book stores Draft2Digital distributes to - which I haven't ever done in the two years I've been using them - and see that most of my sales - okay, downloads - come from Barnes and Noble. A handful from Apple, and Inktera, and finally Tolino, which actually is more like a distributor as well, and is located in Europe. In all that time, I've sold nothing of my own, and just two copies of a relative's book for a total of $1.19.

    Most of those ...
  25. Treasures Lost and Found

    Don't you hate it when you think you've finished a story draft, go back to it after a while - years in my case - and can only find copies of the story that all end at the same point or before that even?

    I wrote a short story I called The Disciplining of Mom. And I am so sure I finished that story to it's amusing ending. I know I did.

    Can I find that draft? No. Every copy I hunted up ends in exactly the same spot, or a page before that. Augh!

    I remember how ...
    Fiction , Journal
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