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  1. escorial's Avatar
    Who owns your country...
  2. Plasticweld's Avatar
    When you truly live in a rural area... it means your neighbors have every right to do stupid shit, and things you don't agree with. Most people from the city or even suburbia have a hard time with the concept that what the other guy does, is none of your business. When you get rural areas that are run by those from some place else...smarter than all the locals, it does not take long for it to no longer be rural or what you chose to escape to in the first place. "Freedom means the other guys gets to do what he wants even if you disagree with him" The level of freedom that most are comfortable for most people is unusually small, in my experience.
    Any place with land use laws is not rural and not free.
  3. MzSnowleopard's Avatar
    A very nice read. It reminds me of some of the pieces read in intro to lit class for Literary Non-fiction.
  4. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by escorial
    Nirvana for sale
    We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

    On my future acreage, I plan on a modest-sized house, only level and clearing enough for a garden and shed.
    I might do some brush removal for a walking trail. And yes, clear some space for a rifle range. Pew-pew.

    In the Seattle area (& WA State) they have to have laws to prevent D-Bags from clear-cutting their property. Denuded land causes slides, destroying the land and sometimes killing people. But folks today are so damn stupid, we need to have laws for what should be common sense.
    I just wanna live semi-off "the grid". Solar panels, rainwater reclamation and growing some of our own food. I'm not removing 100 trees so I can plant some vanity lawn and garden.

    Contrast this with where I used to live in Northern California. All the Nouveau Riche jerks from Silicon Valley moved into our pastoral community and built McMansions. Bulldozed the apple trees that had been there for 150 years and planted grapes. Out with the cows, in with the llamas.
    Even if I had that kind of money, no way. Not my thing. I don't feel the need to "terraform" my own planet.

    Esc, legally I'll own it, but in reality it's just a long-term lease. And I, for one, respect the landlord.
  5. escorial's Avatar
    Nirvana for sale
  6. Stygian's Avatar
    It's too bad dogs have such short lives. It was my dog's 6th birthday last Friday. I spoiled her rotten. We went for a long trip to Banff and Lake Louise. I got her a new Nylabone S-shaped chew toy and one of those beef bones with meat on it (Pet store kind). She was a happy pooch!

    I'm not really that great at playing music, I just keep at it and improve every day a little bit. Teaching myself to play piano (read notes mostly) helped a lot. I managed to memorize and play the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata and, more recently, Carousel of Memories by Jean-Philippe Rio-Py. I mostly just play around with random notes and chord shapes now, lots of fun.
  7. MzSnowleopard's Avatar
    Benefit! They have a wireless modem. So, I don't need the expense of the cable. Yay!
  8. Kevin's Avatar
    having had both ... Less neighbor's is much better than more. Wife one time said something about selling and moving into a condo. Uh-uh. I told her she'd be living without me then.
    Don't know what the building codes are up there but if you can build yourself a post and beam roof structure/pavilion, with a slab under it, stack rice hay bales as exterior walls, stucco them, then bob's your uncle.
    Uncle Bob, I occasionally visit and at times come bearing gifts of exotic and delicious foods. I would hope that you or some of your others are not just meat and potato types. Mmm-boy. Winston, you too.
  9. dither's Avatar
    Well, I read that book, I'm glad that I did, and I shall take it back to the bus-stop where I found it and leave there, on the seat, with the note that was in it, plus a comment from me. I do hope that it gets taken home by someone and that they read it also, then take it back to the bus-stop. It could start a trend. Imagine, people,total strangers, covertly swapping books at the bus-stop. And why only THIS bus-stop? Imagine THAT if you will. I love the thought. We shall see eh?
    Updated June 16th, 2019 at 02:14 PM by dither
  10. Plasticweld's Avatar
    Winston, reading your piece lets me appreciate where I live even more. I tell people I live in my retirement home, I bought when I was 22 an old run down house in the best part of town. A creek and waterfalls in the back yard, no neighbors within half a mile, a rifle and pistol range right off the back porch. I can yell at my wife, no one can hear. I can go swimming naked, not that anyone would care, but there is no one who can watch. I don't have see what the neighbors are doing, they don't care what I am doing.

    The plus side of having neighbors so far away is that it lets us be close. We do have to count on each other, we all look after each others homes. I take care of my neighbors out door wood stove when their gone, they take care of mine. If something goes wrong here the first call is to a neighbor, not the police. I like where I live, because I like who I live next to. I like them even better because I don't have to put up pretend fences to keep them out, but can always welcome them and be glad to see them when I do, cause it ain't that often.
    Updated June 15th, 2019 at 07:24 PM by Plasticweld
  11. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dither
    It makes me wonder how people ever get together.
    That's one of many reasons I believe in "a Higher Power". The Universe wants us to be at a certain place, perhaps with a certain person. Or not.
    And most grief in life is when people fight what "is". Better yourself, better the word. Then see what happens.
  12. Winston's Avatar
    I'm jealous. I appreciate music like crazy, but have no ability to make it.
    Good on you.
  13. tinacrabapple's Avatar
    That makes me laugh. I have a beagle as well, but he's old and deaf. In his prime he'd probably howl too. Love it! Man and his dog...and a Harm Monica.
  14. Neetu's Avatar
    I have a beagle and when he howls, oh well, he has the soul of a lost singer...

    Quote Originally Posted by Stygian
    She's got the soul of a blues singer. I think it stems from the heartbreak of me starting to give her half a cookie instead of a full one.
  15. Stygian's Avatar
    She's got the soul of a blues singer. I think it stems from the heartbreak of me starting to give her half a cookie instead of a full one.
  16. Neetu's Avatar
    A duet isn't so bad, is it? Glad you're enjoying your Harm Monica.
  17. dither's Avatar
    It makes me wonder how people ever get together.
  18. Kevin's Avatar
    Oh no . I could totally relate. After a conversation with a stranger: Did I say enough ? Did I say too much?... Difficult trying to interpret things., clues, nuances. You listen ( to what they're saying) but if you listen too hard you haven't said anything , not participating, but you don't want to say the wrong thing, so you listen.
  19. dither's Avatar
    I attempted to write a piece of fiction with something along the lines of a possible sex-intro and it bombed. Best stick to the real stuff I think.
    Updated June 10th, 2019 at 03:08 PM by dither
  20. tinacrabapple's Avatar
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