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  1. Tired of Politics

    Bleh. Politics. Iím sick of it. Iím sick of reading about it, sick of hearing about it, sick of people talking about it. Itís become a preoccupation because itís so [email protected]#$%ed up at the point. People are too political. Your politics have come to define who you are as a person. Thatís what politics are.

    There are some who, believe it or not, believe things for which there are no supporting facts. Thatís always been the case, though. People believed the world was flat and that it rested ...

    Oh yes, we like numbers, like to know things, whatís what and where everything is and whoís accountable...and whoís not here, and when will we know different. Humans are always waiting for something,and some things are often late. Oh how I would love to call those people our late government...the previous rulers, the worst in history. Ah, we already use the latter. And still they rise Ė we just canít get rid of them. Distractions apart, I and we are counting the days that refuse to show us whatís ...
  3. Sex, God, and a bunch of other stuff

    So this rambling piece of reflections by a fictional character I am writing will be finish by the end of April. The character talks about everything from what is right and wrong to God to politics to eating pie to sex to love to how to make a cocktail, and how to drink your soda to well, you get it.

    So, I'm pretty conservative, and not religious, but believe in the importance of it. Kind of in between religions right now. But the F word and reflections on sex, comparing an orgasm to ...
    Tags: politics, sex
  4. A Descent

    you eat her and me.
    you all ate her, made me.
    you all ate her, even though you knew her.
    we killed her, you ate her, made me. We knew her.
    we killed her. you had to, then you ate her, made me, I knew her.
    you all knew what you were eating, you all knew you'd killled her, you carried on.
    Weíre safer without her, we were weak with her. She made us weak. She made me vunerable.

    you had to eat her, we all knew that.
    you cannot have her back. ...
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