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  1. The Love Of A Friend

    The Love Of A Friend
    The New Little Princess* (2025)

    The love of a friend
    Is worth more than money
    The love of a friend
    Is sweeter than honey
    Youíll never get it from anyone else
    In your family or in your love
    Because a friend's love is special
    To you from your friend

    When all the others are gone
    All your lovers are in love with others
    Whom have you got?
    Look around, youíve got your

    Updated September 29th, 2019 at 11:45 AM by Princesisto

  2. Christy J. Breedlove's Young Adult Fabuliers

    Christy J Breedlove's Young Adult Fabuliers

    Published by christybreedlove--You can check out my new (under triage) website below:

    I'm from the west coast of California, born and raised on the beaches of Redondo, Venice, Huntington, Sunset and Seal Beach. I learned to surf at an early age, using the hulking long-board, but then settling on the sleek

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  3. Writing the Sexy Stuff

    Got an author's copy of my new romance book today.--pretty little thing, I have to say, but it's not only my first romance, but it is my first flaming hot and very graphic tome. I'm a virgin male author barging in on this popular genre. An Internet GF (which I sought out) contributed to the physical and emotional aspects between the lead characters, and we really ripped the seams open. And that was because we both researched the "how to of it" and read several romance and erotica books ...
  4. Romance Blunders

    I've been tucked away in the writing cave for the last 79 days, and it was a straight push to the end on a romance novel. Sorry for the long absence. Once you're determined and focused on a new story, you know what happens. Yeah?

    A big call out to my super friends and AW, wishing you the best, always. I received great responses when I went into the AW romance forum with my tail between my legs.

    I can't give anyone a complete rundown on how ...
  5. A Day to Remember That Life is Worth Living

    It's 3 a.m. I look down at my clock and I realize that it's 9/11 and I am in tears. Today we remember those we lost, but also why it is so, so important to live, and of course love. I just finished watching the movie Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts, and my heart just stopped. I had heard it being a rave for years but never bothered to watch it until now. I was floored.

    Throughout all my life, I have wondered if I made the right decisions. Should I have married my first love? Should

    Updated September 11th, 2017 at 09:11 AM by Articulate Lady

  6. Uncle Sam's Harvest (Free Verse)

    This was submitted as my first Pip Challenge! I can feel so much warmth from my brain. It's as fresh as a homemade sheet of cookies from grandma's oven.

    I am looking forward to hearing the critics! I am stoked to see the growth of my writing. Enjoy!

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinzeCharming View Post
    Form: Free Verse

    Uncle Sam's Harvest

    Beautifully seasoned fallow land,
    God's gift to cultivate passion.
    A man's hoe faces a challenge,
    for the depths of its prosperity.

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    Poetry , WritingForums.com
  7. January Challenge: "Fiery Glow"

    I am breaking through achievements.

    First time trying the poetry challenge.
    First time blogging a forum comment.
    First time writing a genuine (not previously published online) poem on WF.
    First time being inspired by anything for writing on WF.

    You get the gist.
    Or is it gist me?

    Please provide feedback below. I am curious to see your thoughts on my writing.

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinzeCharming View Post
    Spark of Love

    A wounded organ nestles in the

    Updated January 10th, 2016 at 10:04 PM by PrinzeCharming (Edited Local Categories to Match Main WF Categories)

    Poetry , WritingForums.com
  8. Love Me Blind

    Trust me with eyes shut tight.
    Your smile is the only thing open.
    Feel my embrace against you tonight.
    Lips occupied for words to be spoken.

    A feather-like touch against your cheek,
    The only way to hold your face.
    Dilated pupils build up to the peak,
    Arousal requires a steady pace.

    A woman is a caterpillar to a man with no desire,
    She becomes a butterfly the minute he makes her perspire.
    Spread your wings, my love,
  9. Architectural Relationships

    Overwhelming mental congestion for perfection,
    Socially influenced blueprints of future attraction.
    Constructive criticism given by construction workers,
    The labor of family and friends for reassurance.

    A solid foundation of first impressions,
    Structured walls of growth and development.
    Insulation of natural feelings and experiences,
    Ventilation to cool down the heated encounters.

    Electrical wiring of an emotional and physical connection,

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  10. So I wrote this story

    So I wrote this story based on a dream. I cannot post it here because it is too graphic, bordering on the forbidden pornographic writing. Not that it is a sex story really, but it does involve that, or the facts leading up to it, including the "sheet talk" if you know what that means. Is that even a phrase? Well, it is now. I'm not even sure if I can morally justify it. I mean it's Epicurean in nature. I'm a half ass Christian and it's Lent! Really, can this thing be justified. I like ...
  11. Words

    by , February 7th, 2015 at 11:40 PM (This is my first blog.)
    :scratch:I love words and there definitions. I want to communicate with other writers and learn from the correct way to write. It seems I now have the ability to know what the next word is when I need it. I am amazed at that action. I must have a word dictionary that's part synonymic, the single words just appear when I need them.

    I have come to the concusion I am not [U]perfect,[/U] (that word has always bothered me) but I do the best I can with all of your patience. [U]I just wish ...
  12. Blank mind comes to mind.

    by , February 7th, 2015 at 12:19 AM (This is my first blog.)
    I love words and there definitions. I love word structuring. I love seeing my words down on
    this screen, (for I only hear my thoughts in my mind). Why do I write? I am thinking (ego) tells me to, the question is why does my ego tell me to? There are many ways to write, which one is me?

    [U]Have I stepped too far off the thought about why I write? I have always [/U][U]went[/U][U] to[/U][U] far on everything I do and I still do not know why? ([/U][U]insanty[/U][U]comes[/U][U] to ...
  13. Stop Killing Yourself

    Quote Originally Posted by Eiji Tunsinagi View Post
    I do think youíre nice, who told you I donít? You come around, I come around -- you know how these things are. We donít have to talk, now, do we? There is light and wind and all that good stuff, weíre in the city, itís bright, thereís the sound of a horn or pothole in your rear view mirror and oh -- now weíre driving.

    So of course I think youíre nice. Iím in your car now. I donít ride with strangers, and I donít hang out with meanies so that means you must be nice. Anyone who
    Tags: life, love
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