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  1. Dogsledding in the Arctic

    I went on a dog sledding trip to the Arctic 12 years ago that was definitely a “food for the soul” experience. I have many photographs of it but didn't make a diary at the time and the memories are starting to dim. My recent, New Years Eve, dogsledding experience has brought them all flooding back and made me realise I need to capture them before they've gone completely. As well as the facts, I've tried hard to recreate some of the emotional experience.

    A school friend of mine, who ...
  2. YA Book Review--Consequences by Darlene McGarrity


    Second chances lead to new beginnings… sometimes, they lead to murder. Seventeen-year-old Rose Jackson is a self-righteous, nature-loving truth seeker whose rocky relationship with her mother, Doris Murphy, is tested after Rose is court ordered to a youth house.

    With six months left before she goes in front of a judge for potential release, her patience is tested between an in-house bully, her neglectful mother, and an inappropriate therapist.
  3. Christy J. Breedlove's Young Adult Fabuliers

    Christy J Breedlove's Young Adult Fabuliers

    Published by christybreedlove--You can check out my new (under triage) website below:

    I'm from the west coast of California, born and raised on the beaches of Redondo, Venice, Huntington, Sunset and Seal Beach. I learned to surf at an early age, using the hulking long-board, but then settling on the sleek

    Updated September 28th, 2019 at 06:17 PM by Chris Stevenson

  4. Mortal Engines movie

    Words cannot describe how excited I am for the Mortal Engines movie. Sure, it came to prominence in the glut of YA dystopian sci-fi, but its unique setting and a decidingly quirky approach to the genre gave it a much needed identity from the crowd.

    I'm a little upset that Hester (the girl with the scarred face) doesn't look more hideous. But that honestly is minor compared to the fact that WE HAVE A BLOCKBUSTER STEAMPUNK FILM COMING TO THEATERS THIS DECEMBER.

    PRAISE THE ...
  5. Dream World Chapter 7

    Dream World © 2017
    Chapter 7
    New Friends


    The lava filled up faster than I expected, but it was also working in my favor. Once again, the plane floated on the lava like a ship and rose up the tunnel while grinding against the ceiling. Up, up and away it went, until we came to the opening. The ceiling began to crack as the plane was pushed harder and harder up against the ceiling from the rising lava. The ceiling refused ...
  6. Dream World Chapter 6

    Dream World © 2017
    Chapter 6
    Cyborg Benefits


    I take back everything I said about not hating being alive. Now, more than ever, I wished to die, after all, whats the point in living, what's the point of anything anymore. So what if I got to eat new foods, so I got to explore, it all meant nothing now. I couldn't go an hour outside the purple room without almost dying. Than there's the fact that everyone I knew was dead, ...
  7. Dream World Chapter 5

    Dream World © 2017
    Chapter 5
    The Mad Storm

    My body was being shredded by the harsh wind, I couldn't see a single thing in front of me and I wasn't alone.

    In the storm, I could hear things screeching past me and than something very light landed on my shoulder like a fly. I went to hit it off, but it felt like it was latched onto me, so I tried to pull it off. Quickly, I noticed this creature was not just latched onto me, ...
  8. Dream World Chapter 4

    Dream World © 2017
    Chapter 4
    Returning Home

    Present Time

    Leon stop his story, leaving me in suspense, “Things would never be the same, what does that even mean and what happened after you opened your eyes. I have questions and they need answers”.

    As he went back into the plane, he said, “There's not much more to say, when the light went away, the pedestal was gone, the lights were on, and ...
  9. Dream World Chapter 3

    Dream World © 2017
    Chapter 3
    Leon's Past

    Year 2150 AD

    The names Leon, twenty nine years old and I've made a living posting videos of my adventures throughout the world on the internet. It took a long time to get to a point where I could pay for everything with the money I make from this job. I don't even want to think about all the side jobs I had to do, I will never be a fry cook again. But, the longer I stuck with ...
  10. Dream World Chapter 2

    Dream World © 2017
    Chapter 2

    Pain returned me to consciousness, just so I could cough up a mountain of blood. I quickly had regrets about moving, because it felt like I was in the middle of the city with its super heated air shredding every fiber of my body.

    Quickly, I returned to laying on my back, but by doing so, I once again felt my body cry. And it just wouldn't stop crying, but all I could do was lay there ...
  11. Dream World Chapter 1

    Dream World © 2017
    Chapter 1

    Fire, yeah, I feel like that accurately describes what I'm feeling throughout my whole body. This isn't the first time I've felt like this, at least that time I was actually covered in fire. Let's take a step back, because I feel like I am getting a little ahead of myself, so let's go back five years before I ever felt such a feeling.


    “Ziiiidus! Zidus!” ...
  12. Dream World

    This is my first time, I've rewritten this story many times and this time I decided to share it with everyone. After I write a chapter, I will publish it here. Not sure if I'm any good, just hope you enjoy it. I will try to submit a chapter every two weeks and if it's as big as the first time I wrote it, I'll be posting for quite a few years.
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