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  1. Crimson Flows.

    Crimson flows from my soul
    the ragged hole open still
    This thing stepped between us
    parting us against our will

    A better man wouldn't hurt
    a worthy one would endure
    I value myself worthless
    for I know of but one cure

    I cannot kiss your skin
    knowing I'll find his taste
    I cannot enjoy your hands
    knowing they've touched his face

    As I walk along this path
    back to the land I know
    the misty ...
  2. Beethoven's (part 2)

    by , August 10th, 2015 at 09:27 AM (Beethoven's 5th (part II))
    They are a design of hinge that has the rather unfortunate name (in the UK) of "rising butt." On the worse days, I feel like making a few butts rise into the air, but you (rightly) can't go around doing things like that. It's also not difficult to see how, in countries with less gun control, the murder rates can be so high. It's fairly easy to imagine a series of conversations where escalation occurs, and someone who has been sleep-deprived snaps in a moment that they end up regretting ...
  3. Beethoven's Fifth (part I)

    by , August 10th, 2015 at 09:25 AM (Beethoven's 5th (part II))
    It's just after 6 AM here and the people in the flat below have, once again, started playing Beethoven's 5th on their door hinges. Fortunately, I'm already awake, mainly because I slept at weird times due to being awoken by them at 5 AM on the previous two mornings.

    The first morning, it was a rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" in b flat minor followed by "My old man's a dustman ...". The second morning was like that old TV quiz game, "Name that Tune." ...
  4. Life eh?

    I curse my luck.
    I curse my job but have never been unemployed.
    I curse my life and yet, here i am, in my 60s, and i run up the stairs in our house cursing my knees and my legs. I actually run.
    How unreal is that?


  5. Irrational man

    The movie was a little slow. There finally comes the point where they start leading you—more like drag you, by the wrist: …then this happens, then this happens, then this happens… more quickly—I guess they call that they climax. It takes a long time to get there. I joked: “Well, they could have thrown in some explosions…”

    It was a well-made movie; well crafted. Everything was done right, correct, nothing amateurish or half-assed… but then why would there be? The guy definitely has ...
  6. Bridge 194

    The working title of my latest novel. I'm about three chapters in and it's flowing well. My "stab" at a supernatural horror.

    Got the characters and plot, just need to crack on master the words! I will post a few sneaky peaks soon.
  7. More idea logging.

    All of my writing takes place in the same world.

    There were two great wars.

    The first, in modern day, was nuclear.

    The survivors discovered many secrets that had been previous hidden by society. Including magic.

    Hidden temples, underground, suddenly returned to the surface as if brought up by the event.

    Animals of all kinds, either influenced by radiation or magic, grew to sapience and overtook man.

    The second war ...
  8. Once upon a Elephant


    Once upon a Elephant

    I saw an elephant -
    sitting on my gazebo in my backyard
    she waved her trunk and hooted for me
    to sit beside her~

    Now to be sure-
    I was flummoxed and bemused
    amused and mildly confused---
    to see her sipping tea~
    while patiently waiting
    to discuss my spirituality
    with the likes of me-

    As you can see

    Updated August 8th, 2015 at 08:21 PM by rcallaci

  9. Once upon a Elephant

  10. Favourite place to write?

    Where is your favourite place to write your masterpiece? Safe at home with a glass of wine and warm by the fire? In your office or bedroom, in a park, the bathroom? Somewhere new or strange or maybe in a haunted wood?
  11. Book cover or blurb?

    What's the most important to you, blurb or cover?

    I've opted for both with wins and losses on both sides.
    Sometimes book blurbs don't live up to expectations. If it comes down to just one, I'd have to go for book cover.
  12. concentrated

    8-3. Today must be yoga-mat day. Young people and yoga-mats. What do they do for a living? It’s 11:30 on a weekday and people have to work, so how…?

    8-4. Pretty People out today…more so than usual. Would it be creepy if I had a camera? Ha! Ya, dude… I think so. It’s just that it’s really amazing… pretty faces, pretty bodies. There are pretty people everywhere, yes, but not in such concentration. I find it remarkable.

    8-5. Four guys and one girl at the off ramp. They’re ...
  13. Life....

    "Even if you come to hate me. I will always love you."

    I've said this to exactly one person in my life. I know it sounds like the kind of mindless platitudes one hears from people when they care about one another. Yet, I meant it when I said it then and I find that the love I have hasn't diminished. I merely wanted to remind myself of this cause every word I type is an outpouring of my heart and soul. I know this sounds like I'm being melodramatic and I won't ...
  14. I Don't Know What This Is

    I have been having trouble sleeping and in those long hours of restless wake I'm forced to reflect. Self reflection is something I avoid like hell because it forces me to dig up things that I buried long ago. Thinking about myself is not something I like to do often. This doesn't mean I don't think about myself, because I do, its just I don't like reflecting on the negative.

    I realized that I have a limited emotions. It's as if I don't want to feel certain emotions so I just fall ...
  15. Rough day. (Probably too long to read)

    Back when I was too young to realize how dumb I was, I threw away college money to attend a trade school. Back then, college was where rich kids went, and I believed that the world was built by people who built things. I was partially correct, but I didn't know my health was going to tank. My ignorance left in the past for now, today has been rough.

    I trained in welding with 22 other idiots... "students". Among them we had guys who had the touch. One of our informal tests ...
  16. Life - Bits of depression and everything that follows (some language)

    This is a bit of a vent. I'd also like to say that I am okay right now, but I still need to get stuff out. Get it out so I can move past it all and actually live life like I'm supposed to. I want to share because it helps me and I hope it helps others in some small way. It's jumbled, messy, and I hop around to different moments but it helps. There are plenty of gaps I will leave to be filled, but it's something for now at least.

    Lately I've been feeling very depressed. I find I have ...
  17. Work and Leadership

    Kids are always a work in progress. But at this moment, I feel like I can mark down a win or two.

    My daughter just started her first real job. It's at a local "Victorian Tea Room", where she hostesses. The job is only fifteen hours a week, but it's a start. Already, she's seen other teens apply and be hired, and just not show-up. Meanwhile, my daughter is being tapped by the management there to refer her friends. She is so reliable and hard working, they want more like ...
  18. The Mad and Deluded Writings of a Sleepy Poet


    Hooray hurrah hooray a new beastie poem is here to stay

    Beasties Sings Those Songs
    of Wicked Things

    On tattered wings we floats and flies,
    high, high, up in stormy skies
    we sings of heaven’s pearly things
    as we brings our bows and slings

    on ocean clouds we skims and drifts
    flopping and flapping on our backs
    paddling our wings on vaporous strings

    Updated August 1st, 2015 at 12:38 PM by rcallaci

  19. Venice inland...

    Punk Rock Minnie Pearl rode by on her bicycle. Pedaled by on the path with her basket of black roses; plastic flowers in her basket, a gentle touch to a harder edge, like a dress with combat boots.

    As she passed closer by she looked a bit sooty; dusty, and it made me wonder if she were a fraudulent civilian; one of those who hide their predicament, like a secret disease, leper, the shameful un-cleanliness of the residentially challenged.

    I’ve seen it here: a woman ...
  20. My usual five AM blog.

    I considered keeping a journal... I can never make myself stick with it. I'll try again. Problem is I'm too forgetful.

    I'm doing the same thing I usually do. Think too much.

    I have a laundry list of things I need to do today.

    Why does it have to be so hard to do the simplest things? So irritating? I mention often that I wasn't always so nice. In my youth, I was very negative. On days like this, my mind likes to slip back to that way of thinking. And I remind ...
  21. Glad we have these.

    I enjoy this. It's a good way of writing to practice expressing thoughts, without as much pressure of an essay, article, memoir, etc.

    Since I've been more or less nocturnal, I woke up at four PM. Since they're still trying to sell this house, a man was very interested and came to look at it today. Of course I had to wake up.My mother visited about two hours later. So I never slept very deeply with such interruptions.

    I had a very vivid dream that I can't remember. ...
  22. The Mad Writings of a Sedated Poet (language)

    shell of a turtle.png

    The Shell of a Turtle

    I woke up inside of what smelled and felt
    like a tree,
    took a pee,
    stretched my legs,
    scratched my ass,
    and had a little smoke.

    I pondered on my precarious predicament,
    while stuck in the bowels
    of a man eating plant,
    posed as a damsel in distress---
    clad in nothing
    but a skimpy and flimsy-
    handmade papier-mâché dress.
  23. The inevitable.

    Perhaps I had been reluctant to write about it, fearing I'd sound like every other person my age.

    Anyways, I thought, before, that I'd surely go crazy once I started living alone. The first few weeks, I was fine.Now, those thought eat at me. A little nagging worm in the back of my brain.

    D'ya ever get that feeling? That, you're surrounded by people, yet, truly alone?

    I have friends, of course. But that's it. Friends.

    Otherwise, anyone a shred ...
  24. [The Drain] Horse Thief

    The Ysaryngas rose against a backdrop of stars, their jagged peaks brightly illuminated in the light of the full moon. Though Vyoria was hidden beneath a thick blanket of winter snow, the night was mild enough to travel. Two riders, weary from years of hurried travel, followed the road north. They were almost home.

    There was some call for caution, as well. The riders had been told about the civil war which had broken out over the High King's decision to aid Ostheron in the Wars.

    Updated July 19th, 2017 at 08:38 PM by AtleanWordsmith

    The Drain
  25. Once Upon a Cat


    Once upon a Cat

    As I crawled amongst the bush and weed--- I came
    upon a one-eyed cat--- that was really, really fat--- that
    looked pretty much like a hungry lion. I soiled my pants, got up,
    and did a belly dance--- as it mewled and roared away. It
    sniffed my crotch-- as I watched-- the vultures circle patiently---
    for their tongue licking bone cracking human lunch.

    As it was ...
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