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    So, I've been MIA for a while, here's a quick update. Lot's going on, the pandemic and one would think I would have lots of time seeing as I'm home all the time, boy you couldn't be more wrong. Working on 2 art pieces for ekphrasic poetry, made the artwork, seems those were easy, the poems, eh, not so much. These are for submission for an anthology that I have to turn in 3 poems for which will have to be ready within the next few weeks. Almost ready for that. Another anthology submission requires ...
  2. My First Blog Post

    Hello world! Here goes my first blog post. Buckle up, more coming soon.

    I've been blogging for 5 years. I've written 8 textbooks, and I wrote a dog training book. I'm excited to be in this forum. I've been meeting a lot of fiction writers which is REALLY exciting because I'm used to writing about relatively dry material (insurance textbooks). This forum is adding some spice to my relatively boring non-fiction life!

    I love reading all of the various writing styles here and ...
  3. I'm a Well-Trained Dog

    I let my writing be compromised.

    I always let my writing be compromised by editors and the like, I'm always revising and editing.

    But this time, it's different.

    I've never let anyone change the fundamental message, change the underlying thought behind the piece.

    Especially a personal piece not meant for work-related publication.

    But it was about offending someone who has control of my financial situation (no, not my husband, ...
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