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  1. Invasion of the butterfly snatchers

    Several years ago I worked at a private preschool...

    Because of a recent theme unit, I have had the discomfort of witnessing first hand the disappointing and icky reality of the life cycle of the butterfly.

    A couple weeks ago, a plastic SILO cup appeared on the counter where we store the CD player and dust-caked oscillating fan. Inside the cup was a 2-inch bed of goo resembling peanut butter and on top of the goo lazed 6 tiny fuzz balls no bigger then ľ inch in ...
  2. Parody article

    Seattle area teen shocks friends and family with Facebook declarations that life sucks

    Friends of a Seattle area teen were taken aback earlier this week when she made shocking statements that life sucks on the social media site Facebook. The statements surrounded her father's refusal to allow her to attend a party.

    Laura Stemple, a fourteen year old living in Mercer Island, first began hinting at the issue as early as last month but it became clear more recently when she ...
  3. Massengil

    You there, I see you looking at me in the rearview mirror. Whatís up? You think Iím vibing you? Iím not. I donít care. Drive how you drive. You should pay attention to whatís in front of you. Take your time. Turning across traffic is dangerous. Donít hurry; but then donít take too long. Go too slow and you might get hit, and I donít want thatóImagine the noise; earsplitting, worse than annoying; tire squeal, two metal bodies colliding. You, your vehicle, the other: crushed, damaged, parts
  4. Foggy days.

    Much like the recent weather, there's a mist clinging to my mind.

    I'm taking something for the never-ceasing throb still coming from my foot. To counter the sleepiness I also have ingested quite a bit of caffeine. My thoughts are there-they never stop. But it feels like there's a fog keeping them from coming to the front.

    I welcome it's presence, even if it's from all the ingested substances.

    It's a curse, mostly. The benefits are, I never get 'stumped' ...
  5. The Twilight Road

    Settle in boys and girls, this is going to be a long one but it is something I want to get off my chest: I know it's common to jest and suggest one's self is crazy. Especially in more modern times. However, I've always meant it literally. I believe I am insane. When I close my eyes, I feel the presence of things that aren't there. My back is heavy and my flesh is larger. Tactile sensations, visions and false inputs are in endless multitudes.

    It all began two decades ago on ...
  6. Kicked out of the "club" (too long to read)

    I was just starting to fit in too and now it's like I'm the guy who told the poot joke at a business luncheon. Oh well, life goes on and there are other clubs.

    Need a rewind for this little movie? It'd be a pleasure. I joined a forum for artists. After all, I intend to be one and it'd be nice to have "connections". The problem? They're very well-oriented in "fine art" and I'm... well, I know less than ten paintings by name, on a good day I can remember who painted ...
  7. The height of our darn doors. {Gross story warning}

    There are moments in my life where I question my sanity. I joke about it, I do, but often, I wonder if I really am off-kilter.

    I was about to step outside, and our back porch doors open inward, like most. I carelessly set down my left foot directly in it's path, and swung it open.

    Well, surprise surprise, it jammed my left big toe.

    Normally it wouldn't be a problem. Just a few minutes of pain. I ignored it at first, but, looking closer, the nail had been ...
  8. Holidays for real

    I am finally finding my groove, even with my normal self-doubt I can't help feeling a sense of positivity. I don't want to label it but it feels like optimal flow may be yet again within my grasp in multiple area's of interest. My brother and I are working on a graphic novel that I will write and he will draw. I have a few ideas for some independent literature adventures. My memory and mind is feeling better than a year ago. Even though I don't feel as on point as I did when I was 21 I have an overwhelming ...
  9. The Faults of Qin (A Translation work)

    Quote Originally Posted by xiaoman View Post
    While possessing the Yong state lands,
    Xiao of Qin held two passes in hands:
    Xiaoshan and Hangu, and at the same time,
    on the Zhou's regime he cast a covetous eye.
    Unifying the country was his ambitions,
    At the moment, Shang Yang gave him suggestions:
    Inside, they should establish legislatures,
    and the state should focus on agriculture.

    put heart into the production of textile,
    build weapons to defend those who acted hostile.
  10. Shall I compare thee to the autumn sun?

    Quote Originally Posted by xiaoman View Post
    SONNET (A Parody of Sonnet 18 )

    Shall I compare thee to the autumn sun?
    Although you are more gentle and warmer;
    The fallen leaves one day will be sure done,
    Then winter starts, to be the world's owner.

    At this moment, autumn's wind blows my hair,
    but it will die down and be sunny, too.
    One should take care when sun is not there.
    The lonely tears source, I need to go through.

    But you are the one
  11. Ass-kickery (Livejournal)

    I'm still testing the waters.
    I seem to be suffering from a weird case of performance anxiety in regards to sharing my recent writings here. This has never happened to me before. As a result, my old entries from LiveJournal will have to do do for now. This one made me smile for some reason.

    My new word is "ass-kickery". I stole it from someone's website, but I've chosen not to share the link with whoever-is-reading-this. I had to post this on my livejournal because
  12. The Wall... (Language... lots of it.)

    I'm about to kick a creative hornet's nest. Watch and learn, maybe you too can learn to stick your foot in your mouth as skillfully as I. Take heed, for it can take decades to master it and even I stumble from time to time. I mean this not to offend any specific person here but totally understand that it might do that. I'm not "targeting" anyone here, know that up front.

    I've hit the fuckin' wall. Yeah, I put a language tag on this post but I reckon most people wouldn't expect ...
  13. I destroyed a childs life.

    by , October 18th, 2015 at 01:00 PM (This is my first blog.)
    By giving him back to his parents, who didn't want him in the first place. His grandmother and I after had him for four years and thought we had done a good thing, but totally destroyed his life, for he wants to come back to us. I believe we have committed the unpardonable sin, destroying anothers life. My pain is more than I can bare. Thoughts please. Writer one
    Tags: pain, sin, suffering
  14. Ten years ago today (LiveJournal)

    NewYorkTimesBestSellingMemoirist 17 October 2005 @ 04:40 pm

    I just read some more by NewYorkTimesBestSellingMemoirist Augusten Burroughs who, in the past several months has single-handedly reinforced my suspicions that everyone is as entirely fucked up as I am. The only consolation is that not everyone can relay such painful memories with such beautiful disregard for his readers' sensibilities. This must be why, as he described getting a blow job from a catholic priest at the tender,
  15. Blog #2 - Buckle My Shoe.

    Having briefly educated myself on what the heck a blog is (and less than two decades after their invention--not too shabby!), I can confidently say that my last one officially meets all the criteria necessary to justify the label.

    Educational value, Hah! Past-me was such a presumptuous fellow. I'm much more mature and knowledgeable now.

    In my extensive 15 minute research, I discovered that many blogs are just what I thought; online journals, sometimes but ...
  16. poetry

    by , October 17th, 2015 at 02:02 AM (Each n every day)
    poetry is my sanctuary
    poetry with melancholy
    poetry and honesty
    poetry for me
  17. Trash day

    Trash DayÖ

    Always having an issue with trash.

    Dirty creatures we are, and each crew contributes, each in denial individually, No fue yo the always-malarkey, pass-the-buck, guaranteed to push my button.

    You know what, you need to pick up your shit, (and I am tired of winding myself up to point out each and ever piece of supporting evidenceÖ) as I look around this attempt at creating a pigsty by each of you. Next phone call: someone higher on the ladder. ...
  18. Haiku (gesundheit)

    The crack of the bat
    The crowd goes wild, cry We've won!
    October is here
  19. A positive outlook.

    I've been without medication for awhile now, and I'm really starting to feel it.

    I mention how I used to be worse. Around when I was 14, I was extremely negative, before I started trying to better myself.

    It's a simple solution, just a lack of brain chemicals. Others with depression have to struggle much more.

    I fight it with more positive stimuli.

    I get grumpy when I'm hungry. My diet has improved, and I'm eating more often.

    Singing ...
  20. Run, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rinse, Repeat...

    ...And finally: FIGHT! General George S. Patton can stop rolling in his grave in agony.
    For the last decade or two, we have been told that when some maniac begins spraying bullets in a school, theater or church, you need to "duck and cover". It was stupid in 1950 defending against The A Bomb, and it's moronic now defending from flying lead.
    The idea is as simple as it is preposterous. When an evil psychopath begins shooting unarmed women and kids, you should go hide. ...
  21. Questions

    by , October 12th, 2015 at 01:24 AM (This is my first blog.)
    When a writer is writing does he/she challenge [U]every word[/U] they use when writing or editing, or [U]use complete sentences using non challenged words[/U], [U]by non challenged words, the writer knows what the words meaning is.[/U] By that I mean, [U]do the words make the sentence?[/U] If so I can quit worrying about using the right word within the sentence? Does the subject and predicate alone create a correct sentence? Thoughts please
    Writer One
  22. RAAAAAAHHHH! (Language)

    Okay, so as roaring screams go, it lacked finesse. I'm working on it.

    I'm trying to make this drawing thing work for me. Really, I am. I log my seat time, I'm making some small progress, I learn something new every day, I'm having a miserable time, I tend to fill my spare time with scribbling some shape or another, I really try, I study the craft. I want this, okay? I want to create the kind of stuff that makes the whole world go "Wow. That's, wow. I'm... I can't find the right ...
  23. The object with a mind.

    I am the statue that you pass by, in that park you always visit. You always look, but never say a thing. I'm not good for conversation, I guess.

    I am the broken toy you still keep. You didn't know I was broken, I looked fine when you bought me, but I don't work the way I should. You get angry with me, as if, somehow, it was my own fault.

    I am the chair that you sit in, for a moment, just to rest, or to enjoy the view, before you go off again.

    I am the leftovers ...
  24. Blog # 1 - Typing is Fun. (Language)

    I've never written a blog before, in fact I've actively avoided it for many years, and to be honest I'm not even 100% sure what a blog is. Just a different word for 'journal'? Or is there supposed to be some kind of educational value in order to 'officially' justify the title? I don't know, and I refuse to google it at the moment because then I would know the answer and this entire paragraph would become irrelevant. And that would be a waste of about 70 seconds worth of typing.

    For ...

    Updated October 20th, 2015 at 08:44 AM by Crypt

  25. Emotionally moved.

    by , October 6th, 2015 at 11:10 AM (This is my first blog.)
    How can I move the readers emotionally in there mind and heart? Is that possible?I know T.V. can or the radio but in ones writing? Any ideas? Writer One
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