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  1. Fear

    We all have fears.
    It’s an inborn trait.
    We must know fear to survive.
    To a certain extent.
    If I touch the pot without a mitt my hand will burn.
    What about unseen fear
    A seed planted in ones mind to grow
    They water the seed with whispers of failure
    How the seed had no chance of growing,,,sprouting.
    They own your fear 6E0E0571-801E-497D-838E-FF0C7C6EA96E.jpg
  2. Longest Night

    I am a mom.
    It’s my life. I know all mom’s say that. And it’s true. Our children,,,for me anyway,,,are the most important part of my life. I conceived them. I carried them. I birthed them. I nursed them. Carried them on my back or front,,,sometimes both as I have 8 children. So I have seen a lot. Happy tears, sad tears, sickness, diagnosis of certain food allergies,,,one heart defect. I thought this little mamma had seen most everything until last week Wed night as my 15 yr old second son ...
  3. I'm baaack

    Maybe a handful of you has seen me on. Most of you probably haven't. Nevertheless... I'm Back! After getting struck by writers inspiration I decided to start writing a new story. A fiction fantasy written in third person limited. I've only been working on it for two days but have gotten 2.5k words deep so far. I'm still an incredibly fresh writer but I have every intention of getting better. I'm having fun at least, so who knows. Maybe once I finish it I can publish it somewhere online for people ...
  4. Christmas present

    by , December 21st, 2020 at 04:26 PM (Each n every day)
    Local radio had a phone in about naff crimbo presents and one caller said...on my dinner break I went to get tickets for Johnny Mathis at the Liverpool Empire for me mum because every year she always said my favourite Christmas song was when a child is born....when Christmas Eve arrived all the family met up in the pub for a drink and the song came on and he said to his mum thats the song you love and his mum replied...I like this song but a can't stand him.
  5. The cocktail of despair

    The cocktail of despair [ADULT SWEARING ADVISION]

    The Cocktail of Despair.
    Trouble brewed in our airs.
    • Chastisement of wife for her securement of obese Christmas tree.
    • Supermarket pizza.

    ‘Firstly You buy a fat Christmas tree, and then, woman, expect me to dine upon Sainsbury’s staff spread pizza? Do you want me to die?’ I said not unreasonably after my six day endurance of night shifting at the psychiatric pole.
    Regular readers
  6. Slice of Diary

    Slice of Diary

    The foghorn moans through the white sky.

    The land is grey, of pebble-dash, and is saturated and sad. Both man and a dog scamper over cliff top before the fall, and there unseen at the base of a cliff lies the cagoule, his face placed in the stones. The dog barks, mad, bad, back and forth he climbs the cliff face, chases obscene scent of nothing, chases his tail.

    ‘Over here, good boy,’ I cry from my window ledge, yet the fog occludes [hew]

    This is home where I scribble. Sometimes I live there a lot. When things are rocky I close the site down, like when I embarrass myself, y'know, or when the despair rings my every rocking. In my rocker. My rocker ringed in black ribbon, black dog at my knee, black Peter visiting once a year, Black Betty every night, black powder piled in my cellar.


    Love, Betty
  8. Christmas Dinner 2020

    Christmas Dinner 2020

    by brightonsauce

    dr1, 20 minutes, will transform toward great novel, in literature. Group gargle scene is presently in progress…

    Christmas Dinner 2020

    Ethel and Frank stood in the porch, the many wrapped gifts at their feet.

    ‘Well Ethel, finally, and finally the opportunity to dispense these fine boxes from Amazon.’

    ‘From Santa,’ chided Ethel. ‘We made it, Honey for Christmas with the family.’

    Updated November 20th, 2020 at 02:33 PM by Matchu

  9. Show & Tell 3 of Many

    How about a little me time
    A good place to turn the chicken loose to scratch the bottom of my cage

    Considering me, how much time do I put into being just me and not just who I should be or an adaptation for pleasing other
    In my day job this aspect was substantial as you needed to project a trust me I know what I'm doing persona

    But Im talking just being me

    Other than orientating for others most of the time I'm more like water I flow into the shapes ...

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  10. Show and Tell 2 of Many

    Number two

    Thanks Dither, your comment is much appreciated.

    Im here remembering again.

    The piece I will get to was written in hospital 5 or so years ago after falling or actually stepping off a motorised skate board at say 30 to 40 kph. I hyper extended both knees split my tibia and basically crashed head over heels a fair few times. I was wearing full motor cross body armour helmet wrist knee elbow supports or lets face I would been dead

    In ...
  11. Show and Tell 1 of Many

    This is not easy

    I'm surprised at how truly gut wrenchingly difficult it is
    I’ve written and posted this blog once before and deleted it
    I am trying to reframe to myself that this is a good idea for me as it crystallizes self identity and self acceptance

    but but but

    Telling the truth about my life and experiences has been a no go area even to good friends


    People like me are fun on TV but pretty disturbing in real
  12. Lest We Forget - Remembrance Sunday

    by , November 8th, 2020 at 12:38 PM (A Creative Spirit in Portugal)
    poppy field.jpg

    Two minutes silence marks your death
    as we the nation remember
    your sacrifice, with respect.
    The silence echoes our private grief
    while we the nation mourn our heroes.

    Heroes, born to die in far away places
    in battles old and new.
    Haunting bugles lament your loss
    while the Big Guns, salute you.
    And we the nation remember
    as we find solace in our thoughts.

    Red poppies ...

    My short story 'Big Dog In Persia' will be broadcast on the Harry Whitaker Show, BBC Radio York, tomorrow evening 4th November at about 19:30 GMT, I think. I'm interviewed 'live' at 7.45 - so that will be horrific, obvs...

    So, that's good, eh? They had me in the studios back in February, the night of the first English COVID case, in York. That time I read 'Mudland.' Should really get Mudland published, and my Big Dog.

    All best,

  14. What You Wish For

    Feel that invisible line marking the creation of a glorious future, and put a torch to a less-than-glorious past. You see it. But the past is never in reality as you remember it. And the future? Often less than glorious. Sometimes, far, far less.

    At a time and space ahead, you will look back at your wake. Sure, ‘they’ could have adapted to your new “better” world… but you knew they wouldn’t. And as you judged them for being inflexible, opinionated and unfeeling. You slowly ...
  15. Life eh?

    I retired just before Christmas and, because of this covid business, am seeing such awful shortcomings in today's society. Yes there are heros but when I think about it, the neglect of those who really are struggling to put food on the table to a backdrop of push and shove, me'me'me, I DO despair.

    An old man sits in an easy chair with a mug of coffee resting in his lap. Gazing out of the window. Listening to the gentle patter of rain hitting the living room window and with easy ...

    Updated November 1st, 2020 at 03:42 PM by dither

  16. Gliding Thermals

    You are Kelvin, holding
    to your absolutes.
    A windswept plateau
    too stubborn to yield,
    you stand in eroded glory
    the implacable nature
    of your heart.

    And I, Fahrenheit’s child,
    cling to the familiar
    highs and lows, ride
    your thermal current flows
    and know,
    I’m but a beat, a breath away
    from the fall.
  17. Flash Fiction Online Reject 2 [Adult themes, drugs]

    I believe this one to be inferior even. Needs work on the tempo, the defs, indef, and punchline issues. I'll have a poke about now the family [1] is watching television.

    His blood felt chunky: sensation of the minestrone circulating toward his aortic valve; this blood slopped along the heart corridor, sludged into his black heart, and only a tiny lump of blood ever reached the brain. Even when lying down Master was light-headed, in the brain.

    He smoked his cigarette, ...

    Updated October 31st, 2020 at 10:47 PM by velo

  18. Daddy Great Relief in Draft 1

    Distilled, my character blended, and churned, addition, the dash [tabasco, bucket splash @ 50%] of the English aristocracy crazy horse, so-called. And the result was a boy child raised properly at the turn of this century.
    ‘Hooray,’ I cried for those first eighteen years, and I cried for the next eight.
    I am crying today.
    For several months now the telephone calls:
    ‘I have no shoes, it is snowing. What are you going to do about this, you old bastard. I am sleeping in dustbins ...

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  19. Natural Born Killer (final demo w/ bass)

    I guess this is the last blog post I'm making because this forum has completely lost all of its personable qualities.

    I respect the decision to make the forum completely oriented towards writing, but for y'all to take personal journals away is just really fucking irking.

    Unless I start writing again, I probably won't be coming back here after next year.

  20. Eye Opening Find

    Most of my blogs have been about works in progress, and while on vacation last week, I did a little writing on my current. Then I stopped, because I found I had not managed to copy my latest spreadsheet of characters to my notebook, didn't want to recreated it, and needed it for my next scene. So I had to simply enjoy my vacation.

    But that isn't what this blog is about. I recently joined the Operations Committee of an organization devoted to carrying out the good works of my favorite ...

    Updated October 18th, 2020 at 02:44 PM by vranger

  21. What's in a dream?

    It amazes me when people say that they remember dreams so vividly when I, well, obviously I dream just like anyone else but I wake with absolutely no recollection of any dream I may or may not have had. That was until last night and I am finding it all a bit disconcerting. I shall attempt to recount the details of a dream that I had with a view as to why I dreamed what I did.

    Okay, so there I was, in my dream-state, totally awake, seemingly, in a world of grey. No worldly features, ...

    Updated October 15th, 2020 at 02:55 PM by dither

  22. Natural Born Killer (final demo)

    Final bass version coming soon.

    I've gained a new appreciation for my avatar.

    This is like, the best "ROTFL" I have ever seen in my entire life.

    I just got a new phone and the bitch has THREE MICROPHONES AND THREE CAMERAS.

    It records 1080p video with 3D sound.

    I'm going to spend the next three days with the bass player and knock out a final demo of KILL IT WITH FIRE, as well as a new demo of Natural Born Killer which we will hopefully finish composing by Sunday. ...

    Updated November 1st, 2020 at 12:20 AM by PiP

  24. Nowhere to Run

    This was written back around 2013/2014 when I was homeless, much of it written acoustically without an amplifier.

    It was, and remains a masterpiece, but I haven't sat down and practiced it more that a few times in the past year because I've been so preoccupied with writing new material.

    I want to sit down and re-record this without the mistake that I have perpetuated in EVERY RECORDING ATTEMPT in the past 6 years.
  25. The Hero's Journey

    I'm writing a tale of mystery and intrigue ... and quite a bit of murder.

    Here's how things happen when I write. My hero's side is trying to make progress on who's murdering his associates. The associates are beings who used to be Greek gods, so they have some advantages.

    The nominal leader of his cause wants to send him on a mission, and he doesn't know the technique to get where he wants to go. (He needs to get to the Underworld). No problem. By surprise, she stabs him ...
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