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  1. Quarantine Writers

    Itís not all fame, friends and eight-by-tens for us writers during these trying times. Itís no fun for anybody, for that matter. The physical entertainment industry is shut down at the moment, and that includes film production, but development is purported to be moving right along. Book stores are still closed, as of this writing.

    There are so many conflicting thoughts about who has been inspired to write new material during this time and those who have totally lost inspiration ...
  2. Reviewers--Our Lifeblook (Part 2)

    In case you havenít read it, there is a part one article on this subject. I just needed to touch it up a bit and add some more basic information, including this time, what an author might try to avoid, or experience an author/reviewer confrontation.
    Just as a recap, and as I noted before, reviewers are PEOPLE on the end of your submission email. Personalize your subs to each individual, follow the guidelines precisely, check out their ďAboutĒ section and read some of their reviews. ...
  3. Reviewers--Our Lifeblood

    ReviewersóOur Lifeblood.

    After having sent out and received (cold) over 1,370 personalized review requests, I think Iím qualified to depart a little information on the topic of Book Review Requests. Iíll start the salvo off with a personal letter from a reviewer who happened to discuss some problem areas wherein authors were disrespectful and/or intimidating. I have her permission to post this material. Below her letter is my reaction and thoughts.

  4. The Amazon Cannibal

    I wish somebody would tell me what the heck is going on!

    After watching this industry for 29 years, I think I've reached my saturation point.
    Read this HuffPost article, written by no less than Mark Coker (Smashwords CEO and indie author). Anyway you look at this, to me it spells doom

    2018 Book Publishing Predictions--Are Indie Authors Losing Their Independence.

    https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry...b0d86c803c78ab ...

    Updated March 13th, 2019 at 09:25 PM by Chris Stevenson

  5. So You Want a Review?

    As I've said before, I'm not here to make you like me (as much as I don't mind that). I'm here to try and inform you; let you know what the Chuck Dickens is going on out there in the industry. This one is about seeking review requests for your new release, be it pre-order or not, or one of your back-list titles. IOW, you're going ask/beg a legitimate book review source to give you their honest opinion of your masterpiece. And make no mistake about that, they WILL give you an unbiased opinion ...
  6. Writing With Mental Illnesses :(

    One of the things that sucks the most about having social anxiety is that I'll log onto a writing website like this one with every intention to find a story and post a review of it. Then half way through, a voice in the back of my head will say, "What are you doing -- all the other reviews are positive? No one wants to hear your negative criticism! No one cares that you have ridiculously high standards!"
    I really just feel like no one cares about my opinion. I mean, I guess I could ...
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