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  1. The Science of Motorcycle Maintenance

    Screw Rob Pirsig and his stupid book. There is no "art" to working on a motorcycle. And Zen on your own time.

    There was no art to the way my bike leaned on it's side stand. It was balanced improperly, and on uneven ground it never sat stable. I could have meditated on the steady-state of the Universe, and come to the acceptance of my crappy kick-stand. Nope. Apologies to my Hawaiian relatives: I'm makin' it mo betta.

    Honda made a good bike, but it ...
  2. A Hospital appointment...

    Yesterday was the day of a Hospital appointment. I'd managed to keep that from my wife but would I be able to have a day out without her wondering, or commenting on such an event. She would never ask outright where I'd been or why I'd been out so long, being as that I was on a week off work and therefore rarely surfaced before lunchtime, I knew that but if I hadn't said something, before hand, it would have been hanging there, the elephant in the room, long story, and so, a few days prior to my ...
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