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  1. Treading Water

    (Vent/Rant Warning)

    It's been a while since I've felt this exhausted. I feel like I've been caught in a never ending grind, devoid of hope of a better tomorrow any time soon. While I was in college, I was brimming with passion and desire. I was keen to soak up all the knowledge I could to break into a highly sought after field with a very high paying salary. I could endure the sleepless nights, the perpetual destitution, and the stress of the provincial examinations for my 4th and 3rd ...
  2. Clown Car

    You know that trope that itís impossible to just drive by a car wreck and not look? Sure, itís sick, and morally questionable, but everyone does it. Itís just human nature.

    That can be the only reason that I like watching the Democratic Debates. Itís like the typical smoldering wreck on the side of the road, only itís a Clown Car.

    As they all crawl out of the twisted mess, you wonder where all these clowns came from. Thereís a happy faced clown that likes to spread ...
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