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  1. Poems and Poetry

    So I've been writing, reading, critiquing and doing re-writes of poetry, attending writing groups, participating in open mic's, talking to other poets about their poetry and writing assignments, dreaming about poetry, reading books about how to write poetry, reading books about how to write, eating poetry (oops, got carried away there with poetry). Yup, once you start eating the poetry perhaps you're taking things a bit too far and it's time for a breather. Watch some Netflix. Seriously, I haven't ...

    So, I'm working on my hurricane poems. Yes, I know it doesn't look like I am, but I am. grrr Really hard to take the steps back (or should I say steps forward) and get INTO the scene, not be the observer. For me, it has always been easier that way. Perhaps I'm more a writer than I thought. So this is what came out of my frustration.


    Hands poised over the keyboard,
    tapping letters, forming words,
    frustration of inadequacy ...
  3. How to deal with foreign languages in a story

    Quote Originally Posted by Princesisto View Post
    Writing a novel and short story about a northern English girl (Mancunian with some Scottish and a few Lincolnshire words, which most critics seem to treat as a foreign language) who lives in Guatemala and speaks fluent child-Spanish, with other characters speaking Spanish, this issue is either dear to my heart or the bane of my existence. I am absolutely certain I have got stories rejected on this issue alone.

    At the same time, I must say that the idea that Scots, Lancastrians, Yellowbellies
  4. Clancy Tuckers Interview with Chris



    G'day folks,

    Today, I interview an author who makes a lot of sense in this day and age.

    Welcome, Chris ...

  5. The Mysterious Teenage Hominid

    Writing For Teens:

    There was no question why I wrote YA fiction in the first place. When I got into it, it was a thrilling, lucrative and expressive category. Harry Potter was dominating the charts. The Hunger Games appeared, along with Divergent and Twilight. Writing young adult fiction then was like being on s speeding freight train which had no breaks and a throttle that only went forward.

    There are no estimates of how many writers jumped on that band wagon. ...
  6. Grammar Nazis!

    I've probably spent most my life resenting any and all grammar Nazis. I've always believed that the message delivered via writing was more important than the mechanics that drive them. A large part of this is due to English being my adopted language (My Hungarian is terrible). The frustrations were routed early in my English Second Language classes. When I was 6, I had to learn the language from scratch, and I never really grasped many of the basic components of good grammar. Basically, I put most ...
  7. A Day to Remember That Life is Worth Living

    It's 3 a.m. I look down at my clock and I realize that it's 9/11 and I am in tears. Today we remember those we lost, but also why it is so, so important to live, and of course love. I just finished watching the movie Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts, and my heart just stopped. I had heard it being a rave for years but never bothered to watch it until now. I was floored.

    Throughout all my life, I have wondered if I made the right decisions. Should I have married my first love? Should

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  8. Writing Backwards ~ Or Lessons My Old Dog Taught Me

    I currently have six unfinished fiction stories taking up space on my computer. The oldest is eighteen years, and the youngest was born about three weeks ago and has approximately 65,000 words so far.

    Because of a recent trip to my veterinarian I am now fairly certain that I will succeed in at least finishing all of my potential novels, whether or not anyone besides me ever sees the endings.

    Until that trip three
  9. Yay I'm back on writing forums ^_^

    It's been way too long since I've been on writing forums

    I've missed reading everyone's posts and being a part of all this creativity. SO. I shall strive to log on more, now that life has hopefully settled a bit! It's been a busy few months. Lots of moving about. Lots of work work work. We also got a ps4 and then Netflix so that hasn't helped either >.>
    I've also decided to use this "blog" function.
    I realised the other day that I use ...
  10. January Challenge: "Fiery Glow"

    I am breaking through achievements.

    First time trying the poetry challenge.
    First time blogging a forum comment.
    First time writing a genuine (not previously published online) poem on WF.
    First time being inspired by anything for writing on WF.

    You get the gist.
    Or is it gist me?

    Please provide feedback below. I am curious to see your thoughts on my writing.

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinzeCharming View Post
    Spark of Love

    A wounded organ nestles in the

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    Poetry , WritingForums.com
  11. Ten years ago today (LiveJournal)

    NewYorkTimesBestSellingMemoirist 17 October 2005 @ 04:40 pm

    I just read some more by NewYorkTimesBestSellingMemoirist Augusten Burroughs who, in the past several months has single-handedly reinforced my suspicions that everyone is as entirely fucked up as I am. The only consolation is that not everyone can relay such painful memories with such beautiful disregard for his readers' sensibilities. This must be why, as he described getting a blow job from a catholic priest at the tender,
  12. Moving Forward

    I just finished my project for the past week and it's in passable shape but I'm planning on finding an artist to do some original work. In the meantime, I'll go back to working on my writing, both side and main parts of the Blue Phoenix. Insecurity grips me now that I've renovated my website and prepared it for finally putting up some works and smaller stories. Will people like it? Should I worry about that at all? There's a lot to consider but I've decided to just put my work here on this site ...
    Tags: rambling, writing
  13. Emotional writings.

    by , February 7th, 2015 at 11:56 PM (This is my first blog.)
    I have always been emotional, my emotions have always ruled over me so I have to write from my mind and heart, [U]it is who I am.[/U] This is as close as I can come to writing a story. I now see I have the ability to recognize some of my mysteries, ways like being held captive by my emotions.

    So maybe one day I will understand me better. I have written for many years (my way) in which I call babbling or just write what comes to mind without any order (structured sentences) plus syntax ...
  14. Writing with Bipolar Disorder

    I finished up my memoir and published it on scribd: https://www.scribd.com/doc/247275995/Notes-on-Madness

    A poetic book and diary that spans about five years. I used journaling as a tool to collect my thoughts and think more rationally. In 2005 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I'm not diagnosed with schizophrenia anymore, but this is my journey through the questions about treatment and the effect of medications. I also have included some dreams and stories. I hope it inspires
  15. Reasons

    I've been writing in this little blog space for the past couple of days because it's been so long since I've written. I'm trying to work that out by blurting out whatever randomness I'm carrying in my head each day so for anyone who's watching bear with me.

    I am not a professional writer, my profession involves finding different ways to tell an institution how much money it has. Writing allows me to escape from the fact that this is a meaningless profession. I think I may have stated ...
  16. We All Struggle...

    Okay, so one of the things that I struggle with as a writer is getting something written and getting something good written (yes, I am well aware of the fact that I am supposed to "just write", but I can tell when something is dog tripe. I don't "feel" it like I should.) Anywho! What I need to do, instead of creating all of these different universes, I should write in the ones (or one actually. All of my stories take place in the same "universe", just so I can do "crossover ...
  17. Writing With Mental Illnesses :(

    One of the things that sucks the most about having social anxiety is that I'll log onto a writing website like this one with every intention to find a story and post a review of it. Then half way through, a voice in the back of my head will say, "What are you doing -- all the other reviews are positive? No one wants to hear your negative criticism! No one cares that you have ridiculously high standards!"
    I really just feel like no one cares about my opinion. I mean, I guess I could ...
    Tags: reviews, writing
  18. My first short story.

    I've finally decided to give writing a shot. I've heard that it's a good idea for beginners to start with short stories, so this is what I've decided to go with. My first story is about a gifted, yet troubled child and her encounter with a unicorn. The working title so far is "Twinkle and the Unicorn," although I might go with "The Girl Forlorn and the Unicorn." Does this sound too sappy? I suppose any story featuring a unicorn can never be too sappy. XD So far my main challenges ...
  19. Writing while travelling

    This is reposted from my blog: Crafting a Story


    This is something I expect I will be talking about often, mostly because I seem to be doing it so much. I quite often need to travel for work and I find myself compelled to take my computer with me so I can write in my time-off while travelling. While I'm mostly referring to overnight stays at various places for work, i'm also talking about times during work where I know i'll have a few hours to kill some time. Using this
  20. Write what you know

    It's advice I've been given over and over again. I desperately want to write what I know creatively. I want to share my life in fiction or even memoir form, but I'm always afraid that the reality of things will come out in my words - that people will recognize the parallels between my reality and my writing.

    I'm embarrassed by it, I'm plagued by it. When I write about the mean things "that man" said to "that girl," will my father recognize his own words to my mother? ...
  21. I'm a Well-Trained Dog

    I let my writing be compromised.

    I always let my writing be compromised by editors and the like, I'm always revising and editing.

    But this time, it's different.

    I've never let anyone change the fundamental message, change the underlying thought behind the piece.

    Especially a personal piece not meant for work-related publication.

    But it was about offending someone who has control of my financial situation (no, not my husband, ...
  22. Wow.

    This is the first time I've noticed the "Blog" part of this site. So I figure "why not?" Not that I'll promise to keep up on it. I have three other blogs I barely keep up on so why should this be any different?

    In Writing News:
    * I recently "finished" by first draft of a novel which I am tentatively calling "Fallen Feathers" even though I hate the name. It's better than calling it "Chicken Apocalypse" which is what I was calling ...
    Tags: blogs, mfa, travel, writing
  23. Oh Yeah...We're There

    Oh boy! My brain (and eye balls) are ready to explode. It's the major editing saga of March, which will drone on into April.

    I'm just coming off of first round edits with my publishing editor on Duty and Devotion. Now I'm wading through the sluggish zone of "Editing Land" for Revelations of Tomorrow. It has to be done, and yeah, it's bad timing...but those are the breaks when you have deadlines to meet.

    I'd wanted to get the first draft of Ending Eternity ...
    Tags: editing, writing
  24. Future Plans

    I have been visiting, reading, looking around some for the last few days; I will be doing much the same for the rest of this week, then I will be away for nearly a month. Please do not consider me a 'lost cause', if you have noticed at all.

    I will be traveling home, refocusing, preparing to settle again and write - among other endeavors...

    When I return, I will attempt to piece together the pages and pages of scenes from a fictional, rather sci-fi story that I have woven ...
    Tags: sci-fi, writing
  25. Why do you write?

    I call myself an addict, and I mean that. Sure, I can go for a while without putting words to paper, but the activity - more so than the content - is cathartic. I need to write. This has caused more than one argument in my life, between me and friends, me and family, me and my husband. Arguments can come from any direction - I'm spending too long on my writing and not focusing on anything else; I'm ignoring my friends who can't understand why, I mean, it'll be there tomorrow right? I'm writing things ...
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