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  1. Haven't been around much in January

    So, I haven't been around much in January..... I had the first cataract surgery on the 7th of January and my vision has been poor, because one eye is blurry and if I wear my glasses to correct that vision the now "good" eye is out of focus because the corrective lens throws the vision out of wack on the post-cataract implanted lens eye, and no, popping the lens out of the glasses doesn't work well as my lenses are progressives and I get double vision from trying to see out of them that ...
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  2. From Manuscript to Published Work: A Mindful Progress Report Journal - week 1, post 1

    Hello Friends!

    I’ve heard that one great way of staying on track and accomplishing your goals is to share them with other like-minded folks who can help keep you accountable to what you’ve planned. Not that I expect or am looking for that degree of commitment from any readers here (in fact, it would be overwhelming), just the idea of reporting my progress seemed beneficial enough. Who knows—maybe it will help some other writers accomplish their goals?

  3. Thoughts of Today, Tomorrow's Parasite

    My body shakes and twitches. I chugged a glass of water like a nomad under the hot blazing sun of the Sahara. The snow has recently fallen overnight like confetti on a parade. There was nothing to celebrate last night. The deflated floats were useless. The lightly fallen snow adds a nice touch to the lawn. The sun is already beating the precious flakes down into the depths of the soil. That sounds awfully familiar. The unique presence is a temporary gloss for a Monday. Why would anyone sugarcoat ...
  4. The diaries of anne frank and ron price

    The Diary of Anne Frank was published on 12 June 1952 and it has now sold more than 30 million copies. The introduction to this book was written by the wife of a former President of the United States, Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt. That introduction reads in part:

    "Written by a young girl—and the young are not afraid of telling the truth—it is one of the wisest and most moving commentaries on war and its impact on human beings that I have ever read. Anne Frank’s account ...

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