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  1. Frozen, Forgotten, Forsaken!

    Forgotten, Frozen, Forsaken!

    Forgotten by others you decide.
    Frozen in the place you died.
    Forsaken in life no tears cried!
  2. Darkness within

    Darkness within.

    You taint my thoughts,
    creating doubt after doubt.
    Your hawk eyes haunt my memory,
    as your hands withhold my dignity.
    locked away inside, as life crumbles,
    as ever onward I try to fumble.
    Darkness within it grows and grows,
    my mind whispers; it's wrong you know?
    Stuck in consequences tight might,
    I struggle to wake from that dark night!
  3. ICYMI W/E 01/12/2019

    A lot of stuff flying under the radar this week.

    US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo is on a Middle East tour. The way US policy changes so often, he's obviously in those countries to reassure them. If I was him, I'd simply say: "If you don't like our current policy, don't worry! Tomorrow, it will probably be different."
    Another reason he's over there is to confirm that we got their backs if Iran gets more aggressive. There's even talk of a new regional defence pact. ...
  4. You don't hear that very often.

    My work situation that makes a mockery of the term "fast moving environment". It's manic out there. Add to that that I am acutely aware of my age-related short-comings in the workplace it might not come as a surprise when I say that if or when I need to go to the toilet I often end up running there in desperation. I really haven't got time for that shit. Sorry, couldn't resist slipping that one in. I stopped eating prunes a long time ago.

    Anyway, me and my workplace. ...

    Updated January 13th, 2019 at 07:29 PM by dither

  5. Back in the garden.

    I have been a bit under the weather for some time, and it has made me ignore the garden a bit, it seems that I am feeling quite a bit better recently and have been putting things in order a bit more. Having cleaned out the greenhouse and re-instated the staging I put all my tender pots under it and planted sweet peas on top. I normally do them back in October, but it won't hurt being a little later. There are not many things to plant this time of year, but I am thinking of onions as well, it would ...
  6. Laziness?

    Spending a minute trying to right-click a lower-case 'I' in order to auto-correct instead of backspacing and typing it in.
  7. ICYMI WE 01/05/19

    Pretty slow news week. That's usually a good thing for most people, but not all.

    This dumb arse government shutdown is about to start really impacting people. Already, the National Parks are trashed because there are no workers to remove the refuse. People are too stupid to realize this, and they don't clean-up after themselves. I can hear Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir screaming from their graves. Also, it looks like folks' tax refunds will be late, since obviously the IRS is ...

    Updated January 7th, 2019 at 02:12 AM by Winston

  8. Blog entry

    Jesus, I'm just trying to write a new blog entry and I'm clicking all over the place. Bingo! i FOUND IT, but (capt- fuckers) I can't tell you how.

    I'm having a hard time- hahaha! Isn't that what blogs are for? The first line... the second line... who knows, but it's an anonymous place to dump your shit without having to go to a support group.

    Now enter the children, I have exactly 15 minutes until the husband enters the scene and I have to make dinner.

    Anyway, ...
  9. What's In A Name (Red Rising Spoilers)

    I think it might be a symptom of how some of my favorite books are written that I'm beginning to pay attention to every little thing.

    This morning I had a "wait a minute" moment where I was thinking about the series "Red Rising" by Pierce Brown and a question popped into my head. Why did the author choose the words "Red Rising" for the name of the series?

    After a while I came up with the idea that the most fitting explanation is that the "Red" ...

    Updated December 31st, 2018 at 05:53 PM by kaminoshiyo

  10. Making the Transition from Career Writing to Creative Writing: Part 2

    It’s All in Our Approach

    I want to to start with how we approach our task. I am not emphasizing the audience here, but rather seeking to examine how the writer is influenced by his training as he sets out to write. It is my contention that the career professional gets ‘locked’ into how he sees the world, because of his training. This may make it more difficult for him to connect with his intended audience. So, let’s take a look at two approaches, a business article ...
  11. Suzy, the corn and the cook pot.

    The phone call:

    "...I need to know what time they're coming. I have laborers waiting; they're not cheap and I know that sometimes things happen. If they're not coming I'll need to know when.

    "- So, if you could get me the the driver's cell , or their dispatcher, I can call them. Or, you could have them call me."

    "They don't work for us. We hired a company"

    "Yes... Okay. Then can I have whoever-you-hired-to-do-the-delivery's ...

    Updated December 31st, 2018 at 03:02 PM by Kevin

  12. Making the Transition from Career Writing to Creative Writing: Part 1 - Introduction

    Out of all the books and articles I have read on writing, only two directly addressed the transition writers must face when writing outside of their career skill set. I wish I could find them, but my entire library is currently boxed up in storage. The insight they have brought me has changed how I view writing. Over the past decade, their kernels of wisdom have sprouted into further thoughts on the subject which, hopefully, will also be helpful to you.

    The reason this transition into ...

    Updated December 27th, 2018 at 11:26 PM by Megan Pearson (to categorize)

    The Writing Craft , Thoughts from Outside of the Box
  13. Bugger being old. (You will not believe what I did today.)

    Recently, the last four or five weekends I have taken shopping on Sundays. It's a fair old walk to my local Aldi store situated at the retail park on the edge of town but in doing so I don't need to cart so much home on Saturday mornings after having worked my Friday night shift. It gets me out into the fresh air, I stretch my legs, and I feel more like doing it after a good night's sleep. It works for me. And so, today, being Sunday, in spite of the weather, I didn't mind really, I can live with ...
  14. Push / Pull

    That cliché, "You make your own luck". That speaks to me.
    I can't say how much of my resilience is innate, and how much was learned. Regardless, I am thankful, but also feeling burdened.

    The majority of people I see are uncomfortable with the concept of "pushing through". When my knees were better, I used to run. A "good" run usually consists of stages: Stretching, warm-up, acceleration, pacing, adjusting and finishing. It's those last ...
  15. A Moment in Time

    Apathy is my dark-winged angel.

    It's not like a stone on the chest or back, but a stone within the very person, making every movement so much harder. It is a gravity that brings one low eventually and inevitably- no matter how high one is brought. Eventually, it becomes not only a force of nature...but a law of nature.

    No matter how happy I am, time will rob me of this joy come tomorrow.

    I get up with the sun and I wash. I eat. I clip and cut myself and put ...
  16. There's Peeing and Pooping in This Story ~ Obscura Lupa

    With rare exceptions, one or more of my characters will pay a visit to the smallest room. I'm in good company. Stephen King characters peed and pooped. Michael Crichton characters peed and pooped, especially in Pirate Latitudes. Oskar had problems with incontinence in the first chapters of Let The Right One In.

    My characters pee and poop. It could be that my own toilet training journey was so traumatic in parts that I can't relate to a fictional character who doesn't pop off to the ...
  17. Brexit

    by , December 15th, 2018 at 07:46 PM (Each n every day)
    Two twins who were brought up by an alcoholic parent each led a different life...one was teetotaler and the other an alcoholic were asked by a shrink if their up bringing had an effect on their life and they both replied..what else could I be..
  18. This One Is Just Right

    I went back to one of the other writing forums after a long hiatus. Prostrated myself and apologized for the thing that was mostly their fault but trying to be the "bigger" man or whatever. And after about a day or two I said, "Why am I bothering again?"

    The second one I went to that I stopped going to awhile ago shares a name with this forum. And one of the members got really uptight when I called him out and all of his supporters accused me of bullying.
  19. Will and Passion

    This might be a small thing, but I couldn't stop thinking about the two, as if they were somehow important...

    Specifically, the difference between the two.

    They seem similar, but willpower seemed to be the mental push towards ones goal. Drive, usually against opposition, including, at times, yourself. But passion seemed to be emotional attraction to a desire. With passion, you don't need to be pushed, you are drawn in despite your will.

    A person who can drive ...
  20. Steve of Destruction

    I was raised in Macho culture. Rock and punk music, fast cars, punishing my body with all kinds of chemicals. I joined the Marines when I was seventeen. We would literally shout "Kill!" before each class in boot camp. My early relationships were misogynistic, not abusive but not respectful. Later, I worked in law enforcement where there were those with power, and those without. Good was accomplished through the proper use of force.
    There's a lot of dysfunction to unpack ...
  21. Cathedral Sanctuary- Koreatown 12/4/2018


    4-terdee am and the water is coming down. I've put on a brew. Waiting...

    I was awake already, but I had to get up,
    though most likely I will be alone at work, what with the rain.

    12:30, I went to bed after we got back from a concert at a cathedral ( Pres'b'teerian...). Ian McCulloch was only ten rows away in a thousand seat hall but I could not tell you a thing he said in between songs except for a word here and there.

    The concert ...
  22. Homeschool


    The school board sits in unison, prognosticating
    parental paradigms, burble, burp, fart, who is bumping whom, here?

    The school board stands in unison, at urinals and unwashed walls, now washing them.

    Time to go home.

  23. Men and Women

    Men and women
    the two attract
    one has a net
    the other has a bat
    one goes swoosh
    the other goes splat
    cat and mouse
    dog and cat
    and so it continues
    until the day that
    they find one that makes
    their heart pitter-pat
    they'll share the same words
    and share the same flat
    and will catch the same fish
    with that net and that bat
  24. A Dilemma To Be Sure

    It's very important that I have some sort of life beyond just my apartment and my job. I am content but not entirely happy. I have some material things but my home is very spartan for the most part and my job is really just a means to an end that is very far off.

    I have a few minor projects. But beyond my writing there's not a hell of a lot I can do without someone's participation.

    I've reached out to some people with whom I can have some sort of connection, even if it's ...
  25. Dead Ki-yote

    Dead coyote on the side of the city road.
    How many ghost meows, and little foo-foo last whimpers are coming from his belly?
    How many gobble-gobble's, clucks, and moos will come from my casket?
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