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  1. Well, tough: you can't live without them

    Like you say tomato,
    I, tomato
    but deeper than potato
    and ever the problem:
    I hand dig the
    morning sugar,
    palm a partial scoop,
    and that puts you.

    "It... is a crystal-", I plead,
    same as pinch of salt,
    okay between fingers,
    but not the sugar...
    which puts you.

    Goods for gooses and ganders
    are of a different stuff.

    So now
    I will shake the bowl, ...

  3. Speak Your Truth


    “Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”
    ― Franz Kafka

    Speak you truth.

    No Excuses. Just Write.
  4. Within Your Means, According to Your Abilities

    So, this man in Colorado kills his pregnant wife and two young kids. No one is shocked, at least like we used to be.
    To say we've become desensitized to violence is an understatement. But still, we look for answers. It's important for the heinous act to make sense, in some way. Maybe he was having an affair? Perhaps he was a right-wing-nut job that watched too many Dinesh D'Souza movies? Maybe his "assault rifle" jumped in his hands and pulled it's own trigger? Nope. None ...
  5. Being Fogie and going out...

    Being fogies we feel like we tend to not go out. Not like when we ( 'scuse me, me and the wife; that we) were first dating. Though as I recall, there was a period of other indoor activity- never mind.

    I, being rash and impulsive, saw yesterday an online ad for a show, jazz - which we're not huge fans of, but we sometimes like- happening last night so I texted, got the ok, and bought tickets for it.

    Small venue, cheap, and off in some part of East L.A.-ish which is generally ...

    Updated August 20th, 2018 at 03:55 PM by Kevin

  6. if I die...

    I could quite possibly die from it.

    Okay, "possibly", I said. I don't know what the probabilities are - certainly greater than developing 'special powers'. Yes, unlikely, but...

    Spider bite- that's what I'm talking about. I believe I got bit -two bites- night before last.

    Unlike a mosquito, there wasn't a defined bite hole - you know, like where they stick the, um- 'proboscis' , organic hypo - No, this was just two mosquito bite sized ...
  7. Well? I hate to admit it....

    But I can't deny it:

    Life could be a whole lot worse than it is right now.

    The weather, is agreeable.
    The garden, is a riot but what the hell.
    My telly addict wife is downstairs getting her fix.
    I meanwhile, am sitting here, perusing various websites, supping chilled Cider, and tomorrow can wait.

  8. History, Histronics and Hot Air

    I read a fascinating article about the fall of the Mayan Empire. Prior to the Contact Period, their civilization had been at it's apex in all respects. Anthropologists were at a loss why it was so weakened prior to first contact with the Europeans. Well, the geologists stepped-in and helped us answer that question. It turned out that there was a great drought sometime around the 9th Century AD. The Empire never recovered.

    The cause of the drought is unknown. But it's effects were ...
  9. Hard Work Matters


    Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.

    Stephen King
  10. Crapping in lunch pails

    I passed by a huge stinky on the side of the road. This is a place at the peak between two valleys where you park to go hiking, or go mountain biking, or watch the sunset,
    or park and get high, maybe leave your beer bottles or empty McDonald's, or park with your down and out family in your Rv, throw your trash up the trail a little off the side, decide your done with the place, and open the tank plug,
    leave us all a big, ten, twenty shits-become-sludge; now stinky brown puddle.
  11. Red

    Red, think of me
    as you drive
    all those miles

    back to your

    Think of me,

    You will inhale
    the soar stench
    of modern realty
    on the NJ Turnpike.

    Please forget me

    When I cross down
    into the Hudson River Valley
    I will remember
    my old lover.

    A writer of past years,
    a damaged narcissist,

    but you are a musician.
  12. In The City

    (apologies to Joe Walsh for that title)

    I worked in Seattle for almost 10 years. Never hung out there much, usually just work then straight home. But there is a lot to do there.
    Every few years my little family spends a couple of days in the city, usually with a baseball game as the focal event. We rent a room, dine and wander around like the rubes that we are.

    My San Francisco Giants split two games with the Seattle Mariners. We were decked-out in our Giants ...
  13. Natural force and tool usage

    A new thing is not always grand.

    For instance, did you know that one tool may be used for, or like another tool? I'm sure you do, or have -like a screwdriver that you used as a chisel, or the handle of as a hammer - not that is just wrong ( because it ruins the tool), but it s common.

    There are, however, some improper usages that for the most part I can't think of, but some of which may come involuntarilly.

    I learned of such yesterday.

    The ...

    Updated July 29th, 2018 at 09:48 PM by Kevin

  14. Crippling Depression

    I have been dealing with the most vicious depression I've felt in almost a decade.

    You ever wanted to die? You ever wanted to kill yourself? You think your life couldn't get any worse?

    Let's trade, and we'll see how fucking long you last with the most ridiculous problems my life has to offer.

    I am so goddamn motherfucking done with life right now; this constant stress is giving me chest pains. Everyone who knows me is asking wtf is wrong with me, and I can't ...
  15. Beggars Banquret

    I don't make a ton of money at my job, but I stick around 'cause it's generally low stress. I can get time off easily. so I took a few days off this week.
    Before I left Friday, a co-worker left early. I was the only one left, so I yelled after him, "Are you leaving?'. He ignored me. I repeated. Finally, he stormed back around and screamed at me, "You're not my boss!" He vomited-out some more nonsensical grievances. I finally got sick of his butt-hurt nonsense, and ...
  16. Maybe it's time to consider giving up my weekend tipple.


    I 'm on those capsules now. Okay, I've only been taking them for four days, took my fourth one this morning, and as we would all agree I'm sure, there's no cure for old age and most of my troubles are self-inflicted.
    But; If I see a turn around this week I would have to wonder if the booze is causing the CBD a problem and maybe even go dry for a while. No I'm not a big drinker but alcohol is alcohol. We shall see.
  17. Good news and bad news

    Good news and bad news: wife is feeling better, but now she wants my rear to get busy on summer projects.
    Today a fence in the front yard. Temp today supposed
    to be 108f. Luckily I've got a local handyman to help - we started about 9, about noon I'm wilting (it's already 95f)so rather than call 911 we quit, finish tomorrow.

    We've already got the posts in - did that the other day.
    He's got a come-along to stretch the fence - now to the shower and take a nap. ...
  18. Prejudice

    You ever stop to think...

    All your life you’ve been told that the devil is bad, and if you saw a picture of the devil you’d immediately peg him to be a bad person.

    But you never met the guy.
  19. A Wood Pigeon called,

    For some time now, as I'd stood at the kitchen sink, I'd noticed sparrows fluttering down onto the ground. So close to the house that I couldn't see them and for the life of me I couldn't think why. We don't feed the birds for fear of encouraging rats. So what was it? I wondered. What was drawing them? Right up to the kitchen window almost.
    Well? Earlier, today, as I stood at the sink, doing some washing-up, a Wood-Pigeon flew down and settled on the fence close to the house. Nothing new there, ...

    Updated July 18th, 2018 at 05:56 PM by dither

  20. Sean


    He’s mostly on time
    no matter the weather
    no jacket no gloves
    he likes the cold

    Like an energized bunny
    he dances in place
    to his own special beat
    waiting outside
    for his big yellow ride

    Pacing, smiling, earbuds in place
    humming his sound
    head facing down
    his eyes seldom rise
    as people walk by
    dogs stop and stare
    a light from within
    shines joy in his world
    oblivious ...
  21. CBD Oil...

    Supposed to be good for aches and pains. Apparently.
    Marijuana with the enjoyment taken out.
    Well? I've been and gone and bought some cbd oil capsules.
    Will be collecting them next week and hope/intend to start taking them towards the end of next week. I'm not working next week.

    So, in case anybody out there is interested/curious like me I shall let you know how it goes.
    Right now I'm just hoping that I don't get any sort of reaction to it.... and.... we shall ...

    Updated July 15th, 2018 at 09:19 AM by dither

  22. Chess

    I've always enjoyed a game of chess..played it at school and with my son...the thing that always struck me is that the king is most important piece but the queen the more powerful player....one would have thought that these roles would have been reversed considering man's attitude to woman over time or was it that the game was designed and played by women before men...how would the world have shaped up if woman had took there place as leaders and thinkers....Christopher hitchens qoute when woman ...
  23. My next wip...The shadow wars.


    Once upon a time the fae folk walked amongst, brushing shoulders with us simple humans. They’d come to earth to blow of steam by playing tricks or being enchanted by music or pieces of artwork they’d seen. But then the darknesss came to Fairee, and shadows spread across the land, it came slowly, silently stealing away one fairy at a time, changing them and returning them to cause chaos. Brother turned on brother, sister agianst sister, mother against child as the darkness ...

    Updated July 12th, 2018 at 07:48 PM by H.Brown

  24. Rainbow obsession...

    As some may know I have a slight addiction to anything that is coloured in rainbows, whether it be striped, dotty, blended together like an oil slick if a rainbow is around you can guarentee that my gaze will be drawn to it. My collection of rainbow coloured items used to be massive but over the years I've not been able to buy anything new to feed my obsession. Until today that was, when walking around my local Lidl I came across this beauty...

  25. O'mi-gahden


    The great goose is cooking.
    by three o'clock,
    and the denizens
    are curling, browning
    out. Poor potted
    are boiling;
    in their containers.
    A few more
    like this
    and we'll
    be sand dunes.

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