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  1. Grammar Nazis!

    I've probably spent most my life resenting any and all grammar Nazis. I've always believed that the message delivered via writing was more important than the mechanics that drive them. A large part of this is due to English being my adopted language (My Hungarian is terrible). The frustrations were routed early in my English Second Language classes. When I was 6, I had to learn the language from scratch, and I never really grasped many of the basic components of good grammar. Basically, I put most ...
  2. I'm a Well-Trained Dog

    I let my writing be compromised.

    I always let my writing be compromised by editors and the like, I'm always revising and editing.

    But this time, it's different.

    I've never let anyone change the fundamental message, change the underlying thought behind the piece.

    Especially a personal piece not meant for work-related publication.

    But it was about offending someone who has control of my financial situation (no, not my husband, ...
  3. Oh Yeah...We're There

    Oh boy! My brain (and eye balls) are ready to explode. It's the major editing saga of March, which will drone on into April.

    I'm just coming off of first round edits with my publishing editor on Duty and Devotion. Now I'm wading through the sluggish zone of "Editing Land" for Revelations of Tomorrow. It has to be done, and yeah, it's bad timing...but those are the breaks when you have deadlines to meet.

    I'd wanted to get the first draft of Ending Eternity ...
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  4. Experts and Professionals

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, I screwed up getting paid because I thought I was an expert. This was back in my idealistic college days, back when I thought I knew more than the rest of the world, but reflecting on this experience now (as an adult who recognizes that she knows nothing) makes me wonder if I was wrong and what other writers would do in this situation...

    My father's friend wrote a book. He's not highly educated, his grammar and spelling were horrific, but his plot ...
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