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  1. Men and Women

    Men and women
    the two attract
    one has a net
    the other has a bat
    one goes swoosh
    the other goes splat
    cat and mouse
    dog and cat
    and so it continues
    until the day that
    they find one that makes
    their heart pitter-pat
    they'll share the same words
    and share the same flat
    and will catch the same fish
    with that net and that bat
  2. A Dilemma To Be Sure

    It's very important that I have some sort of life beyond just my apartment and my job. I am content but not entirely happy. I have some material things but my home is very spartan for the most part and my job is really just a means to an end that is very far off.

    I have a few minor projects. But beyond my writing there's not a hell of a lot I can do without someone's participation.

    I've reached out to some people with whom I can have some sort of connection, even if it's ...
  3. Dead Ki-yote

    Dead coyote on the side of the city road.
    How many ghost meows, and little foo-foo last whimpers are coming from his belly?
    How many gobble-gobble's, clucks, and moos will come from my casket?
  4. Posting a Question IS research

    You know what research is? It's a funny way of saying, "What is such" and then finding the answer. But when the available resources are not enough you sometimes have to do other things like experimenting and asking people directly.

    I get that there are some people out there who abuse the question. But far more annoying are the people who respond to a thread with a smart assed remark such as: "Do a little research and you'll find the answers yourself."
  5. editor's nightmare?

    Today we announced at 9 am PST that we were going to put together a limited-edition chapbook, in which the writers write stories based on the titles of Black Sabbath songs. Budget strictly limited, small crew sorta thing.
    By 1 pm, we were full.

    So we can safely announce that the anthology Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath will be available during January 2020. It will contain sixteen tales and three bonus tracks, with a cover by renowned artist Robert H. Knox and a cast which includes the ...
  6. Thanksgiving

    I shared this with a close friend yesterday, he thought it was perfectly horrible. Written four years ago, it still makes me smile as well.

    Satire, humor

    Thanksgiving is a special time of year to gather as friends and family, or so I thought. I am picking up the remains of the turkey off of the floor, it sits in a puddle of gravy and cranberry sauce. I see where the sweet potatoes are slowly dripping down the wall. The house is empty, even my wife is gone. ...

    Updated November 22nd, 2018 at 06:53 PM by Plasticweld

  7. I spurned the muse, and paid the price...

    I was working on a dificult part of a chapter yesterday and was making good headway, ideas came together and the words flowed onto the page. It felt great and I was getting excited to see it. However, I got up to do something, fully expecting to get back to it when I returned. When I got back and stood before the keyboard again, my mind filled with more ideas and directions to take it... I couldn't continue, all I could do was stare forelornly at the screen and the blinking line as it mocked ...
  8. 7:03 am- corner of Vineland & Burbank

    Vineland and Burbank

    I suppose it's shining moment was the scene in Clueless where Cher gets robbed in the parking lot outside of Circus Liquor with the big clown on the sign. "Clueless"? How could you not know that movie?

    I pull into the strip mall across the street. Stepping out I say it again : Smokers are pigs. Marlboro red box Marlboro 100s silver box - what the fuck, did this guy save them up?- red bull can; crushed, KFC cup, two KFC cups- ...

    Updated November 21st, 2018 at 10:22 PM by Kevin

  9. Parking lot rage....

    Why do people walk down the middle of the parking lot driving lanes? Seriously, I will never understand why people are so self absorbed that they don't realize that others have to wait for them.

    Damnit, I just lost a spot I was working towards...

  10. Buy a Helmet

    "Life sucks, buy a f-ing helmet!" Denis Leary

    Another helpful PSA from your buddy, Winston.
    Seriously, now more than ever, be ready for stuff to just 'go bad'. I've written extensively here in my Ponder the Unthinkable series regarding Survival and SHTF procedures. 2012 / Mayan apocalypse came and went, people moved on. But don't get complacent. Enjoy the good times, but be ready for the bad times. The next downturn / setback may be closer than you think. ...
  11. My-ku (Haiku-ish....)

    Dripping with blood
    the tyrant of all men,
    the human heart.
  12. fire season

    The pattern is always the same. Basically it's an arc of land created by the wind. You start at a single point/ the origin point- and spread out by about 30 degrees. The winds drive it that way : south/ south-west.

    That's our pattern, I've personally witnessed it many times. If you're close enough to the origin point it will pass you. The further south ( in the fuel supply areas) you are, the more at risk. The arc, the piece of 'pie' can get very wide by the time you get to the crust ...
  13. sorry

    by , November 19th, 2018 at 01:01 PM (Each n every day)
    I'm walking along an I'm thinking..how can you hate someone and love them at the same time.This couple passing me by now,are they feeling the same..look happy enough,then again everyone I see is having a great time and it's just me who's miserable.Been going on far to long all this,screaming,shouting,lovemaking and stress.I love her,I hate her,she cry's .I leave walk around for a while go back and say sorry.Sorry is all I say these days to everyone,couldn't make it,sorry,sorry but I'm running late.Things ...
  14. power

    by , November 18th, 2018 at 01:16 PM (Each n every day)
    she lay her head on my shoulder and stopped crying and i felt strong. I did not want to make her feel safer or cared much how long she would take before she lifted her head. A woman in distress makes me feel powerful. She waited for my words,she listened before deciding to talk and i did not care.She got up and walked into the bedroom and i could hear her crying behind the door.I looked down and there was wet make-up on my t-shirt. I opened the door, she looked up from the bed and as i walked to ...
  15. I Wonder...

    If the modern scheme in storytelling is that the author writes half the book and the ending. He introduces obscure mysteries, gives half the answers, ends the story, and then generates three decades of controversy where fans compete to flesh out parts unsaid with constant speculation and theories.

    In such a way a story is as enduring as the idea of God because we know so little, but believe in it so strongly and deeply, that we create the God we seek more than we find it.
  16. 5:30 am commute


    I saw her there again this morning. Two shopping carts with a tiny lump under a blanket on the sidewalk. You could mistake that there was no one there.

    "The meeting takes place somewhere public- that way no funny business." She's on the busy street side of the corner 7eleven. It's brightly lit- No bushes. The front is parking lot -no room, the back is an alley where a homeless guy was beat nearly to death.

    It's a jungle.

  17. The Root of All Evil

    They say money is the root of all evil...

    I think boredom is.
  18. The Great War, 100 Years Later

    Veteran's Day is coming up, a day that used to be called Armistice Day.

    100 years ago, one the bloodiest conflict in human history ended with The Treaty of Versailles. The Armistice was signed between The Allies and (what remained) of the Central Powers. It was a "victory" for the allies, but at such a cost. The term Pyrrhic is hardly adequate.

    Much of the primary source material from that time is hard to digest. Grainy black-and-white video and biased ...
  19. And it's done

    Referencing Post

    I was told:

    Don't do it.
    You'll be wasting your time.
    Scrap it all and start over.
    You need to be working on 'forward-writing'.

    Like I said in the other post: as I age, if I get the notion, an idea to do something- and someone tells me not to do it- Iím still doing it. And it's done.

    For the last year, my focus has been on, not so much sorting my writing drive as it was eliminating the clone files. Today, I ...
  20. joy

    I've been discovering the joys of the 'ignore' feature recently. Far more enjoyable than getting annoyed by certain mindless members. I suppose I had been afraid of 'missing something'...but, yanno, I ain't missin' a thing.
    The internet is the home of the ill-informed hot take, so I shouldn't be surprised.
    On the other paw, I have two books coming out around the end of this week -- both of them are specfic/horror anthologies from Planet X Publications.
    Test Patterns: Creature Features ...
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  21. Soiled


    I drank too much last night
    dreamed of electric sheeple
    shooting tv's and doctors,
    throwing Zanax and roofies
    from second floor
    bedroom bath windows
    on to metal roofs,
    pachinko-tinkling down pipes
    out to the lawn
    where squirrels waited
    coming down out of the trees
    rodent hands sorting/plucking
    from in between green blades,
    grabbing, gobbling, or
    cheek stuffing
    the abandoned ...

    Updated November 3rd, 2018 at 03:44 AM by Kevin

  22. Where I Am

    This guy at the shipyard was wearing the same shirt as me the other day. We both had a distressed US Marine logo t-shirt. He didn't notice me, but I noticed him.
    I'm a bad person. I'm judging by appearances. But the guy wearing my shirt was a long, long way from his fighting-fit Marine days. His spare tire came off of a semi truck. Genetics were not his friend, either, as his bald head glowingly broadcast.
    Schadenfreude? Yep. I'm (kinda) ashamed to admit at that moment I was ...
  23. It's all in the mind...

    MY MIND, probably, but as I look out from my little upstairs box-room window;

    Everything, the colours the lines and the shapes of all that I look at all seem so......... I don't know......sharp, vivid,,,, stark I suppose. Yes, sunshine is sunshine whatever the time of year but Autumn seems to bring everything into focus. It's as though everything, my garden fence, and the ornaments, are all bracing themselves, for the months ahead.

    Don't mind me, I'm just old, and bored. ...
  24. Neighbors


    The guy next door was out walking a new puppy.

    Cute doggy, but that's another checkmark against him. What happened to the other one? There was another dog they had, and I remember he was a runner.

    There's something wrong or lacking with those who can't train a dog. I may be a bastard for saying that, but that's what I believe. If you can't train a dog to not bolt, don't have a dog.

    He came at me with some crap about blocking the road , illegal ...
  25. Guilty


    My thumbnail hurts. Boo....hoo.

    It's pretty. The dead part that you trim off is a 'T' shape. That's because I split it with a razor knife a few weeks ago. I keep catching it on things.

    How pathetic. Lol. Considering the real suffering. For instance... I woke up with a stomach ache last night. I'd eaten too much. We'd gone to an expensive restaurant, and though I'd attacked my meal, about halfway in I was stuffed. I didn't clean my plate. And then, about ...

    Updated October 16th, 2018 at 02:26 PM by Kevin

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