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  1. Kevin's Avatar
    Not being a basketball fan, I don't know how I feel about the huge public response except that this was someone that a lot of people followed/knew-of for many years, unlike somebody not as well known., (but equally noteworthy in their own way).

    He ( Kobe) was an artist of sorts, developed unique skills moves that were not just "...a seal balancing a ball on his nose..", unless that seal had just shown up one day at the harbor, doing it on his own, his own way, while displaying fantastic, unique skills (repeating myself?) , better ( top three ever?) than any other seal on the planet.

    I know that mountain . It's not very tall ( 1500' max , maybe...), been ontop several times, ridden around it (on its slopes) many times (see: "new millennium trail, Calabasas" ) Just sort of strange that in this day and age there isn't an effective system to virtual guide you or show you topo and relative realtime position when flying in dense fog. Maybe there is.
  2. Winston's Avatar
    I'll add to the chorus: Nice, impressive... wow.
  3. Asmoab's Avatar
    just checked it out - impressive!
  4. BornForBurning's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bdcharles
    nice work!
    thanks bd
  5. bdcharles's Avatar
    nice work!
  6. PiP's Avatar
    Hi Florida, hope all goes well on Tuesday and you make a speedy recovery.
  7. TL Murphy's Avatar
    Solid defense. It's good to know the world is in such capable hands.
  8. Neetu's Avatar
    No, we don't get to choose our family. We don't even get to choose how we're raised. It often leads to siblings growing apart, sometimes leaving us with guilt that being blood relatives, we ought to feel the consolation, offer consolation, just be there for our family. There's never a right answer. It's not your fault your sister is the way she is. The best you can do is be there for her in a true crisis, but other than that, just stay away as you are doing.
  9. Asmoab's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ma'am
    Just uploaded three with some difficulty. Let me know if they aren't there!
  10. -xXx-'s Avatar
    imho, i mean.
  11. -xXx-'s Avatar

    *looks for flippers*
    *check charge on imaginary tank(s)*
  12. escorial's Avatar
    Dog training book sounds cool...I walked into a pet shop and a sign around a dog's neck read..talking dog for sale..
    I walked up to it and asked it to tell me about it's life...and to my amazment it started talking...well I was born into the army and seen alot of action and got a medal then I got injured and went to work for the police were I sniffed out drugs but things got on top and my last job was sniffing four bombs at the airport and got sacked and now I'm here up for sale...outraged I walked over to the counter an said to the owner it's a disgrace your selling a war hero who has spent his life saving people...the owner replied..it told you about his war an all the other stuff but what he never told you was he's a compulsive liar...
  13. EntrepreneurRideAlong's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Smith
    It's nice to see a new and energized face around here.
    Happy to be here learning from people like you!
  14. Smith's Avatar
    It's nice to see a new and energized face around here.
  15. Neetu's Avatar
    Yes, it does get crazier and crazier...not sure how much longer I can watch it, but hell, that music keeps me hooked! I've watched about 15 episodes and it's definitely getting whacky.

    Quote Originally Posted by Space Cadet
    The show just kept getting crazier and crazier. Too much for me, at the time, I think. I will have to revisit the show. Thanks for sharing. w
  16. Space Cadet's Avatar
    The show just kept getting crazier and crazier. Too much for me, at the time, I think. I will have to revisit the show. Thanks for sharing. w
  17. Winston's Avatar
    All I know is Sharp, or Extra Sharp. My Lady likes it like that, too.
    Again, some get it... and some order Mild or Medium. Life is too short for Mild.
  18. Plasticweld's Avatar
    What a great story, thanks for sharing your experience. It is refreshing to read an intelligent piece, that lets me experience a real happening through the eyes of the writer.
  19. Winston's Avatar
    It sounds like you have some rich life experiences to share.
    I can't wait to hear more from you.
  20. Neetu's Avatar
    I probably would never have been introduced to that voice were it not for Peaky Blinders, but there is that gravelly, powerful quality to it which along with the lyrics gets to you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Space Cadet
    This is great. I haven't heard the WHOLE song before, I don't think. I remember watching the first 2 or 3 seasons of this show -- Peeky Blinders. Yes. I've heard this whole song. I love it. The words and whole song washes over me, send shivers down the polyphonic highway where no instruments or beats get in the way of each other, all having a WIDE EQ SPREAD.
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