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  1. Lest We Forget - Remembrance Sunday

    by , November 8th, 2020 at 12:38 PM (A Creative Spirit in Portugal)
    poppy field.jpg

    Two minutes silence marks your death
    as we the nation remember
    your sacrifice, with respect.
    The silence echoes our private grief
    while we the nation mourn our heroes.

    Heroes, born to die in far away places
    in battles old and new.
    Haunting bugles lament your loss
    while the Big Guns, salute you.
    And we the nation remember
    as we find solace in our thoughts.

    Red poppies ...

    So, I've been MIA for a while, here's a quick update. Lot's going on, the pandemic and one would think I would have lots of time seeing as I'm home all the time, boy you couldn't be more wrong. Working on 2 art pieces for ekphrasic poetry, made the artwork, seems those were easy, the poems, eh, not so much. These are for submission for an anthology that I have to turn in 3 poems for which will have to be ready within the next few weeks. Almost ready for that. Another anthology submission requires ...
  3. You’re Welcome

    If winters are warmer well, that’s down to me -
    for I run over bikes with my SUV,
    I put bottles and tins
    in the wrong colour bins
    and then just for fun,
    burn coal by the ton.

    My unnecessary drives
    save pensioners’ lives -
    cutting broken hips
    from frosty slips,
    wintery chills,
    and energy bills.
    But please - no applause,
    it’s for a good cause.
    Tags: poetry
  4. Snotty Nose

    Snotty nose, O snotty nose,
    where it comes from nobody knows.
    It’s not a cold, I’ve had the flu -
    the Swine, the Bird and the Man type too.
    Recovered, scrubbed up good as new.
    but the stubborn, sudden, snotty nose
    still hangs around, it comes and goes,
    its conquest needing several blows.

    I’m offered tissues
    by girls who have issues
    with a hanky.
    They’re manky,
    they squeal, unhealthy as well –
    now use ...
    Tags: poetry
  5. Nothing going on

    When you’re facing the realisation
    that you’re lacking divine inspiration
    and you’re struggling to bring to mind
    a topic of the worthy kind,
    and you wonder what occurrence might
    inspire you to start to write.
    You may proclaim in a poncey way
    ‘O whither Muse shall I go today?’

    There’s nothing in the daily news –
    no burning topic you could use
    to weigh up every view and then
    dispense your worldly acumen.
    Whatever ...
    Tags: poetry
  6. Battle Scars


    Battle Scars like a lasting art...
    some skin deep, while others last in heart
    some battles end, while others start
    some love begins, while others abort
    new life springs summer, and falls apart
    while winter hits, like a contact sport
    you begin to wonder, how you came this far
    but still reminisce, the times when you came up short
    some days you have patients, and other days you can't take no more
    we're ...
    Tags: life, poetry, war

    So, I seem to be getting somewhere with my hurricane poems. I have been writing drafts and trying to hit the topic from different angles, cutting (let me try some of the cute little icons here) drilling away at the words immersing myself in the subject..... Think I have made some headway. Along this sojourn I have had a few sideline poems pop up in surprise always a welcome!

    So, in between my continuing reading of the adventures of Kate ...
    Tags: blog, books, movie, poetry

    So, I'm working on my hurricane poems. Yes, I know it doesn't look like I am, but I am. grrr Really hard to take the steps back (or should I say steps forward) and get INTO the scene, not be the observer. For me, it has always been easier that way. Perhaps I'm more a writer than I thought. So this is what came out of my frustration.


    Hands poised over the keyboard,
    tapping letters, forming words,
    frustration of inadequacy ...

    So, time for a family reunion in Upstate New York. Airplane ride yesterday starting with an early rising at 4 a.m. to make a 7:20 flight out of Jacksonville, Florida landing in Albany, New York at noon. So, some call it a vacation (?) it's really a family reunion and for me, eh, more of an exercise in anxiety overload and family drama re-enactment Scene 3000. Where's my Xanax?

    So off to scenic New York and the Baseball Hall of Fame country. Baseball camp is in the tail-end of ...

    First Saturday of the month is Blackout Poetry day. If you don't know what that is, here's the gist: Poets gather at a coffee shop (okay, you don't have to gather with poets, you can go solo at home LOL), grab a torn out page from a book, find words that make a poem and then black out the rest of the words. This is a fun activity for me, one I look forward to every month. Sometimes you get a page that works out really well and surprises you at the twists and turns the words take, but most of ...
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  11. Open Mic Magic With The Ancient City Poets

    So today was the Monthly Ancient City Poets Open Mic Poetry Reading. Summer Daze was the theme. I read my poem "The Beach and The Bay", which is currently out for contest with FSPA (so I won't be putting it here in my post), but it was well-received. A fun poem about hot, sunny days at the beach, picnics, sand castle building and dreams of whimsy, dragons and playful sweetness.

    So many talented poets and writers were there today from all over Northern Florida. ...
  12. Oh No, The Lights Went Out!

    So, the switch has been flipped off and I'm back to scratching my head again. It was a grand run of inspiration running amok, but now my head has stopped buzzing and the bumping is gone. Woe is me. But, I did get seven amazingly good poems out of it, which is really saying something considering most of my really good poems take years to develop. What can I say? But I attribute a lot of the light switch going on to doing the research on the internet on what is good poetry, thinking ...
  13. Another Day In The Neighborhood

    ........ Well, this past day and a half have been amazing! I finally have had a poetry breakthrough from my blockage. It seems that the dam has broken and the waters are welling out in a torrent. I have been able to plug into the creative process with relative ease. I am opening clean pages and the words are forming lines and stanzas almost as if on their own. I've opened the thesaurus and rhymer and verses are flowing. It's almost as if they been hiding in the recesses of my mind all ...
  14. Dear Anonymous (The spoken word)

    The words many think, but can never say because of the control this fellowship takes over people and their recovery. These vulnerable people don't even know it, because they are told, AA is the only way to heal.

    I am a recovering alcoholic and I wrote something in regards to Alcoholics Anonymous. I read it to a community of recovering addicts. It was my second time reciting on a mic, and as my energy and emotion ran high I stumbled on a couple words.

    Here's the link:
  15. Signals That Sound in the Dark

    Quote Originally Posted by Warhol View Post
    Punk rock plays in a darkened room.
    Hazy gazes everywhere,
    Souls spin along to the music
    Arms wide, for whatever friends they may find.
    I cannot hear what you say, but I can feel what you mean, the moment your lips find mine.
    Closer and closer we press…
    not that I mind I confess.
    Electricity seems to surge through the air,
    lost in this moment without a care.
    These signals sound in the dark,
    where I am blind, and not sure where to start.
    Tags: mine, poem, poems, poetry
  16. The End of Forever is Tommorrow

    end of time.jpg

    The End of Forever is Tomorrow (a Sestina)

    The songs of creation shall be sung, not spoken, and will last forever and Eternity-
    It arises from the nothingness that the wisest of the wise have called Nirvana-
    But those of the ‘Mark’ grown fat from ecclesiastical lies--- seek heaven through Rapture,
    only to find out that which patiently awaits them--- is not bliss : but Oblivion-
    They fall into God traps and ...

    Many "poems" nowadays are prose elevated to poetry by political correctness. A poem is not metaphor alone, but a nexus of elements that express human experience for aesthetic purpose; for poetry, this means using language charged to the utmost with the best words in the best order. "Charged to the utmost" means using poetic elements in the most effective manner--rhythm, rhyme, image, metaphor, &c. It also means realizing one or more aesthetic principles that distinguish Art ...
  18. An attempt at poetry

    I know, I know. I've been silent for a long time. What can I say? I felt uninspired and I've been working to get the inspiration back. I'm starting to feel it, though. As this will show.

    A bird sat within
    the gilded cage
    Its black feathers
    coating others

    Above the golden bars
    Was a light beyond the stars
    And the bird trilled
    Heaven is near

    My own cage
    Drifted open from pain
    And the gold plating
    Came off ...
  19. Sharp Darkness

    "Poets are fortunate. We share ourselves with the world every time we put a poem out there, because whether we create personae or not, those words didn't come from the apple tree in the backyard. And through that sharing we hear echoes and memories and congruities between people and experiences, if not deeper certainly differently than most people. Sometimes a blessing. Sometimes a curse. But always an embracing, and therein a reaching out to others on common ground perhaps not cleared ...
  20. Yay I'm back on writing forums ^_^

    It's been way too long since I've been on writing forums

    I've missed reading everyone's posts and being a part of all this creativity. SO. I shall strive to log on more, now that life has hopefully settled a bit! It's been a busy few months. Lots of moving about. Lots of work work work. We also got a ps4 and then Netflix so that hasn't helped either >.>
    I've also decided to use this "blog" function.
    I realised the other day that I use ...
  21. Uncle Sam's Harvest (Free Verse)

    This was submitted as my first Pip Challenge! I can feel so much warmth from my brain. It's as fresh as a homemade sheet of cookies from grandma's oven.

    I am looking forward to hearing the critics! I am stoked to see the growth of my writing. Enjoy!

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinzeCharming View Post
    Form: Free Verse

    Uncle Sam's Harvest

    Beautifully seasoned fallow land,
    God's gift to cultivate passion.
    A man's hoe faces a challenge,
    for the depths of its prosperity.

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    Poetry , WritingForums.com
  22. January Challenge: "Fiery Glow"

    I am breaking through achievements.

    First time trying the poetry challenge.
    First time blogging a forum comment.
    First time writing a genuine (not previously published online) poem on WF.
    First time being inspired by anything for writing on WF.

    You get the gist.
    Or is it gist me?

    Please provide feedback below. I am curious to see your thoughts on my writing.

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinzeCharming View Post
    Spark of Love

    A wounded organ nestles in the

    Updated January 10th, 2016 at 10:04 PM by PrinzeCharming (Edited Local Categories to Match Main WF Categories)

    Poetry , WritingForums.com
  23. Another publication! (mature topics)

    Well, I had an interesting weekend. Rattle, a large and popular poetry magazine, has an online series called "Poets Respond" where poets write and submit a poem about a news event within the week that event occurs. On Sunday, they publish their favorite poem from the submissions. I've been published for this series once before (http://www.rattle.com/poetry/unsigne...yleigh-fraser/). Well, this past Sunday my poem was selected again! That's two publications from Rattle ...
  24. Adventures in Publishing Poetry

    I want to start a blog about my experience sending my work out for publication, getting published, getting rejected, etc. The last year and a half has been a fun ride. Tears. Curse words. Finally, joy. There is nothing like the high of seeing your hard work in print. At least not to me. When I get a copy of a journal I was in, it's a rush. Now, I'm almost done with my first book of poetry, and I feel like I'm finally ready for it.

    I want to write about my experiences at length, and ...

    Updated July 9th, 2015 at 09:50 PM by Angel101

  25. The Poetic Styles of a Mad Poet

    I love most poetic styles. I've been a student of poetry for a few decades and dabbled in many forms. One of the most delightful as well as annoying and cloying is the Mono Rhyme. This is a good way to learn simple and pure rhyme.

    These two poems I am about to present can be quite grating and annoying but I love them just the same. The first one is pure mono rhyme and has annoyed many a reader while the second is more subdued.

    The Wings of a Fly

    Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

    Updated February 20th, 2016 at 06:03 AM by rcallaci

    Tags: poetry
    Fiction , Poetry , Journal
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