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  1. Fantasy works

    I'm not much of a fantasy reader
    or science fiction, for that matter.
    Reality is disturbing enough for me.

    Fantasy is just, like meh, that's nothing;
    Did you read the news today?

    Times are bad, but times are always bad
    according to the news media.

    But this is the first time in my lifetime
    that half the country believes the president
    is above the law.

    That would make him dictator.

    I need another drink. ...
  2. memories, ghosts from the past.

    Looking back, way back, it's not something that I am wont to do and I most certainly do not do " rose tinted specs " memories, damn them, like ghosts, you can't always see them but they're there and when they choose to haunt, there's not a lot you can do about it.

    All through my teens and well into adulthood I spent a lot of time outdoors, shooting fishing camping-out. I did a lot of walking and so friendships were often short-lived. When we were young, oh man, when we were ...

    Updated February 14th, 2020 at 06:24 PM by dither

  3. XI.

    by , February 5th, 2020 at 05:23 AM (This Is Where Some Things Are Kept)
    Last morning,
    a sparrow winged by my windowó
    flashed a brief absence of c o r i a n d e r huesó
    and I thought it had to be you.
    The ghastly art a day gives.
    Science has permission to dissect the color of sky
    for our opera gl a s se s;
    Messiah or whomever never thought this far ahead.
    Could you s u pply some literature
    about these thebans?
  4. Wash the upper portions, thoroughly. - a po-em. Extreme WARNING!!

    And what are those ? Undetermined, unutterable, pale-obsolescence asked at the entire school on the stringer.
    Why, those are stunned pansy-fish.
    They don't look like pansy fish.
    Well, they are now.
    And what is that being applied to their... lower portions?
    We're candying them- makes them more pliable; 'tender'. I see that look, mister. And you just better watch it.
    Apparently, that's already my error.
  5. The power of words...

    I posted in here earlier about my reading crime novels and how I so enjoyed getting to know the main characters and how their creators made them seem so real. Reading the final few chapters when all the weird stuff finally comes together, the bad guys get caught and good triumphs over evil, for me, is so uplifting.

    I just started reading A TALE FOR THE TIME BEING by RUTH OZEKI and, although I've barely scratched the surface, it's affecting me in such a way that is difficult to describe. ...
  6. The Youth of Today

    I went into London yesterday, for a meal with my son and his girlfriend, and to attend a debate at the Royal Geographic Society. I was pretty grumpy about the prospect, but it turned out both enjoyable and to have some good life lessons. Most things do if you let them.

    The event was a debate of the motion ďTo Stop Climate Collapse, We Must End Capitalism.Ē Proposing were George Monbiot (a left wing journalist and author) and Farman Yamuna (an environmental lawyer and leading light in ...
  7. Spring Cleaning

    8088 programming book.
    Pre-disillusionment edition.

    Updated January 31st, 2020 at 08:47 AM by Irwin

  8. The Unjustifiable

    I think that I shall never see
    something as ugly
    as the sycophants and lawyers
    trying to justify the unjustifiable.
  9. Hero Worship

    Didja hear Kobe Bryant died?

    Iíve commented on situations like this before. I just donít get it. I have nothing against our dearly departed ďfriendĒ, or any of the countless other celebrities / public figures that die every year. I just donít care. At all. One way or another.

    I didnít know the man, and chances are none of you did either. Iím sure he was a stand-up guy, loving husband, devoted father. Sure, there was that 2003 incident in ColoradoÖ sorry. Is ...
  10. ENTOMBED published on DM du jour

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say that a short story I wrote a couple months back has been published here, on Danse Macabre's daily blogpost. It's a violent, claustrophobic, sweat-stained horror story. I never shared it here, so if you've enjoyed my writing in the past, check it out!


  11. Haven't been around much in January

    So, I haven't been around much in January..... I had the first cataract surgery on the 7th of January and my vision has been poor, because one eye is blurry and if I wear my glasses to correct that vision the now "good" eye is out of focus because the corrective lens throws the vision out of wack on the post-cataract implanted lens eye, and no, popping the lens out of the glasses doesn't work well as my lenses are progressives and I get double vision from trying to see out of them that ...
    Tags: blog, journal
  12. Defense

    He didn't do it,
    and even if he did it,
    it's not illegal,
    and even if it is illegal,
    it doesn't warrant removal,
    and even if it does rise to that level,
    they're only doing it because they hate him.

    The defense rests.
  13. Infinity Pool Africa Style

    So here it is, the golden decade has finally arrived. The mortgage is history and Iím entitled to a bus pass and free prescriptions. Everything still works and, with a bit of luck, should do so for at least another 10 years. The pension, of course, is something of a disappointment but, with bit of care, there is enough cash to keep the wolf from the door for a while. The leaving do was a success, the final handover complete and a lifetime of meetings, reports, demanding bosses and lengthy commutes ...
  14. My First Blog Post

    Hello world! Here goes my first blog post. Buckle up, more coming soon.

    I've been blogging for 5 years. I've written 8 textbooks, and I wrote a dog training book. I'm excited to be in this forum. I've been meeting a lot of fiction writers which is REALLY exciting because I'm used to writing about relatively dry material (insurance textbooks). This forum is adding some spice to my relatively boring non-fiction life!

    I love reading all of the various writing styles here and ...
  15. Joseph

    by , January 21st, 2020 at 12:34 AM (This Is Where Some Things Are Kept)
    Joseph drinks on Wednesdays,
    plays spades of gratitude for rum,
    his jars, her syringe:
    a genie in his world,
    a wishbone in the next.

    Nothing's once,
    a morning when she played in the liquor cabinet

    Steady, writing ‘cross her page,
    outside like a gypsy-sage waitress,
    American doors,
    bumming Marlboros

    Fur canines slurred her words,
    Joseph in a run-down, pinstriped suit,
    her mouth a broken conch.

    Updated February 5th, 2020 at 03:05 AM by Space Cadet

  16. Dogsledding in the Arctic

    I went on a dog sledding trip to the Arctic 12 years ago that was definitely a ďfood for the soulĒ experience. I have many photographs of it but didn't make a diary at the time and the memories are starting to dim. My recent, New Years Eve, dogsledding experience has brought them all flooding back and made me realise I need to capture them before they've gone completely. As well as the facts, I've tried hard to recreate some of the emotional experience.

    A school friend of mine, who ...
  17. Historical Reflections

    Much of my writing is just random reflections, or descriptions of particularly enjoyable, or meaningful, experiences. I try to write them in a sufficiently interesting way to generate a conversation on either the writing style, or the substance.

    Iím very fortunate to live in Britainís oldest recorded town. About 60 miles east of London, it was the first Roman capital of England until the Iceni warrior queen, Boudica, slaughtered the inhabitants and raised it to the ground in ...
  18. My Vice

    Iím a snacker of note
    I stuff it all down my throat
    The sweet, the salty and sour
    Give me more cheese
    On bread if you please
    For while snacking I cannot be dour

    When Iím feeling the need,
    For a nibble or feed
    I Indulge it, without doubt or shame.
    Indulgence my creed,
    Salt and sugar Iíll bleed,
    Love the feel of that crap in my veins

    A chocolate digestive,
    is really suggestive,
    when dunked in a nice cup ...
    Tags: humour, poem
  19. Soulmate at the cheese-counter...

    The cheese counter of all places, eyes rolling at the memory of such an experience. Thought I'd do without the smilie. Anyway, and already I'm lost for words. What can I say? It's Sunday, cheapo-shop-day. I get up at around 9.30. have my usual mug of tea with a strong coffee chaser, eat a reheated, microwaved, plate of yesterday's leftovers, take a shower, and walk to my local Aldi-store on the outskirts of town. Weather-wise, it could be worse I suppose. It's dry, the sky is not totally cloudless, ...

    Updated January 14th, 2020 at 01:19 PM by dither

  20. 10 point note going in the till

    by , January 11th, 2020 at 08:50 AM (Each n every day)
    they use to say that in Gregg's years ago...the other day as I was walking down the isle in Aldi iheard..we are now opening till 4...perfect timing as I walked straight on but behind was a nother shopper who had a trolly full an I only had a few bits....she was well pissed an said to her husband I hate it when they do that...I could feel her eyes burning into me from the back..now the other day in home and bargain my review was for 5 pound 5p an as I gave the lad a fiver I started searching for ...
  21. What song are you listening to?

    by , January 9th, 2020 at 03:18 AM (This Is Where Some Things Are Kept)
    Quote Originally Posted by Space Cadet View Post
  22. I Don't Care. And Neither Do You. (language)

    First, welcome to my blog! If you're reading this, you're probably either an exiled poet that got distracted, or so bored with the REAL WF content that you decided to go slumming. The fact is, I don't care why you're here. I don't care if you're here at all.

    You see, we're all just a random bunch of folks gathered together by our joy of writing. But, it appears that's where our similarities end. It's just as tribal here as anywhere else in cyberspace, or the real world. Sure, ...
  23. rant

    Ever have the overwhelming need to rant? Shout to the heavens about how life is unfair? I want to, but I'm not going to do that. For one thing the whole problem is mainly my own fault.

    Back in Nov found out I needed my birth certificate to get my driver's licence renewed (which is a separate rant issue). Well I ordered it, just now finding out it will be March before I get it. Mistakes and bad decisions have led me to order another directly from my birth county because I can get ...
  24. Tired of Politics

    Bleh. Politics. Iím sick of it. Iím sick of reading about it, sick of hearing about it, sick of people talking about it. Itís become a preoccupation because itís so [email protected]#$%ed up at the point. People are too political. Your politics have come to define who you are as a person. Thatís what politics are.

    There are some who, believe it or not, believe things for which there are no supporting facts. Thatís always been the case, though. People believed the world was flat and that it rested ...
  25. _Inherent Vice_ by Thomas Pynchon Review

    Note: This review was originally written back in 2016 as part of a personal "1001+ Book Challenge." I follow a Peter Boxall's 1001 Books: You Must Read Before You Die list and write about books I found particularly noteworthy. This post was edited recently to improve grammar and overall readability, but still reflects the views of a 23-year old me. My writing has improved since then, I promise!


    Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon Review
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