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  1. Excuse Me

    Excuse my while I... check Game of Thrones out.

  2. The Traitor in my Soul

    The voice begins softly. It's a barely audible whisper in my ear, "Boring, so boring. Another day of this crap." When I notice it, the volume continues to increase, "I mean, really, whats the point? You'll not find anyone who appreciates your work or your efforts. You're nearly thirty and working a job for a little kid. And, what keeps you going? A little number that ticks over when someone watches your videos or might be reading your books?" Now, it's completely a megaphone ...
  3. strange days

    girl from the flat above me knocked this morning and told me she had an intruder..never heard a thing...I'm looking out the window and most days I watch this guy walk past and he heads for the phonebox,checks it for change then makes his way over to the shops were he scans the floor for ciggy buts.Then this guy who dresses as a woman with a scarf covering her head in a flowery dress and white trainners walks along and acts in a very odd manner....you couldn't make this stuff up...
  4. Zelda BS

    Zelda on the Wii U is being released alongside with the NX?!?

    That's fucking horseshit. They have 9 fucking Zelda games for the console--remaster, compatibility, port--but they couldn't release a new entry in the series for that console?!?

    I'm so...

  5. A Mad Poets Dreams

    I've revised "the Weeping Willow" found in the poetry competition. It was not that good. The 7th stanza was messed up. I think I fixed it . It has a better meaning and flow.

    A Weeping Willow (revised)

    Willow, Willow, don’t you cry
    no need to atone
    in this hellish home of
    sin, sex, and bone-

    ~don’t be afraid my little baby girl
    daddy loves you more than you’ll ever know~

    Willow, Willow, no need to
    Tags: revisions
  6. Cute lil' squoil

    There he is, that fluffy-tail rodent, a rat in cute furry. He doesn’t see me, got his back to me, sunning on a bare branch. Must be a new batch; the others all knew better. Why, I could get my pellet gun and…

    They eat all of it, every year, all my fruit: apricots in spring, pomegranates in September before they’re even ripe; guava, persimmons. Last year, I got the persimmons, all three of them. Must not have recognized them.

    Yes, there you are, all dusty, you dirt digger. ...
  7. Life Decoded. (Language)

    In the smaller hours of the morning I often find that I get downright philosophical, so bear with me. If I don't get this out it'll be stuck with me all day and I don't need the extra load on a day like this. I'll run long, primarily because I don't even want to think about the day ahead. Join me on a journey to the center of my consciousness... Or Tulsa, it all depends really on the traffic and the radio reception...

    Life is billed as a complicated thing. The more I see, feel, hear, ...
  8. Strange preface for a satirical book

    Quote Originally Posted by rogerblingham View Post
    “That is serious load of bullshit!” exclaimed my friend after reviewing the manuscript.

    “Serious and bullshit? How about spreading it far and wide by publishing?” I questioned back.

    He said “Do not publish. It can pose hazard for your health. People might read it with curiosity. No one is going to like this bullshit! I felt bad when it exploded on my face many a times while reading this manuscript. You will be trolled high time!”

    That is the precise reason
  9. Venting (Warning: You may realize just how petty I can be)

    Screw my job. We did Inventory on Sunday and Monday. A manic eight hour shift followed by a TWELVE hour shift. They would have kept us longer but the district manager ripped our store manager a new one over illegally making us work six hours before a lunch break not to mention the cost of keeping twenty people way over hours. I'm not a fragile sort but that crap got me sick. Worst of all, in the first place I switched departments earlier in the year and I shouldn't have been on the team in the first ...
    Tags: venting
  10. Brain tracks train tracks.

    Ahh the joys of the human experience.

    As strange as the concept of consciousness is, I would like to think that, in some ways, it can be tied to our thought patterns.

    If we spend years in a certain state of mind, pondering similar things, doing the same activities, forming habits... those mental pathways become stronger. Harder to overwrite. The connections between them and others also grow stronger. Easier to remember, to access.

    Whereas, of course, the stuff ...
  11. phychiatric nurse or support worker......

    when i go anywhere often enough i tend to mix at a distance and recently this guy steve who worked as a psychiatric nure or support worker has started opening up bit by bit as we sit in the sauna inbetween a swim. Over the years our conversations have been about the usual day to day stuff with out getting into any serious this is who i'am thing.The other day he was talking about some of the funny things he saw during his working day/night..a group of patients ordered in a whole duck one evening ...
  12. The Adventures of Scarf Ninja | Ep. 1 "Scarf Ninja Goes Abroad Pt. 2"

  13. The Adventures of Scarf Ninja | Ep. 1 "Scarf Ninja Goes Abroad Pt. 1"

    The Official first episode of The Adventures of Scarf Ninja.
    Tags: tasn
  14. Virtual Machines and Instructions: Tell me, Let me read about it, Show me

    by , April 18th, 2016 at 12:13 AM (Professional Writing)
    Lately at work I am creating several VMs for users to do their thing (using our software) with, as hosted machines simply can't meet their requirements.

    In order for them to know what to do, which users are there, passwords, use cases, etc., I have a few documents for them to read, print out, reference as they get familiar with the VM.

    Looking at the docs, I am struck by how different they are, due to my 'writing to my audience'. But it isn't as simple as that. My audience ...
  15. Cancer is Wildfire

    Good evening,

    In recent events, a family friend has passed this morning around 10:00 EST. I was at the hospital last night with my parents. We were able to see the two kids and her husband. They were in denial. I am still in denial. Our friend, the mother, recently visited our home a few times this year, and the last visit was a few weeks before the cancer spread throughout her body.

    We have a feeling she knew a year ago. She knew to plan her time with her daughter. She ...
  16. Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Heaven's Door ...

    The software project is done. Anyone want a throw-back, two-deck solitaire game they don't know how to play? (It does have a help screen.) It runs under Windows. By "throw-back" I mean it looks like a DOS game or a Unix command shell game. If you're interested, PM me and I'll PM you the Dropbox link.

    Also, my final presentation for Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry is done. The presentation part. I have to come up with handouts. And two or three true-false ...
  17. Personal Definitions

    As I was streaming Dark Souls 3 earlier, I found an interesting tidbit that stuck in the back of my head. It's my personal definition of Freedom. Freedom is the lack of restraint. To be free is to have less restrictions on you by possessing less. Looking around my bedroom, I find it funny how true that is for me. I have a rack of CDs, my bed, dresser and my computer. Oh, and a fan and garbage can. Beyond that, I have bare walls and a few minor personal effects. Yet, I have no desire for much more. ...
  18. oh boy- annoying

    I have discovered one thing that will stop me from writing, from accomplishing anything, pretty much

    The Hiccups

    I challenge anyone to try and be productive when this happens.
  19. I Am Free

    At long last, the fetter has been lock picked open. The bruise around my ankle a reminder of the wasted years.

    The four stone walls unfazed me now--with one having an impenetrable steel door and another having a barred window to a clear blue sky. The light in my heart has been lit and burns brightly where darkness once occupied. I can feel the strength coming back to my limbs--every muscle coursing purified blood.

    The person who was attached to the fetter is a shadow. And ...
  20. Power.

    If you had power, what would you use it for? Could you really say you would help others with it? I think I am a good person, but only in the context of my physical and mental limits.

    If I were impossibly strong, or could blow things up with my mind, I can't really say I would do anything beneficial to the rest of humanity. In fact, I would do the exact opposite. I might still live a normal life, until someone pisses me off. Boom, squish, zap. Goodbye. Then I go somewhere else. ...
  21. Butterfly Shadows

    Reichelina and I made this poem in about a minute and a half because we want to make money. I suppose this will be the first of many blogs. I used to write little rhyming words to match the feelings of others come and gone. Now I don't have to stop. Now I can be happy that our friendship will overshadow all of my past fears. I was insecure. I was lonely. I am glad that WF led me to such a wonderful person.

    I shall whisper kisses to the moon
    In this cold summer night ...
  22. College Decisions

    So... Next year I'm gonna be a college student. Yay...I guess...

    Great thing is, I did all my applications last year and got all my acceptance letters in December and January-ish. Then it was all a matter of seeing which colleges offered the right language courses and university scholarships.

    We were all set to go to Texas A & M but they didn't offer any scholarships. I didn't display enough "leadership" according to them.

    But then I got ...
  23. The Churches' Organs by ShadowEyes

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowEyes View Post
    The invasive scent of flung smoke
    a body-pulsing vertigo
    snapping my neck around just so
    the shame grows, distracted bills go
    out of pocket, false epitome, empty
    pictures, strained, wooden masonry
    lost import in my misery.
    To visit this place, last of all
    this week, stomach it all, festival
    of souls undone, wallets and fives
    like enzymes folded, entwined, a line:
    the halls of heaven, Eastertime.
    Organs, revolve around in crescendo
  24. I ruminate, I hallucinate, I hope to levitate, someday.

    My heads been hazy the last year or so. It’s like my mind has a mind of its own; it always goes where it wants to go; a mixture of stray dog and alzheimer patient; I don’t know if I’m using semicolons right; I don’t care. I need a good mantra to get me out of the gutter. Too much pressure. Too much clutter. Too many thoughts. Not enough drawers. Where did my spirit go? I used to be so damn spiritual. Back when life permeated meaning, back when everything happened for a reason; chance encounters, ...
  25. Survivors Rowe

    I haven't watched it. Not sure if I want to watch it.

    Stuff like this doesn't appeal to me. But since this happened in my hometown, I feel like I don't have a choice.

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