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  1. Home Invaders: Section One of... ?

    You just need something fixed, right?

    Say a quick prayer. If you call for some home service "professional' (i.e. plumber, painter, cable guy, etc.) you're rolling the dice. And you know it. Maybe you'll get the clean, articulate professional that you'd gladly recommend. Or, maybe, you get the guy that looks like he just crawled off the barroom floor, smells like an ashtray and speaks in monosyllabic grunts.
    Don't think that because you called a large, reputable firm that ...
  2. London Churches, Part 5


    "A tall thin old man comes backwards slowly and carefully through the glass door, carrying a metal stepladder in one hand, and in the other a small pot of paint and a small brush. With an air of methodical tidiness, he leans the stepladder against the front of a left-hand stall, stands the pot of paint next to it, places the small brush sideways across the exact centre of the top of the pot."

    The fifth part of a hyperfiction based ...
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  3. Time for a Catnap: Random Thoughts on the Past Semester

    It’s finally our semester break! No more reading those thick medical books over coffee until the wee hours of the morning. Imagine that, two weeks of sleeping soundly wand worry-free. That’s a cool proposition.

    The past six months had been swift, grueling and hectic. It felt just like yesterday when I sat at the back of the class room for the first day. Days turned into weeks as I got barraged by exams, reports, conferences and other school work. My social life had turned nil, with ...
  4. What Happened to Manners?

    I admit with pride that I am a G.R.I.T.S. (Girl Raised in the South). Of course being raised in the South used to have meaning - people assumed (and some still do) - that Southerners will act a certain way and do things in a certain way. One thing that I had drilled into me when I was a child was manners. Please and thank you. Yes ma'am, no ma'am. Yes sir, no sir. And if you need to move passed someone who is in your way, "Excuse me," usually does the trick. Or at least it used to. ...
  5. Mark in eternity

    “Writing”; I have heard many explanations as to why we right. “I have to write because I can't help, but do so”. “I feel that I am going to burst if I don’t write”.

    In my opinion I think they are the right statements to a bigger answer.

    Our writing is just as important as our children being the legacy that carries forward our name; “Smith”, “Jones”, and “Grovhoug”.

    But, I would go one step further to say the overwhelming urge to write is to say “I was here”. ...
  6. Of Shifting Exams, Storms and Shticks: The Gob-smacking Turns These Past Days

    Saturdays for a student usually meant his rest day. After all, its a Saturday and its a day to rest and, in some cases, heal the wounds inflicted the week before, or even just the night before. With all the booze? Come on, You need a whole day to rest for that.

    But that's not in the vocabulary of a medical student. Not by a long shot, not when you have the major exams looming the week ahead.

    I had it figured out. I scheduled my subjects accordingly and created a sort of ...
  7. Financial Responsibility

    I'll admit that I am frustrated. I'm not surprised, though. I just wish I can go back and pinpoint when this all started. I think when VCRs first came out, and people were intimidated by the instructions on how to set the clock. It became socially acceptable to just leave it flashing "12:00". Or put a piece of black tape over the clock, if you were really crafty.
    Now, it seems that every problem has the same solutions for modern "man": Ignore the problem, or ...
  8. Time & Patience...

    Time i have a lot of, patience however i do not, never have.. But since doing graphic design, i have become a lot more patient, patient enough to sit for 6 hours and work in Photoshop without a break, or spend days on a project. I didn't know how design would impact my real life on a daily basis, other than keeping me busy but now i see it has actually changed me in certain ways. I am more patient and have more tolerance for other people. Not bad!.

    I am currently working on many projects,
  9. Of Gray and Other Colours

    If you take the same route to and from work everyday, you can take the scenery for granted. I usually do. Seattle is like most major cities in the U.S.: A sea of bright cars flow down rivers of asphalt, flanked by canyons on steel and glass. You are lost in the motion, like flotsam waiting to wash-up on some barren, uncaring shore called work.
    Of course, along the stream there are bright splashes. Most of them are some form of solicitation, tempting you to buy some product or use ...
  10. Of Comebacks and Central Control: The Road to Victory that had been the Past Week

    For those who give the slightest care in reading my blogs, they know that I’ve had a bad month last month. I’d rather not relive those horrible memories so I won’t restate them here. But ever since that discouraging downfall, I’ve decided to tuck my tail between my feet and return with a comeback trap. I’ve worked double time in my studies, bought a highlighter pen and used it in my notes for the first time, and read my textbooks like there’s no tomorrow.

    And so, this week was a rather ...
  11. Strawberry Cheesecake

    Ingredients for crust:
    50 vanilla wafers, ground down to powder
    1 stick butter, softened

    How to: mix the butter and crumbs and pour them into an oiled springform pan. Pat down evenly over bottom of pan. Cool in fridge for 15 minutes or so.

    Ingredients for cheesecake:
    3/4 lb cream cheese
    1/4 lb neufchatel cheese
    1 tsp each of: vanilla
    lemon juice
    almond extract
    1 6 oz can sweetened condensed milk
    1/4 cup honey
  12. music of the blogospheres

    Been busy blogwise this week...having moved a number of MP3s into a folder on my website, I updated the jukebox sidebar there and embarked on a project to explain how each of those songs came to be. Also took on the copy/pasting of a number of old blogposts to the new blogsite, and worked some on my soon-to-be-re-unveiled blognovel.
    The reason why I tell you this, dear reader, is because I've recently been plucked from the great lemminglike herd of wf members (well okay, we only smell like ...

    Updated August 19th, 2011 at 01:51 PM by moderan

    Journal , New Media (Podcast, YouTube)
  13. Wow.

    This is the first time I've noticed the "Blog" part of this site. So I figure "why not?" Not that I'll promise to keep up on it. I have three other blogs I barely keep up on so why should this be any different?

    In Writing News:
    * I recently "finished" by first draft of a novel which I am tentatively calling "Fallen Feathers" even though I hate the name. It's better than calling it "Chicken Apocalypse" which is what I was calling ...
    Tags: blogs, mfa, travel, writing
  14. Progressive Writing and What It Means.

    by , August 8th, 2011 at 11:18 AM (How Is Your Writing? As Happy as Can Be?)
    [SIZE=3][FONT=book antiqua]I think writing begins with one's self .
    It has to be.
    It makes sense because writing is easier to execute.

    I like reading real stories. I find them fascinating because they are related to people and are a fact of life.
    So I found myself thinking up a new movement/genre to writing.
    A new idea, a different direction if you like, to make writing accessible to everyone.
    So I came up with 'PROGRESSIVE' writing.
    Progressive ...

    Updated August 8th, 2011 at 02:45 PM by Nacian

  15. How Is Your Writing? As Happy as Can Be?

    by , August 4th, 2011 at 01:15 PM (How Is Your Writing? As Happy as Can Be?)
    [FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=2]I[SIZE=3][FONT=courier new] am a keen talker and as much as I enjoy interaction I also enjoy listening writing and reading.
    I can quickly distract or easily pick up depending on the mood and the topics.
    I also write because I enjoy the flow of words and thoughts .
    I enjoy light funny moving or simply unusual.
    I am like to keep my reading and writing authentic but most of all happy.
    It makes sense to me that creativity must be encouraging, ...

    Updated August 4th, 2011 at 01:55 PM by Nacian

  16. the Long and the Short of it part two

    Yeah. Here I am,ninety days or so after leaving the “convalescent center”,still occasionally short of breath,wearing a tube in my nose with fifty feet of frequently-tangled green cord trailing me around the apartment,with a boarder that drives me bananas,and I call it progress.
    Gad. The recovery can take up to a year,or so I’ve been told…and it is possible that I may have this chalupa in my snout until the end of my stomping on this terra. The boarder for somewhat less time. That’s just ...
    Tags: ards, moderan
  17. the Long and the Short of it part one

    I had been feeling a little “off”since @Hallowe’en,and had shrugged off the lack of energy as the consequence of my 5 mile daily walk (usually in the hot sun) and general lack of nutritiion. I tried to eat a little bit better and slogged on.
    Things stayed pretty much in that vein for a few months. I had little energy or motivation for extracurricular activity but I was able to do a decent job of things at work. Everything else fell by the wayside...I kept my nose as much to the grindstone ...
    Tags: ards, moderan
  18. The Spirit Burns

    in the cave of the heart
    little fire

    by thought, hunger, desire
    constantly watches

    the body, mind, self
    the world without
    the necklace that shines

    and enchains:
    I’m no Nachiketa
    the spirit burns

  19. More Poetry

    Then and Now
    I used to think that being different was bad,
    But now I know the only way to be ourselves is to be unique.

    I used to think that if I made a new friend, I’d lose one,
    But now I know that if I make a new friend I’ll always have room for another.

    I used to think that nothing could hurt me,
    But now I know that when I DO get hurt I bleed.

    I used to think you could get anything by wishing,
    But now I know you must work ...
  20. Attitude and Gratitude

    Disclaimer: Any mention of 'tips' or 'gratuities' in the following text are fictitious literary devices with no basis in reality. IRS Agents are required to suspend any and all audit intent before proceeding. Trespassers will be bludgeoned with a rolled up copy of the Bill of Rights and have the text for the First Amendment plastered on your forehead. Thank You.

    No, this is not about 'tipping'. You can argue the procedural details elsewhere.

    However, I (may have) received ...
  21. Abandon All Hope: An Overview of the US Budget Crisis

    My fellow Americans,

    I don’t know about you, but I am a bit tired of hearing people say that, if they were president, they could fix the budget woes in a year or two. They would only need to cut taxes here or add a program over there. How we all wish it was so simple. The fact is that the US budget is much more complex.

    I've put together a small guide to the current state of the US finances. This is for my reference as well as for anyone else who is interested. ...

    Updated July 24th, 2011 at 12:30 AM by Flapjack

  22. Rich? Defined...

    Before I can compare and contrast how the wealthy live, we need to define what 'rich' is.

    If you have some duct tape, sodium pentathol and the right accountants, the answer is easy. Unfortunatley, for this little thought experiment, I don't have access to financial records. So i'm going with anecdotal, observational answers. And no, it is not $250k. That dosn't even get you into a decent yacht club.

    Here is a short, non-inclusive list of atributes that 'the rich' may ...
  23. Stress, Failure, Depression, Chess and Old Sages: A Summary of the Grueling Past Two

    I could not imagine how two weeks can stir me up like how a hurricane would.

    It was just four weeks ago when I finally entered my medicine proper studies. The first week was so light and stress-less, I was actually going home hours earlier than the actual dismissal time. And did I mention that this was sanctioned by the professor? The succeeding weeks came out fine, and I was trotting along the lessons with a fair amount of ease, not that these lessons were easy. It was just that
    Tags: journal
  24. Holy c**p, I'm getting married! :D

    My man and I spoke about getting engaged for months, but now that it has happened it feels so surreal. I think I am still a little surprised that he actually chose me to be the one

    I have always been very conscious of the fact that I am a useless housewife ( I don't cook and I get tired of trying to keep the house tidy, so I give up) and I often feel like I am not the best step-mommy to his children. Is it normal to question every parenting move you make? I am so concerned that ...
  25. The Other Half

    Do you hate the rich? It's OK, many people do.

    It's totally understandable as well. No other group in modern history had been so maligned as the wealthy. You can blame them for just about everything. THEY are the reason you don't have a job, they shipped yours overseas. THEY are the reason your kid is poorly educated, they send theirs to private schools and suck the money out of public institutions. And so on. We are bombarded with these messages daily.

    There's only ...
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