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    Quote Originally Posted by bdcharles
    What about grins though?
    So now you've made me dig into my database of word usage in the English language, which I could have saved some effort by doing in the first place. [notice the smile]

    "Smile" itself occurs .61 times per 1000 words in American English fiction. Brits aren't as happy. They only use "Smile" .57 times per 1000 words. That data is close to the result from my informal investigation.

    However, if you combine all forms of "Smile" (Smile, Smiled, smiling, smiles), including noun and verb usage, they occur 1.8 times per 1000 words.

    "Grin" occurs .12 times per 1000 words, and in all its forms (grin, grinned, grinning, grins), including noun and verb usage, they occur .34 times per 1000 words. The only form Brits use more often than Americans is "grinned", which may sadly indicate that Brits were more jolly in the past.

    Of interest, authors used "Smile" much more often in the 1800s, but they hardly ever grinned.

    Various "Laughs" - 1.41 per 1000
    Chuckles - .12 per 1000
    Giggles - .11 per 1000
    Snicker - .02 per 1000
    Snigger - .003 (reserved for Eliza Doolittle)
    Chortle - .009
    Guffaw - .009 per 1000 (so about once per 10 lengthy novels

    * Data comes from the 450 million word Corpus of Contemporary American English, and the 100 million word British National Corpus.
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    What about grins though?
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    Since the blogs are still here, I will continue to use it I guess.
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    I miss you D
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