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  1. The Cruelty of Time

    Ever notice how time seems to go faster as you get older? When I was a kid, summer break felt like it lasted forever. Now, the seasons just fly by. It feels like January seems to keep edging closer to itself as the years roll on. A friend of mine pointed out an interesting observation. The longer we are alive, the smaller a portion of time is represented within the whole. For instance, two months for someone who is 10 years old is 1.67% of their total life (2 months / 120 months). Using the same ...
  2. Uncle Sam's Harvest (Free Verse)

    This was submitted as my first Pip Challenge! I can feel so much warmth from my brain. It's as fresh as a homemade sheet of cookies from grandma's oven.

    I am looking forward to hearing the critics! I am stoked to see the growth of my writing. Enjoy!

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinzeCharming View Post
    Form: Free Verse

    Uncle Sam's Harvest

    Beautifully seasoned fallow land,
    God's gift to cultivate passion.
    A man's hoe faces a challenge,
    for the depths of its prosperity.

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  3. Exaggerations of Real Life

    My writing consists of exaggerations on real life but what happens when real life stands still?

    I imagine something like Edvard Munch's scream, hands to cheek for the rest of my life. Maybe Salvador Dali's Persistence of Memory where clocks just melt, likely because time is no longer real.

    Or perhaps time is real and I just sit here non-living in this jail that the humans call an office. I suppose if my minds new primary function is to countdown to 5:00 then not only does ...
  4. Life Pain

    Something I wrote in the depths of depression late last year. It was the last thing I wrote actually, it was intended to be a poem but I do not think it actually reads that way.

    Going through the motions but feeling nothing.
    No Joy.
    No drive.
    No content.
    No calm.
    No frustration.
    The only hint of emotion resides in the stomach.
    It feels...helplessness.

    The eyes are tired and the heart is heavy.
    Patience and compassion, ...
    Tags: depression, life, pain
  5. Stop Killing Yourself

    Quote Originally Posted by Eiji Tunsinagi View Post
    I do think youíre nice, who told you I donít? You come around, I come around -- you know how these things are. We donít have to talk, now, do we? There is light and wind and all that good stuff, weíre in the city, itís bright, thereís the sound of a horn or pothole in your rear view mirror and oh -- now weíre driving.

    So of course I think youíre nice. Iím in your car now. I donít ride with strangers, and I donít hang out with meanies so that means you must be nice. Anyone who
    Tags: life, love
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