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    So, I'm working on my hurricane poems. Yes, I know it doesn't look like I am, but I am. grrr Really hard to take the steps back (or should I say steps forward) and get INTO the scene, not be the observer. For me, it has always been easier that way. Perhaps I'm more a writer than I thought. So this is what came out of my frustration.


    Hands poised over the keyboard,
    tapping letters, forming words,
    frustration of inadequacy ...
  2. Don't take any shit

    Donít take any shit

    Most people want a lot out of life. They claim to anyway. Everyone I know says they want more money, more respect, responsibility, whatever. Not me though, I just want a job where I donít have to take any shit. But realistically, thatíll probably never happen.
    Everybody takes shit. I take shit from my manager, he takes shit from his manager, she takes shit from the area manager, and he takes shit from the agency. The agency takes shit from the client, the client takes shit
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