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  1. Sweet Dreams are made of, What!!

    So, one great aspect of life that we all as a species get to enjoy together is not the physical world, that we can touch and experience first hand but the other world, that we can only see glimpses of when our eyes are closed and our brains are busy playing with the darken canvas before it, I am of course referring to dreams.

    Sadly, we do not remember all of our dreams, though maybe one day, we'll be able to tap into that part of the subconscious and watch our dreams on a big screen ...
    Tags: dreams
  2. Christy J. Breedlove's Young Adult Fabuliers

    Christy J Breedlove's Young Adult Fabuliers

    Published by christybreedlove--You can check out my new (under triage) website below:

    I'm from the west coast of California, born and raised on the beaches of Redondo, Venice, Huntington, Sunset and Seal Beach. I learned to surf at an early age, using the hulking long-board, but then settling on the sleek

    Updated September 28th, 2019 at 06:17 PM by Chris Stevenson

  3. Dreams

    I'm coming home from my job, holding a twelve pack of soda and walking down a lonely dirt road. I see our house and realize my vision is blurry. I hurry to the house and drop off the soda, running back to find my glasses on the ground. I see the necklace my sister gave to me and pick it up. My vision improves. I run away from the road, not wanting to get run over. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone's high beams silent and still out on the road, right below a crumpled body. My foster sisters ...
  4. First Blog Post

    Hello world,
    Last night I had a very troubling dream. It was filled with all the usual hallucinogenic suspects until very suddenly it turned into something nightmarish and over realistic. Somewhat like a cinematic version of what you would see every day.

    I was sitting on a school bus, surrounded by the sounds of teenage chatter. What made the dream over realistic and cinematic in my opinion, was the distorted sounds of the ...
  5. I've been away for a long long time...

    So, have you heard of the song called, 'I've been asleep for a long long time' by Hey Rosetta! Well...the title of this blog and the song, not really the same. Being away and being asleep isn't really the same BUT it could be the same.

    But some things have changed since I've been away. A new phone--which is amazing... Taking classes to help better my chances in finding a job--which is really fun and exciting. I recently aged--which is weird because I still feel like I am 17, I will ...
  6. So I wrote this story

    So I wrote this story based on a dream. I cannot post it here because it is too graphic, bordering on the forbidden pornographic writing. Not that it is a sex story really, but it does involve that, or the facts leading up to it, including the "sheet talk" if you know what that means. Is that even a phrase? Well, it is now. I'm not even sure if I can morally justify it. I mean it's Epicurean in nature. I'm a half ass Christian and it's Lent! Really, can this thing be justified. I like ...
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