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  1. ICYMI W/E 2/24/19

    Ok, so the Vietnam summit is on. The bromance continues between Kim and Trump. Skeptics (rightfully) point out that Kim has a weak hand, and not much motivation to go "all-in". This is where Trump needs to prove to us, once and for all, what a good businessman he is. Trump's only play is to "sell" Vietnam's style of state-run capitalism as a model for North Korea. Kim's country is a wreck, everyone know that. It really may be possible that there is a way out for them. ...

    Updated February 25th, 2019 at 11:59 PM by Winston

  2. Appearances really are everything.

    A Sunday stroll, dithering...

    Down the High Street, and out of town, to my local Aldi store:

    A gentle stroll, out in the fresh air, sunshine and blue sky IS a plus of course, but just BEING, walking and sucking up that good clean air. It clears the mind and gives way so many random thoughts and perceptions and today was no exception. So often nowadays, I find myself thinking about posture, MY posture, when I'm out walking. Well, today, I found myself thinking , an image ...

    Updated February 25th, 2019 at 10:32 AM by dither

  3. N.s. sure lock.

    some minutes later, the couch's shivering blanket put aside- I am befuddled-muttering like Nigel Bruce:

    ...damned gadget
    Beeped and booped, but didn't put out a single cup.

    Very simple, Watson:
    An issue with the hopper.

    I fail to see any insects or 'roos?

    Not that type, no, a mechanical funnel if you will, but square sided; an inverted pyramid whose down-pointed pinnacle is the location of the blades that grind those gravity-driven ...

    Updated February 19th, 2019 at 03:17 PM by Kevin

  4. neighbours suicide

    by , February 17th, 2019 at 09:49 PM (Each n every day)
    Few weeks back I was sitting in my mother's and a neighbour of hers parked on the drive and I watched as he got out his car and threw a Costa cup over a wall onto open land...the other night he hung himself on one of the trees there...story was that he thought he had cancer but he found out it was diabetes...he was so stressed waiting for results and looking on the internet he went into a depression..lost weight an that was it...reached his breaking point and left a wife,kids an 3 grandkids to ...
  5. Hike Planned :)

    Sometimes I sit at my computer and I scroll through images of places I never saw before and the most jaw-dropping and inspiring are the natural things I never seen before. Things like different types of plants and animals that look so alien but cool and yet I never ever heard of them. It's at these times I realized that I know the traditional pantheon of animals taught in schools but the world really is so much bigger. Actually, no. It's not that the world is bigger, it just has much more depth ...
  6. In The Halls of Madness

    I could be wrong...

    But I believe that if we walk down deep enough into the cave of "I" we find a door sealed by "I" to protect "I" from the frictions of the world.

    And behind this door is the most unique expression of madness- the elemental and unadulterated core of the human soul.

    Art is an interesting thing because it's the negotiation between expression and appreciation...or at least recognition. Human beings need ...
  7. Just Fix It, Boss! I'm Incapable.

    (no news recap this week, just a thought to share)

    My daughter got into watching House of Cards, with Kevin Spacey. (SPOILER) She's at the point where his character was killed off, which she was looking forward to. Funny, even though we know they are characters, it's hard to leave the sins of the actor behind them.

    I was watching a minute or two of the show, and a news commentator blasts President Underwood:
    "I only care about one thing: Did the President ...
  8. name dropping, swilling heated brown water, caffeinated- dreading heading to work.


    I once saw Hellboy, the actor.

    I remember Katherine, from Beast and the Beauty, but what was his name? That was him, too, the Monster. It was so atmospheric, that show, so 'candelabra'. She was beautiful in that light.

    He was driving in Los Felis.
    I think he lives there.
    She went on to marry James Cameron.
    Then she got really buff, for Terminator Two, and
    they got ugly.
    I'd worked on his house, once, Cameron, years before. ...
  9. The Red Lion

    The Red Lion

    A friendís toddler
    pulls a toy
    around my kitchen island.

    Turning away,
    I look out the window
    into the anemic afternoon light.

    Shifting my gaze,
    to an amaryllis sittting
    on my table top,
    I admire how
    the sun brightens
    the vibrant green stalk.

    My white-faced hound
    flaps his ears and
    walks away from my feet
    as my sigh tiptoes behind him.

    The sagging ...
  10. stories of the day -(a vent)

    Rip offs, conquests, greed, lies and rewards.

    Another horror story ( witnessed today) , a man pays a man to do something, puts his trust, a contract - only to learn that the man has absconded. There goes a life savings. There goes a marriage. There goes his ability to sleep, drink, eat, think... he's hired the lawyers, but get in line: there are 15 other lawsuits. But he'd come so very recommended...

    A man goes overseas, works in a dangerous situation- life threatening- ...

    Updated February 7th, 2019 at 04:07 PM by Kevin

  11. ICYMI w/e 2/3/19

    Pretty busy news week. Again, in no particular order...

    Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the INF (Intermediate Nuclear Forces) Agreement. In case you missed it, the Russian military has been busy developing a whole new series of nuclear weapons, and Putin has been deploying them. Acting as a provocateur, Putin decided to stage quite a few of his new toys in Kaliningrad. This achieved two goals: First, Kaliningrad projects into central Europe, right between Poland and the Baltic ...
  12. If I Was A Viking...

    If I were a Viking I think Iíd be spending most of my life trying not to be one...

    Real Vikings were people forced into the sea by the diminishing prospects within their own homeland. Vikings likely loved the spoils of being a Viking, but hated being a Viking. They raided and pillaged so they could get enough spoils that they no longer had to.

    The biggest gangsters, pirates, mobsters... they usually find a way to go legit as quickly as possible, or they become as quasi-legit ...

    Updated February 8th, 2019 at 02:24 AM by kaminoshiyo

  13. First Submission

    Today, it was finally my turn to make that milestone we all have to make, eventually.
    This afternoon, I submitted Choices to an e-zine for consideration in publication.

    I am satisfied with the story as it is. It's been suggested that I expand on this piece, dig deeper into the characters. This is always a possibility, for now though, I'm content with where it is.

    It'll be somewhere between 3 to 6 months before I know if they'll accept the piece.
    In the mean ...
  14. Suzy Barlowe


    I was watching a friends post/share on fb. "Women"- of such-an-such "-boxing", a gym he works at.

    He posted some videos of women, trainees- several of them, in their workout gear basically chasing him around, beating on him in the ring. He is wearing protective headgear and a body shield but...

    the last one in particular brought back a memory of Suzy Bartlowe in the second grade.

    This woman throws viscous elbows to ...

    Updated February 1st, 2019 at 05:40 PM by Kevin

  15. Windchill


    Why do we persist?

    It would be so easy to hitch up the horses, un- circle the wagon, take the old Rambler and head-out west, 70 to route Six-six.

    Jack Frost is banging on the roof, huff-puffing/ howling at the walls.

    If that window glass breaks we'll be polar bear popsicles by morning.

    I can see him - some ursid - grouchy-growling, chewing ( not just nipping off our noses), spit-spitting out the little hard parts: fillings, ...
  16. The worldwide decline can be attributed - the postal service.

    An occasional Grumpy Old Man Missive:

    As a regular user of the postal services over the last fifty or so years, I've noticed that as countries improve, so their postal services decline.

    When we lived in the UK we had amazing speed and efficiency, but they only delivered on alternate days and if you weren't home at precisely the time they wanted to deliver, you had to schlep to the nearest postal services centre, which invariably occupied the cheapest building on some dodgy ...
  17. Right?

    In a world full of pooh
    seems the best you can do
    is to say that some dude
    more fuller than you.

    First Goal of 2019 ACHIEVED!

    After many years of 'intentions to do it" and finally getting to it this year- CHOICES IS ONE.

    The first version was written in 2000 & submitted to my instructor on February 21, 2000) as the piece for assignment 4 with Long Ridge Writers Group (now Institute for Writers). The assignment was to write a new story between 750 - 1,500 words. The version I submitted at the time had 1,000 words.

    I then revisited this piece for ...
  19. The importance of a comfortable chair.

    An Occasional Grumpy Old Man Missive:

    I have noticed a trend: as you get on in life, your ability to be comfortably seated is significantly reduced.

    When I was two, I could hunker down on my heels. At three, happily sit on my granddad's bony knee. At four, a tree branch or jutting-out rock was a perfectly acceptable perch.

    In my adolescence I spent nearly 8 hours a day on a plywood-seated tubular-steel school chair, to think nothing of the hours spent on a ...
  20. Getting close to the point of being nearly 'bloody annoyed', actually

    An Occasional Grumpy Old Man Missive:

    Which, for someone of post-war middle-class British extraction with a history of discussing and moaning about the weather, politicians, the French and the shambles that is British Rugby and Australian cricket, is pretty close to being the actual limit.

    It really comes down to one simple issue: Why is science fiction associated with fantasy - As in 'Science Fiction and Fantasy' - in every bookshop and online vendor, in libraries and ...
  21. Actually, it can cause a mild rash

    Why am I triggered? What level of trigger? Well? some... annoyed, yes, annoyed.

    Take oeanuts , for instance. I am deathly allergic to peanuts. Should I insist they ban peanuts in all public venues? No more peanuts in airplanes, stadiums, bars, or in snicker bars. Why? Because they hurt me. If I were to eat one I woukd surely die.

    And yet there are many who would insist that we need peanuts- that their choices to eat and use peanuts are more important than my life. Those ...

    Updated January 27th, 2019 at 10:23 PM by Kevin

  22. Haterade

    It's weird how easy it is to like someone who hates the same person you do, even if that person you like was someone you hated prior to learning they hated who you hated.
  23. Reaping what you sow.

    The world is full of skeptics, full of those who are so guarded and cautious that they would have you to believe that you're only going to be hurt by going the extra mile or extending a hand, that you're going to be hurt and or disappointed.

    I recently got hurt. I went from running 19 miles on Jan 1 of this year to not being able to walk even a short distance. After spending 8 days in intensive care I was helpless. The guy who always reached out with a helping hand for others, ...
  24. Late to the Bus...

    I'm not sure why I like to sit down and cruise through Google Earth- satellite view...but I do.

    And I was doing just that when I realized something pretty basic? Not sure if this one of those things you're supposed to know in...like...kindergarten...but I noticed all the earth's dry land seems to be squeezed into one side of the globe.

    Just made me curious as to why. I imagined the land like the weight at the end of a swinging chain. As the earth cools it's also spinning ...
  25. ICYMI Special: Fake News!

    Let's be honest. No one likes Donald Trump. His coarse, arrogant, braggadocios, unapologetic, genital grabbing, bloviating 'tude is enough to make anyone cringe. And when I say no one likes him, yes, even most conservatives, The man is a cheap populist, without the depth of Huey Long.

    But even a blind squirrel finds a nut evry' now and then. The man is 100% spot on regarding fake news.

    Cards on the table: Most of Trump's wounds are self inflicted. The man shoots ...
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