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  1. I don't care...

    I don’t care, I don’t care…

    They have all these headlines about this celebrity, that one—I don’t care.
    She’s watching some B’s/ Witches of Beverly Hills spin-off and all I can think is who are these people, and why does anyone care?! I watch for less than five minutes and then am reminded that I would never have any of these people in my real life— no thank you. I go on the computer, or I leave the room; same difference.
  2. Autumn in My Old Capital

    Quote Originally Posted by xiaoman View Post
    I would like to share a translated this prose with friends here (I am not sure if this is the right forum to post translated prose. So please let me know. Thanks you! )

    Autumn in My Old Capital

    Writer: Yu Dafu (China)

    Translator: Xu Yingcai (America)

    Autumn, no matter where it
    happens, is always appealing, but autumn in Northern China, especially, is less
    diluted, quieter, and more melancholy. It is merely for the
  3. Fiction Theory. {Long}

    I have a general theory on how a powerful being can be created. So, uh, here it is.

    According to fiction, as I have gathered, aside from specific forms of energy, most humans or humanoid creatures have base energy types that the body generates and maintains in a small field.

    Physical, mental, spiritual, and magical. I will refer to mental powers and mental energy as psionic. A fictional term, but no other term has been assigned to this energy aside from 'mental energy' ...
  4. Unexpected Post Tuesday!

    My physics class got a Hedgie!!


    His name's Sonic. Like the videogame character. My teacher is a self-professed nerd.
    He has only been at the school for two days( the hedgie) and he was quite curious to see our class.
    It's freakin' ADORABLE!!!
  5. The Charming Guide for Organizing Time

    I am posting this in my blog for personal reference, but you may utilize it to your writing endeavors as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinzeCharming View Post
    I was on the Badminton team in high school! I can hear the chuckles in the thread. If you play it correctly, you'll realize it's more intense than an average backyard sport. Well, you have the goals. You have the right mindset. Hey, you're even associated with the right online community! I hope we can motivate you to do all that you plan to do for 2016. Family is important.
  6. Sealed Acquaintance (646/650)

    Guys, I feel so nervous! Did I just ... what? Yes, I submitted an entry to another contest! Never have I ever been inspired to write a story from a song. You guys really challenged me! I would like to thank those who do read and critique my work. Yes, you, judges! I am ready to improve my writing for 2016. I am ready to pursue my first YA novel. Ugh, I can't believe I wrote this! You guys really inspired me! Thank you. I am ready to be open minded and take what you give me. I am ready to move on, ...

    Updated January 11th, 2016 at 05:57 PM by PrinzeCharming

  7. Writing is an obsession

    The title says it all. Above and beyond all else for me, story is important. How characters interweave and affect one another. How the world is shaped and torn asunder with words in any medium interests me. I'm probably one of the few people who plays videogames for their story. It's what captivated me in Final Fantasy 10 when the last cutscene revealed Tidus' origins. It's what made my heart skip a beat when I read World War Z and a little girl was describing a zombie attack on her small town. ...
  8. [Ramblings] Family Ties

    I prefer to think of myself as a man with a warm heart and a cold mind, if only because it sounds better than alternatives like "sociopath," et cetera. Though I make friends easy enough, I don't tend to form attachments, and, unless I'm particularly attached, I can generally let go without too much of a fuss. I don't always remember birthdays and holidays, and I have a tendency to fade out every now and again, but I always try to make time for people when they need me.


    Updated January 11th, 2016 at 09:59 AM by AtleanWordsmith

  9. Uncle Sam's Harvest (Free Verse)

    This was submitted as my first Pip Challenge! I can feel so much warmth from my brain. It's as fresh as a homemade sheet of cookies from grandma's oven.

    I am looking forward to hearing the critics! I am stoked to see the growth of my writing. Enjoy!

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinzeCharming View Post
    Form: Free Verse

    Uncle Sam's Harvest

    Beautifully seasoned fallow land,
    God's gift to cultivate passion.
    A man's hoe faces a challenge,
    for the depths of its prosperity.

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    Poetry , WritingForums.com
  10. January Challenge: "Fiery Glow"

    I am breaking through achievements.

    First time trying the poetry challenge.
    First time blogging a forum comment.
    First time writing a genuine (not previously published online) poem on WF.
    First time being inspired by anything for writing on WF.

    You get the gist.
    Or is it gist me?

    Please provide feedback below. I am curious to see your thoughts on my writing.

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinzeCharming View Post
    Spark of Love

    A wounded organ nestles in the

    Updated January 10th, 2016 at 10:04 PM by PrinzeCharming (Edited Local Categories to Match Main WF Categories)

    Poetry , WritingForums.com
  11. Random Post Friday # 3 (Part 2)

    Alright so here's an update on yesterday's events.

    My dad is fine, just a bit sore. The car, less so. The passenger's side is caved in about half a metre and the seat is twisted halfway 'round. All the glass on that side is shattered. Luckily the airbags deployed when they needed to.

    Apparently what happened was my dad had gone out into the intersection (as he always does) do wait for his light to turn green. When he turned left, another driver had the same idea and ...
  12. Random Post Friday #3

    Well, today's RPF is not gonna be such a happy one.

    I just was called by my mum from the hospital. She told me that my dad was in a car accident. Nothing severe, they just want to keep an eye on him, but his car, which we had just finished paying off, got totaled.

    So now my sister and I are at home waiting for when my parents come home.

    And I'm too tired to write anything else at the moment.

    C'est la vie, I guess.

    Updated January 9th, 2016 at 01:39 AM by GuitarHiro97

  13. Love Me Blind

    Trust me with eyes shut tight.
    Your smile is the only thing open.
    Feel my embrace against you tonight.
    Lips occupied for words to be spoken.

    A feather-like touch against your cheek,
    The only way to hold your face.
    Dilated pupils build up to the peak,
    Arousal requires a steady pace.

    A woman is a caterpillar to a man with no desire,
    She becomes a butterfly the minute he makes her perspire.
    Spread your wings, my love,
  14. Working the Wrong Muscle

    Any Dennis Leary fans here? One of my favorite skits of his was talking about exercise. He laments the idiocy of a "Stairmaster", noting that "...if you want to climb stairs, move into a (NYC) 5th story walk-up. What are we now, gerbils?"
    There's much wisdom there.
    A New Year means Resolutions for many. If your resolution involves exercise, here's my unsolicited advice:

    Change what you do, and how you do it, before trying to cram more stuff (exercise) ...
  15. Architectural Relationships

    Overwhelming mental congestion for perfection,
    Socially influenced blueprints of future attraction.
    Constructive criticism given by construction workers,
    The labor of family and friends for reassurance.

    A solid foundation of first impressions,
    Structured walls of growth and development.
    Insulation of natural feelings and experiences,
    Ventilation to cool down the heated encounters.

    Electrical wiring of an emotional and physical connection,

    Updated January 8th, 2016 at 10:16 PM by PrinzeCharming

  16. [Ramblings] A Change in Fortunes

    I'm not sure what I did, but whatever it was, I seemed to have done it right. She wants to see me again, or, at least, she says she does. We're going to go around and poke through some shops, maybe have lunch, spend some more time together and maybe get to know each other a little better... I just don't know when. Both of us are working around busy schedules, and that's all right, just calls for a bit of patience. As long as she wants me around, I've got all the time in the world.
  17. More feelings and fantasized murdling.<3

    For certain kinds of people... there is no form of motivation more effective than competition.

    A challenge. An opponent.

    Someone who, in some way, has either implied, shown, or given you reason to feel that they are better than you at something, or succeeding in some way or another that you have not.

    It doesn't matter how little the difference is.

    "I'm a inch taller."

    To some people that doesn't matter. Others, however, ...
  18. Quiet.

    I have been told that keeping a journal (Well diary, but I prefer the more masculine word journal...) can help you get in the habit of writing your thoughts and improve your descriptions.

    It feels less important if you type it... but... if I use a physical journal... I have way too much to write...

    I say that I'm creative, but that's a half-truth.The other, honest half... is that it's a form of escape.

    The human experience is, at times, overwhelming. I do ...
  19. [Ramblings] No Expectations


    I had dinner tonight with a lovely young lady, and got to know her a little better than I did. To be fair, we hadn't even spoken before I asked her out, but she's cute, she's interesting, and, all in all, she seems like a wonderful person. I'm not 100% sure whether she'll want to see me again, but that could just be me. Something to look forward to finding out, I suppose.

    I don't really have any expectations for a relationship, and not expecting anything has been ...
  20. Good concept but bad execution

    So I am headed towards the end of the novel. And I need to flesh out the villain. I'll likely have to try and do that when I go back, but I did it in my present place for now. The concept of howtodo it was good, but it's badly written. Only a few paragraphs. Not even a thousand words. So it can be left for now, and I can move on. Let the story as a while flow. But I like to TRY and fix things before I continue. I've been reading the first page or two of self-published books on Amazon, and...well, ...
  21. The longer road. (Language)

    Which, I am sure you've learned to expect from me, will result in a longer post. Sorry about that but that's how I am. I will warn you, there's some dialogue included which I've had with myself.. I'm weird that way.

    Life is not going well. I'm now serving as full-time caregiver for a very sick parent, driver and part-time caregiver for an uncle whom I've always felt was as close to a male parent as I'd ever have, and I am slowly realizing a few things about myself that I wasn't ...
  22. It begins.

    My music career is coming back into fruition.

    I've got my guitar and amp back. Just bought a bitchin' new pedal.

    Jammed with my drummer, and got back in with the old studio.

    The countdown has begun...
  23. Damn you Frank.

    Storm Frank that is. I listened to him it seemed for most of last night, huffing and puffing and i feared for my garden fence, my mother's garden fence, and poor old Larchie next door, i really thought he'd be lying face down in the mud when i looked out this morning but no, he's still standing, he's amazing. Bad boy Frank really is whipping up a storm though. On top of his yowling, rain is due apparently but it hasn't hit here yet.
    I want to go out to the shops for a newspaper and i'm half-heartedly ...
    Tags: life eh?
  24. Music? What's music? (languge)

    Fuckin’ Lemmy died.

    Who? Fucking A, what’s wrong with people? I mean, I can understand the kids not knowing, but the Fogies, the fucking Geezers. The guy was seventy, okay?! That makes him 19 when the Beatles broke on America. Why is it only people my age or younger know him? I remember…

    I remember that time when everyone shut off their minds…Oh, you like that punk rock stuff… Yes, and you all of a sudden became a fuddy-duddy. Wtf!? It’s called music Darling, Rock’n’Roll, ...
  25. Fire and Brimstone- 24 hr. bug

    24 hr spew-
    Exactly six days apart each of us fell victim to the twenty-four-hour spew; first me, then her. Nothing remarkable about it, perhaps a little more ‘back-pressure’ than usual, which maybe sped things up; the body’s way of firmly declaring: Devil, get the hence. Made sure to aim more carefully after a second firing. We're all better now, thanks.
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