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  1. Haven't been around much in January

    So, I haven't been around much in January..... I had the first cataract surgery on the 7th of January and my vision has been poor, because one eye is blurry and if I wear my glasses to correct that vision the now "good" eye is out of focus because the corrective lens throws the vision out of wack on the post-cataract implanted lens eye, and no, popping the lens out of the glasses doesn't work well as my lenses are progressives and I get double vision from trying to see out of them that ...
    Tags: blog, journal
  2. My First Blog Post

    Hello world! Here goes my first blog post. Buckle up, more coming soon.

    I've been blogging for 5 years. I've written 8 textbooks, and I wrote a dog training book. I'm excited to be in this forum. I've been meeting a lot of fiction writers which is REALLY exciting because I'm used to writing about relatively dry material (insurance textbooks). This forum is adding some spice to my relatively boring non-fiction life!

    I love reading all of the various writing styles here and ...

    So, I seem to be getting somewhere with my hurricane poems. I have been writing drafts and trying to hit the topic from different angles, cutting (let me try some of the cute little icons here) drilling away at the words immersing myself in the subject..... Think I have made some headway. Along this sojourn I have had a few sideline poems pop up in surprise always a welcome!

    So, in between my continuing reading of the adventures of Kate ...
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  4. Bloggy Blog

    Well, this is a bit awkward. I'm a blog virgin. I'm not sure what content is expected, so I'll just wing it!

    About a month, give or take, I decided that it's time to re-ignite my passion for writing. The first step was to clean out a junk filled spare room and set up a good creative space. I'm rocking a laptop that can run Youtube, this forum, and word, but I'm skeptical if it can run them all at the same time. It's perfect for a work computer. I get easily distracted, so isolation ...
  5. Mind Control

    Does your taste in fiction have anything to do with your personality?

    I've wondered this for a very, very long time. Like high school time. And I'm 22. At least it feels like a long time.

    Either way, a lot of my interests begin to solidify at that time. That was where I discovered the "-punk" subgenre of science fiction, particularly the retro-futurism derivatives. You know, steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk, you name it. I had a fascination with film, but it was ...
  6. What is blogging?

    I don't really know how exactly this blogging thing works. I mean, I look at other authors' blogs, and I keep thinking about whether I'm supposed to blog like them or someone else. I get that it's supposed to be another word for a journal, except everyone has the key to it.

    But what am I supposed to say on a blog? What am I supposed to blog about?

    Am I supposed to blog about my man-crush on China Mieville and my enduring love of weird fiction? Do I blog about current events? ...
  7. First Time Out

    People have been egging me on to get me to start a blog, so here it is. I've given in.

    I surrender.
    *reveals stomach*
    I've finally done it.

    Either way, my name is Connor. I recently graduated from George Mason University, with a degree in Computer Game Design. I am a writer and artist, and I suffer from generalized anxiety and depression.
  8. Is this thing on?

    Well, this is different! A place to ramble the days away without fear of forcibly subjecting anybody to its torturous banality, why didn't I start a blog sooner?

    Since joining this forum I have never been more surprised by people. Their propensity for kindness, their respect, amongst a great many other things. I have had so many intellectually stimulating conversations already and now find myself ploughing ahead with my novel after what has been a four year agony, plonking myself down ...
    Tags: blog, ramblings
  9. So... this is a writing forum.

    This is kind of new to me. I've never been a part of any community (not even mine, aside from volunteering which I'm kind of obligated to do for the first 40 hours), so I really don't know what to think is going to happen.

    I kind of thought it would be kind of like Y!A, where you kind of just "ask a post" and people "answer" with responses. But it's not. For one thing, I posted something up yesterday, and still no replies! At this time on Y!A, there would have been ...
    Tags: blog, teens, um yeah
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