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  1. Tactical Assault (full demo/lyrics pending)

    This is one of my slower songs, but I'm still very happy with the composition as I just completed it less than two hours prior to posting this.

    It needs to be rerecorded but I'm saving it and moving on to the next composition.
  2. First day of proofreading and my method

    I finished revisions for my first read-through yesterday. Nothing exciting or illuminating to report today. I did complete 53% of my proofread with my proofreading app, and was happy to only find four typos.

    The app breaks the document into separate sentences and shows me one sentence at a time to proofread. That keeps errors from being buried in the middle of a paragraph, or from overlooking them from being either too interested (or too bored, in the case of the n'th time through the ...
  3. Community of the Living Dead (full demo w/ lyrics)

    Community of the Living Dead





    [Bridge and Verse]
    Nobility in the eyes of the Antichrist
    Seek out approval from their demonic prince
    Sacrificing ...

    Updated June 4th, 2020 at 10:48 PM by RhythmOvPain

  4. Just A Guy

    There’s this guy who works in my area. There’s not much to notice about him. He’s kinda hunched over. I think he might have scoliosis like my uncle had. A closer look at his face, and you see his thick glasses. His tongue seems to hang out a bit. There’s some medical term for that, I think. “Darn it Jim! I’m a machine operator, not a doctor!”

    The base contracts with a company that hires folks with “disabilities”. I’m more than “okay” with it. I think it’s great, but not ...
  5. Chapter Twenty

    Having only 1100 words to reach my goal for the novel, I wrote a bit over, but not by much. I managed to dispose of the villain, and finish with a meaningful scene that choked me and my wife both up, again. Not being satisfied with that, I added a bit in the middle which will do that, too. So if you read the original book, you may tear up twice. If you then read my sequel, I may get you three times.

    My wife was eager to hear the ending, and now she's eager for me to finish my first ...
  6. Chapter Ninteen and almost done

    The day before I decided in general how my villain would be defeated. Yesterday I had to think up the details. As it turned out, I only needed to describe two phases of the program in detail, starting with the elimination of his main lieutenant. I was worried I had more story yet to tell than the word count I had in mind for the total novel length. It doesn't look like that will be much of a concern. I wound up with enough room to write a couple of scenes capable of setting up another book in the ...
  7. Chapter Eighteen and part of Ninteen

    Chapter Eighteen was a series of meetings to wrap up a few more loose ends, followed by the MC planning how to deal with his bete noire.

    It all came pretty easily, and into activity in Chapter Nineteen, which I actually got about 40% through.

    Now I have one worry. I'll be at least halfway through Chapter Nineteen with still plenty of work to resolve the struggle the book started with. I was supposed to finish Chapter Twenty by tomorrow and finish the first draft, and a ...

    Updated June 2nd, 2020 at 05:22 PM by vranger

  8. Chapter Seventeen, and part of Eighteen

    Chapter Seventeen came pretty easily, but still drug out through the afternoon and evening. It wrapped up some plot questions from the last several chapters. There were a lot of events I had plotted, but were mystery to the reader. So I wrapped up the loose ends.

    Then I had a happy event, followed by a description of how Faster Than Light travel works in that story's universe. That part was tricky, because the author I'm following made some brief statements about it without going full ...
  9. Chapter Sixteen

    I got a slow start on Chapter Sixteen. It was strangely like my report on Thirteen. I knew a lot about what should happen in Sixteen, but a lot of it was more relaxed activity than the last two chapters, which were full of tense action.

    I finally got started mid-afternoon, and by early evening I had a thousand words. My wife taunted me with the conclusion I wouldn't get a full chapter in, but this chapter came in thousand word segments, and I got in three more, finally finding another ...
  10. Chapters Fourteen and Fifteen

    I got started writing at about one in the afternoon. As I flirted with my morning's thoughts: after a short paragraph of exposition I launched into dialogue. Chapter Fourteen emerged, but I filled up my quota for the chapter long before I ran out of the ideas that were supposed to be included. Somewhere around 4100 words I wrote a line which needed to end a chapter. So I wrote the line "Chapter Fifteen" and kept going.

    4400 words later I wrote another line that needed to end ...
  11. Chapter Thirteen

    After writing twelve pretty easy chapters, and bragging to everyone in sight at my incredible productivity on this WIP, I came to Chapter Thirteen. Being a lifelong contrarian, it's a number I don't fear.

    And as opposed to the last few chapters where I typed the chapter heading and had nothing specific in mind for 'what happens next', I knew a lot about what should happen next in Chapter Thirteen. It's possible I knew too much. I sat, and I sat. Then I took a nap. In fairness, I hadn't ...
  12. The Mystery Project

    [duplicated from a post in "What are you doing now?]

    Just put the finishing touches on Chapter 12 of my WIP, which was a totally unexpected project, and may have zero chance of being marketable.

    About 50 years ago I read a book by a famous author, and it was written about 16 years before that. I've always been dissatisfied in the conclusion to the book, because it left a young character's future completely open, with his primary aspiration unfulfilled. Here's problem ...
  13. Making Music

    Although I was unable to complete the NaPo this year, I have been managing to find time to make music. I recently finished composing all the rhythm tracks for a seven song EP, culminating in my magnum opus "Flight of the Reaper" which has been burried in the music forum.


    Anyway, this song marks the beginning of my second compositional effort, an LP. The first of maybe 10 or 11 songs I will compile together. ...
  14. The lows of High Book Pricing

    A thousand pardons if I come off like a rant. I'm a mashup between J.A. Konrath and Harlan Ellison. I'm a writer advocate and defender of the written word. I also watch the industry like a stealthy Sasquatch. These articles are always meant for Guerrilla Warfare for Writers, my down and dirty blog. There is no BS here. Maybe some inaccuracies. I don't even like posting these articles to my YA website--no one reads me there anyway. I hope you suffer me well.

    First and foremost, ...
  15. a mother sized hole

    i don’t have much to say today. mother’s day is a hard day for me to be okay with. my mother has borderline and narcissistic personality disorder. the former causes her moods to be unstable, as well as her relationships. the latter results in emotional abuse of her family.

    as such, it’s hard for me to be thankful today. rather than being a day dedicated to recognizing the past and what she’s taught me, it quickly becomes a day of rumination and sadness.
    my mother refused to eat ...
  16. Bluebells

    There is a small wood near where I live, close by my town, which is steeped in history. At the northern edge of the wood, there's a walk along an earthen dyke, which formed part of the pre-Roman defence system. A few hundred yards to the east there is a barrow, a large mound of earth, housing the remains of some long-forgotten Bronze Age Chieftain.

    I may well be wrong, but it feels like this small piece of woodland is a remnant of the ancient forests that covered most of Britain at ...
  17. grey clouds

    been a bit since i updated on here. i feel a little rusty, but we’ll give it a go. since my last post, i’ve been working from home.
    with that, however, my room has become my office on top of general chill out and live area.

    so i’ll wake up, turn on my computer and be at work. cool. 10 hours later, i’m done working…but still at work.
    it’s a weird ocean for me to navigate, i tend to need separation of work and home.

    except i’ve been working on it. i wake up


    Iniquity is one of those bands that on paper sounds almost too good to be true. They're a tech death band, famed for their elaborate and highly indulgent solos, yet they still somehow manage to have that vicious blood-splattered, puke-stinking quality that so often evades the more technical side of the scene. That's probably because they aren't scared to just be brutal--crushing riffs and back-breaking drums are the meat-and-potatoes of this band, ...
  19. Quarantine Writers

    It’s not all fame, friends and eight-by-tens for us writers during these trying times. It’s no fun for anybody, for that matter. The physical entertainment industry is shut down at the moment, and that includes film production, but development is purported to be moving right along. Book stores are still closed, as of this writing.

    There are so many conflicting thoughts about who has been inspired to write new material during this time and those who have totally lost inspiration ...
  20. Hello

    Back to mostly reading...hopefully will write more...

    Crazy times. Simon says...be afraid. Not me.

    Friday morning...not working...drinking tea and eating sausage and eggs, wondering how much longer I'll be able to buy either from the store down the road. The real problem for me is going to be the enforced austerity that seems to be descending. But this type of environment allows me a meditation rarely afforded.

    Last comment of the day... You're a human being, ...
  21. It's April, and Spring and COVID abounds.......

    So from the depths of social distancing, and isolation I write from my window of laptop screen. I am alone in my apartment and have been for weeks now. I know I haven't been on the forums, and it would seem little excuse for being absent, but my attention has been elsewhere and my inspiration has been about nill for words and poetry. I have finally seen the other side of my recovery from eye surgery, thank God. My eyes no longer bother me like they did, and I am able to pretty much see and ...
  22. My battle with a green scaly monster.

    I ventured up to the top of my garden today. How did I let it get so bad? Well, I know how, but why? Allow me to explain. My back garden is quite large, must be near on twenty five metres long and about six metres wide. Some twelve metres from the house an archway runs across the width of the garden, when I say archway it's actually a thick mass of Clematis with an opening above the garden path that leads under it and on to the top border fence. From my back door you wouldn't know what, if anything ...

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  23. Poems Up Your Ass

    I can't really give a valid explanation for why I take advantage of this particular area of the forum anymore; considering the pandemonium that ensued between me and some of the more schizophrenic members of the WF community, I'm shocked I even have access to a blog anymore.

    I'll take it.

    NaPoWriMo is something I was introduced to through WF, and although I only participated in one since I've been here, this second time around my goal is to pump out the best poem I've ...
  24. Caregiver diary

    3:00 am March 31, 2020

    Vickie awoke, checked blood sugar: low (5, had to fix quick bfast; heated sausage/egg sandwich we keep in freezer for just these occasions.

    3:30 am

    I'm still awake, loaded dishwasher, made self bowl cereal, V still awake was cold needed blankets. Temp outside 51f. Heated leftover coffee in microwave.

    4:00 am

    Both still awake V needed to potty, helped her to b-room and back to bed.

    5:00 am ...
  25. The Psychology of Editing

    First and foremost, I am no editor. I’m only an author with some thoughts about this subject. I don’t think an author on this planet can edit themselves, with the exception of Anne Rice!
    Nancy of Melange Books suggested I might share some prep advice when it comes to writing and editing. Particularly editing. We’re all going to go through these stages with our Melange books, and it is inevitable. As authors, we’ll always need new eyes—a fresh outlook from another perspective. I shouldn’t ...
    Tags: editing, editors
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