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  1. Sauna chums

    I was in the supermarket when a man let on but I didn't recognize him strait of...the other day I was talking to someone in the sauna an I mentioned that one of the guys he normal sits with let onto me but I didn't recognize him at first and he said it's because your not use to seeing him with clothes on....an weird as it sounds I think he was right
  2. How to deal with foreign languages in a story

    Quote Originally Posted by Princesisto View Post
    Writing a novel and short story about a northern English girl (Mancunian with some Scottish and a few Lincolnshire words, which most critics seem to treat as a foreign language) who lives in Guatemala and speaks fluent child-Spanish, with other characters speaking Spanish, this issue is either dear to my heart or the bane of my existence. I am absolutely certain I have got stories rejected on this issue alone.

    At the same time, I must say that the idea that Scots, Lancastrians, Yellowbellies
  3. Brexit

    Quote Originally Posted by Princesisto View Post
    Yes and the week after the 1975 referendum, Prime Minister Wilson said that he would need some "eclaircissentent" of the Conservative Party leader's (Mrs Thatcher's) position on the meaning of the referendum. Ever heard French with a Yorkshire accent? Also, "eclaircissesentent" is not a word in French. He was probably trying to say "eclaircissement" (clarification). They should have known that they were posing as Europeans and in the wrong place.

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