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  1. Wonderful Revelations and new beginnings

    Hello. I don't know if anyone reads these blogs much but it is a great place to write that is visible yet not too serious. I am not much for journaling anymore since no matter what my thoughts end up sounding pouty and less sane. Either that or I give up and just start writing poetry. I do like writing in my journal when I really am having problems which is not now.
    Anyway, I am starting a new regimen of productivity. I allot a certain amount of time to writing, reading, school work, my other ...
  2. The Obsene Rantings of a Mad Poet (language warning)


    that no one believes us or even sees us is our Strength

    Beastie Seeds #15

    on we sings with severed wings
    twisted toes and other things
    we crawl slides and hides
    in your hairy thighs with well worn lies
    and bug assed eyes
    we fight bite sting and stink
    lick suck fuck and drink

    to make you bleed so we can eat and feed
    on your tainted sacred ...

    Updated April 7th, 2015 at 02:12 PM by rcallaci

  3. I love bacon, but hate Bacon (may be controversial)

    So last week we read Descartes. I rather disliked him, but I really dislike Bacon. He has some very good things to say objectively. He notes some very good points. But I find him condescending. At least Descartes admitted his ignorance. Descartes comes of as sincere and relatively humble, but Bacon comes off as this arrogant jerk who dismisses the wisdom of the past for the knowledge of the present. Complete modernist. Basically he is a materialist. He does not like the abstract, like ethics and ...
  4. Difficulty

    I get why teenagers (and even preteens) complain about the difficulty of life and why they are so bloody angsty. Yes, their problems are minuscule and overblown and, yes, they're entitled little [email protected]#$s that don't know true hardship, but it's an age where you suddenly feel all of life's difficult emotions, such as social pressure, identity and conformity, all on top of a flurry of sex hormones and puberty. Then, they're all lobbed in together in a construct known as "high school" where they ...

    Updated March 19th, 2015 at 04:07 AM by Guy Faukes

  5. A Thug's Life...

    For the most part, I'd consider that I conduct myself in a gentlemanly like manner but for some reason whenever I watch Football (Soccer), out of nowhere I become a total thug.

    For a while I attributed it to simple tribalism, but I realized that just isn't the case. I get ridiculously involved in games which I support neither team. I'm cursing and jumping with such vitriol. The vitriol only increases further when my beloved Aston Villa play.

    But it's just so strange. I'm ...
  6. The Mad Rantings of a Deranged Poet

    beastie fairy.jpg

    The saga of the beasties continues-you got to hate them to love them...

    BEASTIES #13

    Bugs and bugaboos
    Eating seething breathing
    And a little bit of grieving
    Salivating gyrating hip hop hopping monsters
    That only a beastie mommy can love
    Inhospitable and very pitiful with bloodshot
    Eyes rotting gums festering wounds and
    Sin stained souls that ties them ...
  7. Non-Trashy Cans

    Ponder The Unthinkable...

    I'm happy knowing that if people think I'm crazy, it won't bother me. I know that real crazy is knowing something may happen, and choosing to do nothing.

    Last month, I set-up my home-made "Faraday Cage". It's a simple solution to a hideous possibility.
    In the event of an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack, any unprotected electronics are vulnerable, and most will be rendered inoperable. The solution is to protect what you ...
  8. Guilt, Pain and Growth

    It'll be three years this April. Three years since I moved out of my parents place for the first time. I packed up everything I owned and moved across the country to help a friend who had hit hard times. That move lasted five months before I had to come back here. Yet, in these three years, I cannot cleanse the distaste of those events from my mouth. I still think of my friend almost daily. No matter how hard I say this will be the end and I'll forget about them, I just can't seem to. I suppose ...
  9. Writing Schedule

    9- 1 page; Complete 1page 1/3rd
    10 - 1 page completed with two hours in the day to spare!!! I thought I wouldn't get it done ha!
    11 - 1 page -complete
    12 - 1 page - complete
    13 - 1 page - complete
    14 - break -wooooooooo *flops over*
    15- Edit - Didn't get done at all, I tried and it just wasn't happening ><
    16 - post unless the chapter isn't done BRITHDAY!!! - couldn't post chapter not done too busy
    17 - 1 page - family emergancy failed to get ...

    Updated March 26th, 2015 at 01:31 AM by Ideduce

  10. So, came on too strong? We'll see today/tomorrow

    Well, the friend I may have come on too strong. I stupidly showed her the video with the ecstatic seizure episode, and the sonnet at the end was about her. Well, it may not have even been that obvious it was about her (her name was not mentioned), but I panicked and wrote a second email explaining, somewhat unclearly, I think, that it wasn't, though I could not bring myself to lie. I was circumspect, and may have not been circumspect enough. I am worried it all may come off as creepy or forward. ...
  11. Reading Aloud

    So I am spending the weekend proofreading my novella, the first four chapters that is, which is what I have written so far. I am doing a chapter a day and am on Chapter 3 tonight. It helps to do so, as you see the errors more easily reading it out loud. I think I am satisfied with it on the whole, but wonder if it will will be picked up by an agent. It's a good story, I think, but I wonder if there is too much telling. The first two chapters seem a bit melodramatic, but that may be required. I am ...
  12. Take Your Meds

    "Ponder the Unthinkable" addendum...

    I'm a true believer Capitalist. I also enjoy my Latin phrases, like caveat emptor.

    My grandmother lived through the Great Depression, and never threw anything away. She saw the expiration dates on consumer goods as overly restricting suggestions. Like always, she was right.

    The U.S. Air Force commissioned a study in the mid 1980's after the DOD way overpurchased medical supplies.
    (Remember, at the time ...
  13. About me-Daydreams and Change (Long)

    I'm feeling thoughtful today so I'll pull a Rob here.... *Tips hat*

    I've always been creative and suffer from a severe attention deficiency! If it's severe enough to be an actual mental condition I have no idea, and I've never been examined.

    And people simply develop certain ways of thinking either by being persuaded or deciding themselves. As our minds develop we begin to have certain ways of thinking that become deeply rooted as the more used neural pathways become ...
  14. A bit upset

    So I posted this on Facebook and tagged a friend:

    I grant you as he said it is strange. He said this:

    .this was bizarre...I think you need some concrete social interaction; maybe step outside of your books and head for a while?
    To which I replied:
    bizarre yer [sic], for the better of for the worst. And as for the latter comment, about stepping out,
  15. The Mad Madly Mad Writings of a Delusional Poet


    we knows you hates us but it's that hates that feeds us you tasty little human worms

    Beastie Mommy #11

    In the cold breath of moonlit night
    beasties howl in crescent light
    crawly creepies weeping shrieking
    shivering quivering slithering withering
    wing torn dragons scarred and broken
    moaning groaning sighing writhing
    shadow dandies cringe in horror
    growing ...
  16. 69,706 words and a Decade

    I finished it. A story wherein I poured out my soul. And as I mirror I hold up to my face, I find the same sentence is spoken by me. It is ugly. I've never been a fan of my own face. Then, why use it as a thumbnail? Because, it is my face. Why did I write this book? Because it is the story I've sought to tell the world. And even if only one person ever reads it, I will be happy to say I bore my soul to another. Not without apprehension or fear of retribution, because I'm human and I will always ...
  17. I am in love! I am in love.

    I am not sure if I am having some sort of ecstatic seizure, but if this is what they feel like, Dostoyevsky is right! I would give my whole life for this sensation! Love! Love! To not only love, but to love something so pure and love, and to want to give to that person, and be given back to in return. But not be given to in some selfish way, but a giving and receiving of on one single substance--one flesh, one, heart, one soul. I love her, I know not how or why. It started in class, the sound of ...
  18. Why I write,

    by , February 28th, 2015 at 04:27 PM (This is my first blog.)
    All my life I have been a introvert and recently I have changed to a extrovert. Maybe the loneliness overcame me and I was lonely to talk to someone. curiousPaul
  19. Last post! (Kidding of course)

    First night of three days, after which I'll surely be dead.

    Old great 11 PM to 7 AM. Which wouldn't be a problem, except tommorrow us young ones are headed three hours away into alabama for Kami-Con.

    I'll be Okabe Rintarou and everyone else is cosplaying... I tried to get an actual cosplay wig but it didn't come in, so here I am at work sporting wind-tunnel, black anime hair...Hahaha.

    And I'll also be working tommorrow, so I'll be running of of three hours
  20. I feel like I cannot communicate my feelings about how to write?

    by , February 27th, 2015 at 06:23 PM (This is my first blog.)
    I understand to a point, rules and regulations of any endeavor including writing. where I speak better than I can write or vice versa. The members have been overly patience with me. I always have been slow to wit and understanding some things like writing in English.

    Could it be I am not understanding the rules correctly because of the way the member is understanding my excuse of defining it? I am not criticizing anyone just my thoughts.Paul
  21. As I see it.

    by , February 27th, 2015 at 04:48 PM (This is my first blog.)
    [B]The word post I thought was just writing to a friend without rules and regulations having to do with returning ones answer or almost like a draft. The same applies to a post. I am looking at a draft instead of a edited post as a edited post.
    So instead of using the word babble I will use the word draft. [B]Can this oversite be corrected[/B]? I love words, but each word has its own definition plus the writers definitions. I would also think that a blog has rules and regulations ...
  22. On the brink

    of a breakthrough! Gotcha, neh? Thought this was going to be one of those deep, introspective blog posts where I flick my fringe out of my eyes dramatically every three seconds, tears glistening on my cheeks, didn't you? ;3

    When I came here, I was uptight! A true hermit in need of a friendly coconut with a face... Watson? Wilbur?

    I was awkward, formal and the thought of starting threads terrified me. On my first day I struck up a friendship with somebody on the forum, who ...
  23. Screw you cruel Universe!

    We live in such a cruel universe. The powers that be are such a sadistic bunch.

    I'd finally got home after a long hard day. Now I live on the coast so it was quite cold and windy. So I'm caught up in all that nonsense and I get outside my door. That's when I realize that I can't actually find my key. I turn my pockets inside out, empty the contents of my bag and nothing. Much to my dismay I have to sit outside my house like a tool for an hour or so, in the cold, inadequately wrapped ...
  24. I sense my writing days are over.

    by , February 26th, 2015 at 03:59 PM (This is my first blog.)
    In my attempt to learn how to write correctly in English
    I have attempted and failed.[B] I seem to be to set in my ways instead. One can't say I didn't attempt. [/B] To me, the subject of the post was the definition of the whole post. Using Grammarly was great but it went to extremes for perfection in the correct way to write according to it's creators.

    I thought I had found a new way to write and makes friends. But the members made it clear it was their way or not at all. I ...
  25. Words and the way they are used.

    by , February 26th, 2015 at 01:56 AM (This is my first blog.)
    :confused: I love words, but it seems to me others beside myself have another way of using them to their understanding and not mine. [B]The grammar and syntax seem to over-emphasize how to correctly use the words.[/B] There seems to be missing the writers creativity in using the words correctly.

    I seem to be missing something, but I am not sure what that something is. Adam and Eve were created perfect, except to understand what sin is and does when used. Something was missing and that ...
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