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  1. Something I was curious about

    Lately today something had been festering in my brain about the fact there was this abundance of white woman with best-selling novels and that really got me thinking? Why are there so many of them? Since 2008 when I started writing this had me perplexed a lot, and in the early days when I was doing my writing endeavors the strange thing happened.. I wasn't getting published and I thought it had something to do with the fact that I was Ethio or whatever but now that I have gotten over the whole ethio ...
  2. Strange feelings...

    This question is mostly for our female members, that have had children and isn't writing related...

    So last night I had some pretty strange feelings in my belly, it at first felt like muscle spasms, but then I began to watch my belly and it was moving just under my ribs to the right. It feels like something is swooping inside my stomach and when I pressed on the moving patch last night, I felt like something push back.

    Now I know this could be a variety of things but my ...
  3. Mixed feelings...

    I went back to my old home town today.

    Funny how the past can be remember/looked upon so fondly. Too fondly perhaps. There must have been good times of course. Not to mention one's youth and childhood. It wasn't ALL bad.

    Today, walking down Cambridge Street towards the town centre, remembering Goode's the old Fishmonger's, I can see all so vividly in my mind's eye.The whole shop-front, and it was a fair width, must have been a good twenty meters or so, was completely ...

    Updated April 14th, 2018 at 06:45 PM by dither

  4. dead men walking

    sitting off in waterstones book shop with a latte and letting my mobile download updates when one older guy stands up and starts talking to the guy opposite him...i never got the start of the conversation but the guy said...i was'nt sure it was you an then they go into trivial stuff..home ,family blah,blah..then the younger guy about 49 or 50 says i've still got your book that you signed for me and when you die it might be worth something..i had to get up of the couch an walk away because i thought ...
  5. OH, WAIT.

    No, today is #39, next year is 40. Bad memory
    strikes again! Wonder If I'll remember it next year.
  6. April 12, 1978.

    A day which will live in insanity. Two people driving each other koo-koo for 40 years. Did I say she had a temper? One of the most memorable was one day she got pissed at me and tossed guacamole salad - hit me right in the chest. It was so ludicrous we both started laughing. To this day she still calls me "Guacamole
    Boy." I really have been a good boy, I'm just frustrating
    to live with. Then she has a habit of buying something
    on sale for a project and 5 ...
  7. 'Uncles' corner

    I was looking at a recent posted-pic of someone I know. He is male, but, I think a certain advice could be given that works for either gender : "Duck!"
    It's really not that hard to learn, probably easier than swimming, with I'm guessing...no, I'm saying/stating: with the same or less anxiety/fear factor involved as when learning how to swim, or ride a bike.
    Anyway, it's a good thing to learn how to do, and anyone can do it...

    Next week: Why Japanese condoms?
  8. Work Ethic

    I met this guy at the bus stop. He looked healthy, but nearing retirement (like many who work at the shipyard). After talking a few talks. I discovered he was taking care od his sick wife (MS) and he was 67 years old. There was no bitterness in his tone or demeanor. He was thankful to be able to take care of her, and looking forward to spending more time with her. Listening to him, I was humbled. Then I got angry.

    I began to think about all the younger folk out there, bitching ...
  9. Losing out to i.c.t.

    In the jobs mkt.
    What's an old guy like me to do?


    I love working nights and the line of work that I'm in but the workplace is placing such technological demands that I'm longer able to go with the flow. I'm drowning in a sea of confusion here, am no longer up to the task and a time where I shall rendered un-employable my my employer is fast approaching. Damn damn damn computer-based technology.
  10. the end show

    The executioner comes in faded black. Very... functional, you notice taking in the lack of adornment.

    "Shall I crack some jokes first, or maybe tell a little sad story, feigning empathy?"

    You wonder how to answer that, considering the finality, stall, or don't stall, panic setting in. The crowd is noisy, but you can't hear a thing. You say nothing.

    "All right... Place your head on the block."
    "Place your head on ...
  11. 51

  12. Desert reptiles

    A guy came to the house. He said he used to live here back in the forties.

    I wasn't home. Too bad. I would have given him the tour.

    He told my wife there used to be horned toads around, and desert tortoises. It's pretty hard to find them now even in the desert.

    There's something about human activity- I think it's the cars- that is killing off the the desert reptiles.

    Like thirty years-ago we had gone out to Palm Springs to catch desert iguanas. ...
  13. The Art of World Building


    "How the hell am I going to bring all of these ideas together?!"

    If you're a writer of science fiction and/or fantasy, I'm sure you've experienced this dilemma. A mountain of really cool ideas are sitting in your head, waiting for their opportunity to be brought into existence. But, when you sit down and try to compile the list of seemingly endless variables, you find yourself ...
  14. Tales From the Drunk | Who I Am

    When people think of alcoholics they assume them to be lushes with little to no redeeming qualities, completely incapable of operating on an efficent level, and abusive to EVERYONE; completely destructive in nature with malice, scorn, and regret tatoo'd on their soul.


    Why I drink began as a simple extracurricular activity to accompany/compensate for marijuana.

    In all honesty, I became an alcoholic very early in my life. By 16 I was drinking ...
  15. Can Reading Lift Our IQ? (Vanquish the Myth)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucid Being View Post
    Can Reading Lift Our IQ? (Vanquish the Myth)

    Are all three major areas of intelligence heightened by the practice of reading? Clear Evidence and Common Sense Cognitively Point to YES!
    New scientific studies have unequivocally confirmed that there sure enough are strong correlations between our three areas of IQ and the Practice of Book Learning. This new evidence has collectively been confirmed, reviewed and studied through new testing methods by neuroscientists and psychologists
  16. Best-sellers

    So I'm wondering since my book 'The Book of Skull' has the potientail to make the best sellers list or even Joshua Clark, and I hope for Clark espscially since that I book I think would sell in the childrens market for millions or billions of dollars. I wonder though how in the world could I, an Ethiopian man make that kind of money or even be the first black man to write the greatest childrens book of the 21st century or even a dark fantasty book no less but I hope someone would be able to tell ...
  17. Life's little pleasures....

    Every day I do a fair walking to and from work and am forever, it seems, dodging cyclists. They're a menace and a danger. They say that the roads are too dangerous for bicycles and feel safer on the paths which is all very fine but where's that leave us pedestrians? Where are we supposed to go?
    Well, anyway, never mind about that.

    Early one morning, few weeks ago, I was making my home way from work, heading for my bus stop and I could see a cyclist peddling towards me so as ...

    Updated April 1st, 2018 at 12:35 PM by dither

  18. Heading to work today

    In a frenzy he rubbed. He looked and rubbed some more. Hunched over a trash can, he reminded me of a raccoon washing his food. I felt pity for him. Grunts of despair and anguish escape his lips. The ground is littered with his failures even though he stands over the trash can. His last attempt at hope. I watch him. One part of me knows his situation is hopeless, the other wonders what if.

    The last ticket. The last chance…nothing. With a fit of anger, he throws the last ...
  19. Down at the sunset grill

    Lunch- looking: Sunset grill. Hollywood High. Passing...

    Old Hollywood I recognize- residentially structurally challenged, on the sidewalk, mumbling, wandering, meandering, not shopping, no place to go, nothing to do. It's just like the eighties.

    I pull into the corner strip mall. Shit. Wrong one. Plenty of parking. I drive to the next block. That's it.

    Falafel is what I'm after. I pull into the corner strip mall. There's a delivery truck double-parked. Plenty ...

    Updated March 28th, 2018 at 09:11 PM by Kevin

  20. What I've been entertaining myself with lately.

    So, I'm a huge gamer. I play multiple genres, but my two mains are fighting games (Capcom/Marvel/SNK/ArcSys) and shooters (Battlefield/CoD/MoH). I've recently been re-exploring the history of modern warfare, and I found these crazy ass videos on YouTube which opened up my feed to a whole bunch of new shit I hadn't seen before documenting and correlating historical events throughout history and including their social, economic, etymological, racial, and political despair/expansion throughout modern ...

    Updated March 28th, 2018 at 06:47 PM by RhythmOvPain

  21. A foreign land

    We stayed up at Mt. Magazine. It was new, nice, high in the trees on a limestone peak overlooking Yell County.

    Yell County was where True Grit was; they name it.
    Neither movie was filmed here- They look like somewhere higher, and drier, Colorado, or New Mexico.

    Rooster was anything but dry.
    The valley and meadows below would've worked for the last scene with either John Wayne, the Duke, or The Dude against four men.

    "They rebuilt it, recently. ...

    Updated April 2nd, 2018 at 08:18 AM by Kevin

  22. No Chocolate....

    You know it's bad when you still have three days until payday but all your craving is a nice big bar of chocolate, or a giant gooey chocolate cake. Fingers crossed our baker at work is baking tomorrow so I can eat chocolatly off-cuts.

    If anyone to send some in the post I will be very greatful, hahahaha.

    What was the last thing you craved?
  23. Packin'

    I finally applied for a concealed carry permit.
    I wasn't driven by any specific current events. It was just something that I felt I should do.
    I think of these shootings where literally dozens of people are shot, waiting for "someone" to help. Well, I'm someone. I know that the police will get there... eventually. In the meantime, cowering and playing dead just isn't an option for me. I would just throw a chair or a rock, but there are better options out there. Like ...
  24. Express dining.

    So many times and for so long now I've promised myself that I would give the Express diner, the cafe' in Asda's a try, and never have but... All last week, for some unknown reason, those two words [express] and [diner] were bouncing around in my head like a pinball. "Express", I ponder the meaning of the word and the connotations that it my conjure up in one's mind and so I googled it.

    Communicate. Convey. Indicate. Show. Demonstrate etc.
    To express, the act or rather ...

    Updated March 25th, 2018 at 03:37 PM by dither

  25. Pick Your Own Title

    Ebony eyed,
    raven black hair
    curled to the shoulder
    next to his ear

    Prominent nose
    modest dark beard
    neatly surrounding
    a friendly wide smile

    Flawless white teeth
    invites conversation
    discussions debates
    critics contention

    His sense of humor
    flows on all levels
    sophomoric, cerebral
    silly and rye

    Doubters, complainers
    jesters and true
    hearted companions ...
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