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  1. Meeting death and Mr. Peril head on


    The best thing to do is to freeze, not panic.
    He may be running right at you, but you can't get away. He's faster than any human.
    He could tear an arm off.
    He can bench a lot, too.
    He drives a fast car, and it's very shiny.

    Maybe if you just... never mind;
    he would kill you, anyway.
    Perhaps a gun? That would do it.
    You could wing him if you're feeling generous.
    It's more than he would do for you.
    But then he ...

    Updated September 25th, 2018 at 01:33 AM by Kevin

  2. Another Update #MoneyUpdate

    I am still on the quest for that $500 million, I will be telling you guys that I am a starving Ethiopian with $500 million, seems I should be going back to the days when people used to make fun of me for being Ethiopian. People care about that a lot. So the only way for me to make any sort of cash to be as vulnerable as possible, no Ethiopian man has ever thought of that before, I don't think anyone from Ethiopia has ever had the courage to do what I do. So let me tell you that I will be on the ...
  3. Give Me A Chance

    I would get on my knees for every Asian man and woman, I am from Canada, I am east African, I danced in the middle of the high school soccer field because I love every Asian man and woman from every corner of the globe.
  4. Trying to Sound Out Morality

    The strangest thing to me when writing was realizing that, potentially, morality does not matter.

    It does not matter whether a thing is good or evil because people don't really care about that unless they, themselves, or the people they truly care about are being directly victimized by it or directly threatened by it.

    Case in point, some people glorify, idolize, or lionize mobsters. These are particularly cruel, brutal people. They tend to have their own codes, ethics, ...

    Updated September 17th, 2018 at 07:17 PM by kaminoshiyo

  5. Got home from work before dark.

    Only thing better
    than a moist Medjool
    is Medjool mixed
    with almond in the mouth.

    I noticed your haircut.
    It reminds me of Dido.
    She is so... She, and so are you.
    It is a painting, and
    a warmth. Always, this
    other, this Female
    simply amazes by being.
    I am the moth.
    Where did you go?
    Ah, picking the basil.
    I won't snack anymore.
    The eggplant, grilled,
    smells delicious. ...

    Updated September 14th, 2018 at 02:38 AM by Kevin

  6. Friends Mom has inoperable stomach cancer * Share

    Friends Mom has inoperable stomach cancer

    "No one is taking the initiative to help Lorraine. She has stage 4 stomach cancer that is inoperable. Her days are numbered. There is a lot in life she has not experienced. She has raised me and worked two jobs up until her illness. She Has always provided the best life she could for me. She is loosing her home due to defaulted mortgage. ...

    Updated September 14th, 2018 at 01:13 AM by shedpog329

  7. LURK

    So, I'm still randomly popping up whenever I get the chance. Just haven't been posting. Relationship work have been kicking my ass.

    Been thinking about posting more again, but there hasn't been much to say. I do come around to read random shit, but I haven't had much motivation to reply or comment on anything. Hopefully, I'll come back to the competition stage (even if only as a judge) sometime soon.

    Here's hoping y'all motherfuckers are taking it easy. This motherfucker ...
  8. Seco y oscuro


    The Arroyo Seco, despite its name, has water year 'round in some parts.

    It goes underground in others.

    Late Summer, earliest part of Fall, last official day in fact...

    I had made several fast crossings, the water splashing my ass. Only my seat protected. The momentum helps to get across and up the other side. The trail is rough, and my bike's bear bell rings louder, the faster you hit it.

    I was approaching another crossing ...

    Updated September 11th, 2018 at 06:13 PM by Kevin

  9. like a tourist.

    How strange life [moods and feelings] can be. Yesterday, for the first time since I went to buy my cbd capsules, I don't know, four five weeks ago, I decided that since I wouldn't be able to get to my favoured Asda store on Monday and I had to get my capsules today [ yesterday actually. Saturday] that I would do my weekly shop in the local Morrison's and that would have to do and so, bright and early, having got home from work and killed a couple of hours, off I went to Barkton.

    As ...

    Updated September 9th, 2018 at 01:08 PM by dither

  10. Early riser

    Too much sun,
    way too much,
    I see her most days,
    an early riser, too.
    Some days, agitated,
    others, walking as if a plan.
    Her hair...
    the un-died roots
    have grown out
    to the ends:
    Amadeus wig,
    or Einstein.
    The chatter is there- she speaks-
    and no one else.

    One day a man was there, beside her. Her hair was up, arms were crossed, and
    she walked calmly.

    The next day ...
  11. YAAYYY!!!!

    I am coming to England guys! I am going to act like a fool there! Wait until you see me skipping and leaping in Trafalgar Square. YAAAYYYYY!!!!! I am a retard from Canada.
  12. Mariko

    She sells sea shells,
    millionario estates by the sea for millionarios.
    It was very nice to meet you. There was a loneliness.
    May you find what you are looking for.
    A million grains of sand wash by each other in the tide, sparkling.

    I am just a worker.


    Updated September 6th, 2018 at 05:12 PM by Kevin

  13. The Fish Doesn't Know It's Wet

    I recently tested out my new pellet rifle, mainly to check the accuracy of different weight pellets. I set up a chronograph to measure speed, and a decibel meter as well.
    The rifle is Turkish, assembled in Arkansas, with a Chinese scope shooting Czech pellets.
    I know this is geeky stuff. Don't judge me.
    Seriously, there's a formula to determine the"knock-down" power of a pellet based on it's speed and weight. If I ever decide to dispatch a rodent, I want to make ...
  14. I've become a real Canadian

    So guys I have decided to become a real Canadian: being the goddess of Love and Beauty told through a man named Demerius Benjamin Jones. I cannot take my culture anymore and so I want to make everybody on earth feel damn good by reading my work The Aphrodite. I am Ethiopian-Canadian and it's about goddess for me!!!!! WOWOWOWOW.
  15. The rhubarb myths

    I have been told that rhubarb becomes poisonous in summer, by more than one person. One of them added ‘Something to do with the oxalic acid content I think’. I was pretty sure it was not true, and when I checked none of the reputable sources made any mention of it, but what they all agree on is that one must stop pulling leaves in early summer or it will weaken the plant for next year. It is true, as I know from experience, I try to grow more than I need so I can force some or go on picking into ...
  16. Well, tough: you can't live without them

    Like you say tomato,
    I, tomato
    but deeper than potato
    and ever the problem:
    I hand dig the
    morning sugar,
    palm a partial scoop,
    and that puts you.

    "It... is a crystal-", I plead,
    same as pinch of salt,
    okay between fingers,
    but not the sugar...
    which puts you.

    Goods for gooses and ganders
    are of a different stuff.

    So now
    I will shake the bowl, ...

  18. Speak Your Truth


    “Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”
    ― Franz Kafka

    Speak you truth.

    No Excuses. Just Write.
  19. Within Your Means, According to Your Abilities

    So, this man in Colorado kills his pregnant wife and two young kids. No one is shocked, at least like we used to be.
    To say we've become desensitized to violence is an understatement. But still, we look for answers. It's important for the heinous act to make sense, in some way. Maybe he was having an affair? Perhaps he was a right-wing-nut job that watched too many Dinesh D'Souza movies? Maybe his "assault rifle" jumped in his hands and pulled it's own trigger? Nope. None ...
  20. Being Fogie and going out...

    Being fogies we feel like we tend to not go out. Not like when we ( 'scuse me, me and the wife; that we) were first dating. Though as I recall, there was a period of other indoor activity- never mind.

    I, being rash and impulsive, saw yesterday an online ad for a show, jazz - which we're not huge fans of, but we sometimes like- happening last night so I texted, got the ok, and bought tickets for it.

    Small venue, cheap, and off in some part of East L.A.-ish which is generally ...

    Updated August 20th, 2018 at 03:55 PM by Kevin

  21. if I die...

    I could quite possibly die from it.

    Okay, "possibly", I said. I don't know what the probabilities are - certainly greater than developing 'special powers'. Yes, unlikely, but...

    Spider bite- that's what I'm talking about. I believe I got bit -two bites- night before last.

    Unlike a mosquito, there wasn't a defined bite hole - you know, like where they stick the, um- 'proboscis' , organic hypo - No, this was just two mosquito bite sized ...
  22. Well? I hate to admit it....

    But I can't deny it:

    Life could be a whole lot worse than it is right now.

    The weather, is agreeable.
    The garden, is a riot but what the hell.
    My telly addict wife is downstairs getting her fix.
    I meanwhile, am sitting here, perusing various websites, supping chilled Cider, and tomorrow can wait.

  23. History, Histronics and Hot Air

    I read a fascinating article about the fall of the Mayan Empire. Prior to the Contact Period, their civilization had been at it's apex in all respects. Anthropologists were at a loss why it was so weakened prior to first contact with the Europeans. Well, the geologists stepped-in and helped us answer that question. It turned out that there was a great drought sometime around the 9th Century AD. The Empire never recovered.

    The cause of the drought is unknown. But it's effects were ...
  24. Hard Work Matters


    Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.

    Stephen King
  25. Crapping in lunch pails

    I passed by a huge stinky on the side of the road. This is a place at the peak between two valleys where you park to go hiking, or go mountain biking, or watch the sunset,
    or park and get high, maybe leave your beer bottles or empty McDonald's, or park with your down and out family in your Rv, throw your trash up the trail a little off the side, decide your done with the place, and open the tank plug,
    leave us all a big, ten, twenty shits-become-sludge; now stinky brown puddle.
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