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  1. So I can write

    For the sake of being able to write my own work, I'm clearing my mind of what's been constipating my thoughts lately.

    First, the President is a divisive asshole and his provocations need to stop. For me to be reduced to lacking any other words to describe the past few weeks is telling of just how bad it is.

    Second, yes, extremists ruin everything, that is true. However, people incapable or believing themselves outside the 'world of politics' (Which, none of us are, actually.) ...
    Tags: ranting
  2. [Ramblings] Eclipse and Other Things

    So, my part of the world was in the path of totality for the 2017 solar eclipse, and it was a beautiful, beautiful sight. I can honestly say that I understand now why religious significance was attached to these events. Everything went dark, it got really cold, and a shadow passed over the sun, looking much like a halo or an eye. Very ominous. Very cool.

    With the eclipse came a swarm of eclipsophiles, of course, and it doesn't help that my area is starting school up again, so, on ...
  3. History Repeats Itself

    As everybody jumps on the anti-Nazi bandwagon (which is about as impressive as being anti-cancer), I decided to continue doing some layman's research into communism and fascism.

    What I found to be very interesting is how they're both fundamentally collectivist. One is classist and the other is racist. One is for the proletariat and the other is for the Aryan race (or insert another race / people here).

    Benito Mussolini took a lot of inspiration from his time in the socialist ...

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