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  1. thoughts outloud


    People have this misconception about freedom. It doesn't mean doing or saying anything you want. That's just wrong. You can't go around raping and killing at random, just like you can't yell 'Fire!' in a movie theatre.

    That would just be chaos, like we have now.

    True freedom has to do with equality. Like the French: liberte, egalite. Freedom means everyone gets to be free from the tyranny and oppression, forever. Not some silly, selfish notions of each ...

    Updated July 28th, 2019 at 04:13 PM by Kevin

  2. Glen and Stu Reshape America - The Stand ** SPOILERS

    There's a scene I found disturbing in Stephen King's "The Stand"- especially considering today's context.

    It is when Glen and Stu are sitting together and alone and Stu asks Glen- a former sociologist of the Old World before the plague hit- what is to come and what is to be done about it.


    What follows is pretty shocking...to me, at least. In the same breadth that Glen talks about the need to recreate the American spirit, he straight-away ...
  3. Thoughts outloud


    Breaking things, breaking eggs.

    There are those who want it all to be nice and easy, the transition period, but it won't be. There will be those who don't make it. Or those who were the ones that actually made things how they were, and they should go. They really must go.

    We know what has to be done. It comes right after. First you break the sytems, then you break the people. You have to in order to rebuild. Everything has to go, otherwise ...

    Updated July 24th, 2019 at 03:27 PM by Kevin

  4. Do we have a Discord server?

    If not i'd like to try my hand at creating one for us so we can all talk, chat, and have a place to hang out with everyone in another capacity.
  5. Dabble Writing Software

    I saw this in my posting stream over at Facebook. I wasn't sure where to post it here. I could find or remember where the software section is. My questions are:

    Has anyone tried this?
    What do you think of it?
    Is it worth the money?

    Yes, they too claim to be the software we need; just like all the others.

  6. Hatin'

    I grew up a few miles north of a suburb of San Francisco called Berkley. They have this little college there, maybe you've heard of it. It was kind of a big deal in the 60's and 70's. Berkley was famous for this thing called the "Free Speech Movement". If that doesn't ring a bell with you, I'm not surprised. The whole concept has fallen out of favor. Horse and Buggy stuff, that is.

    As a kid, I remember the protests. I remember the screaming, the anger, and the hatred. ...
  7. Disaster! Computer flashdrive failure!

    So, my backup flashdrive failed and I have lost a considerable amount of valuable data, irretrievable. Disaster! I normally have backup on backup but due to events this last year, I lapsed on that habit and didn't follow through this one time. Of course, that's when failure of the drive you didn't think would fail does.... So, on top of getting a summer cold and catching up on life after my writing marathon for the contests, wrapping those up and sending them off, I haven't been on this site ...
  8. haunted trousers

    I honestly believe I've bought a pair...I was walking around a book shop and I started to do the gay Gordon dance..lucky for me their was no other people around...got home an put them straight in the bin...
  9. ...just thinking out loud.

    I'm sitting here feeling wrong, again. I often do this.

    My friend tells me all the time that I shouldn't think about it- that in time all the wrongs that really matter will get fixed, and that any new problems - and there always will be new ones- will get fixed as they arise.

    For now, I might as well enjoy it- all the things that I 'have' - the things that are there, here, temporarily, that I get to use- like my imported coffee- right now- that I pay less ...
  10. Home Gaurd

    My dream of landing on the Florida keys to make America a British colony again is one war I will have to miss out on but today I went for a swim an the pool was for 50+ swimming and I normally jump in but instead I walked around the pool an even asked the lifeguard in her chair....what time is a public swim...hoping she would say you'll have to come back later..nope nothing...I swam with the old people an never looked out of place...and when war comes I'll probably make home gaurd but I would like ...
  11. Poetry Marathon Over

    So, the marathon is done, poems organized and submitted. Whew! That's an accomplishment and a task that I am relieved is over. So now the reprieve and time to relax some. It was a good run, but now back to the regular routine. I do have to get back into that. However, one more hurtle is that I've come down with a summer cold, ugh. Feel crummy and I wanted to get back on the wagon with buzzing around here not that I'm done with the contest entries and writing poems for that. I'm gonna ...
  12. Crime

    Picked up a book about medical crime in britian an it made for shocking reading.. apparently if you travelled anywhere you were going to be confronted with dead bodies...I don't to why I thought this strange
  13. Coke...

    Bought 6 pack of coca cola in glass bottles an my hunch was right all along..it taste better than a can or plastic bottle... maybe it's a nostalgic thing because I remember the add an that song...teach the world to sing..I wonder if they all got together again like the advert but they would all be so much older an lived more an they might change the lyrics... I'd like to tell the word to piss off...
  14. A week off...

    How strange is the human mind. Well, mine at any rate. I think. And maybe THAT'S the problem... I think. Frowning as I type.
    I've been looking forward to today, for some time now, because, I won't be working next week, I'm on a week off, and now that it's here.... err... yeah. Today, Sunday, as with every other Saturday Sunday and Monday was/is a shopping day. It's simply a way of lightening the load, MY load. It works for me. I left home this morning fully intending to take my time, amble ...

    Updated July 11th, 2019 at 01:31 PM by dither

  15. Evening-Out Excellence

    My wife and I had to drive down to Oregon to pick up our son and other cadets from their Leadership Academy. My boy is exhausted. A ton of physical activity and sleep deprivation rank high on the curriculum. He's up and about now, having earned his feeling of accomplishment.

    I just can't not notice one thing. Female cadets average about 10 to 15 percent in our unit, and the other units I've seen at regional competitions. Yet, at the graduation ceremony, approximately 40% were ...

    Updated July 1st, 2019 at 12:55 AM by Winston

  16. Day 2 at the Forum

    Okay, so MAYBE spending too much time here nosing around and getting to know how things work instead of focusing on actually writing poetry. So off I go to my haiku calculator (yes, I have one of those, makes it easier to focus on the words than the syllables (anyway for my brain). It's actually just a spreadsheet with spaces for the words where I put the syllables for the number of syllables, not a cheat sheet where a program inserts words (wait, would that kind of computer program actually exist?) ...
  17. watching my favorite movie

    I was watching my favorite movie Doctor Zhivago- which is about a man's struggles with giving up the last vestiges of his bourgeois life- truly inspiring and should be shown to all children- when someone knocked on the door.

    I thought about grabbing my glock, but decided not to as one time it was the Sherrifs knocking, and I didn't think it wise anymore, to answer armed. You see it was night, and I couldn't see them out the window.

    If they ask me I will ...
  18. Ale-ing Thoughts

    At long last, the time has come. Both the Munich Dark Lager and the Red Ale are finally ready to drink. Both turned out better than expected. The Cascade hops I added really gave the beers nice floral-citrus notes, just as I remembered from my previous batches a long time ago. While I almost always forgo testing alcohol %'s, I have to say they are pretty strong. I get a good buzz off 1L, which is about 3 cans worth. Overall I'm very impressed with the result!

    I'm particularly happy ...
  19. Author Interviews By Fiona Mcvie

    Here is my interview with Christy J. Breedlove

    25 Tuesday Jun 2019
    Posted by fionamcvie1964 in Uncategorized
    Leave a comment

    Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.

    Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?
    My name is Chris H. Stevenson ...
  20. Field Trip

    My wife and I checked out some properties today. We don't have an agent yet, this trip was just to get an idea of what we are looking at in-person.
    I mean, looking at stuff on-line doesn't cut it. At least not for me.

    The first property was larger, and the agency said it had special tax status for being "working woodland" (harvestable timber). So, we could periodically sell timber, and pay less tax. We need less than an acre for our homestead, and that leaves ...
  21. A bric a brac conga...

    Friday night and heading up the High Street, just one more shift, then weekend, I thought. No yippee, no singing and dancing, I'm just so relieved to have got through another week of work. As I walked, I saw a young man up ahead of me exiting a Chinese takeaway carrying his little white plastic carry-out bag also holding an i-phone with his left hand and typing into his phone with his right. And that saddened me.
    "Don't cook just eat.
    Don't talk just tweet."
    I thought ...

    Updated June 23rd, 2019 at 09:00 PM by dither

  22. Change of Title

    Even though I'm heart-sick that I haven't completed any of my novels, there is a fortunate side to this. It's not too late to change the title. In looking at Wattpad, I find there are over 100,000 stories posted either titled Zodiac Chronicles or some variation of it. Whether title this or not, this is an excessive amount of stories revolving around characters based on the Zodiac signs. So, how do I make mine stand out?

    First- change the title, or switch it around. This is what I intend ...
  23. The worm is still a worm but...

    OH DEAR,

    How weird is this? I DO think about things like this because, well? As cynical as I might be, you just never know. I HAD been hoping that the woman I got talking to at the bus-stop last weekend, the one with purple parka, would be there again this Saturday, although I'd never seen her before in my life, so why would she be there? It had been a random occurrence and that was that. Anyway, if she had have been there, and look! ...
  24. YA Book Review--Consequences by Darlene McGarrity


    Second chances lead to new beginnings… sometimes, they lead to murder. Seventeen-year-old Rose Jackson is a self-righteous, nature-loving truth seeker whose rocky relationship with her mother, Doris Murphy, is tested after Rose is court ordered to a youth house.

    With six months left before she goes in front of a judge for potential release, her patience is tested between an in-house bully, her neglectful mother, and an inappropriate therapist.
  25. Daydreaming to Planning

    It would be hyperbole to say that I "hate" where I am now. There's a lot of positives to our neighborhood: Close to the grocery store, public transportation and public safety (fire & police). Traffic ain't bad, even though people drive faster now (and / or, I'm just getting older).
    When we first moved here, our kids were young, and the neighborhood was new. There were a lot of young couples, and our kids all played together. Now, the kids are grown, and a lot of of our ...
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