WF Member Awards
WF Member Awards
Image Name / Description
WF Star WF Star
Outstanding contribution

Members who received this award: 86
, Chrispian, rcallaci, Farror, Leyline, Chris Miller, eggo, Nickie, Hawke, Elvenswordsman, JosephB, MeeQ, Kyle R, garza, Foxee, Loulou, ppsage, Cran, Olly Buckle, apple, vangoghsear, The Backward OX, Chesters Daughter, alanmt, Sam, Tiamat, tepelus, moderan, Dreamworx95, Like a Fox, Squalid Glass, Gumby, Anna Buttons, TheFuhrer02, Bruno Spatola, MJ Preston, Jon M, Nick, Bilston Blue, bazz cargo, Terry D, candid petunia, Courtjester, Firemajic, Bachelorette, astroannie, Kevin, Jeko, shadowwalker, Potty, squidtender, Trilby, Fin, Nemesis, HKayG, Segrotlo, Morkonan, Nickleby, Kryptex, Blade, J Anfinson, popsprocket, Lewdog, Pluralized, Ariel, PiP, escorial, InkwellMachine, bookmasta, Schrody, Gavrushka, Kevin_L, jenthepen, LeeC, Bishop, Plasticweld, kilroy214, danielstj, TKent, mrmustard615, Phil Istine, am_hammy, Harper J. Cole, Aquilo, TL Murphy, Darren White
Star Critter Star Critter
Outstanding critiques award

Star Advisor Star Advisor
Award in recognition for solid advice given throughout the forum.

The Purple Patch The Purple Patch
Awarded by Mentors to members who distinguish themselves on the forum.

Members who received this award: 125
rcallaci, Chris Miller, Kyle R, ppsage, Cran, Olly Buckle, Pete_C, Chesters Daughter, Patrick, Sam, C.Gholy, Mistique, Gumby, SilverMoon, Nellie, Bruno Spatola, Gargh, InnerFlame00, midnightpoet, Guy Faukes, bazz cargo, Terry D, candid petunia, Courtjester, Firemajic, Bloggsworth, astroannie, Kevin, Jeko, dale, shadowwalker, Fin, lasm, Morkonan, Ethan, Blade, J Anfinson, popsprocket, Pluralized, Ariel, voltigeur, PiP, Folcro, Pelwrath, TheYellowMustang, escorial, InkwellMachine, bookmasta, Schrody, godofwine, Pidgeon84, Theglasshouse, jenthepen, thepancreas11, T.S.Bowman, LeeC, InstituteMan, Bishop, Riptide, J.J. Maxx, Plasticweld, W.Goepner, ShadowEyes, danielstj, TKent, Deafmute, John Galt, mrmustard615, Fivetide, Jamboree, joshybo, Riis Marshall, Phil Istine, Boofy, TJ1985, Crowley K. Jarvis, JustRob, am_hammy, inkwellness, Sonata, James 剣 斧 血, The Green Shield, Darkkin, -xXx-, musichal, Harper J. Cole, Mesafalcon, AtleanWordsmith, bdcharles, Arthur G. Mustard, GuitarHiro97, Hairball, Aquilo, ned, Aquarius, RHPeat, clark, TL Murphy, Robbie, Neetu, Pulse, msjhord, Hawkeye, sas, PrinzeCharming, H.Brown, Flint, Cat, EllaLouis, afk4life, TaniAliya, Ptolemy, bobo, The Fantastical, Sebald, Darren White, Space Cadet, Bayview, SueC, Roac, TuesdayEve, VonBradstein, Ralph Rotten, ArianSpirit, Blackstone
Immortalised Immortalised
You have reached a staggering 10,000 posts.

Members who received this award: 7
Cran, Olly Buckle, Sam, bazz cargo, Firemajic, PiP, mrmustard615
The Sir Likedalot Medal The Sir Likedalot Medal
Your posts have earned more than 1000 Likes; you must be doing something right.

Sir Jester Bitt Ovolaf Sir Jester Bitt Ovolaf
The Great Fun award for entertaining posts which in total have earned over 1000 LOLs.

The WF Grate-full Award The WF Grate-full Award
Thanks for your posts which have earned more than 1000 Thanks.

- - Members' Choice
Member chosen monthly (and annual) awards
Image Name / Description
Story of the Month nominated and reviewed by WF members.

Writer of the Year, selected from writers of the previous year's SOTMs.

Members who received this award: 2
Plasticweld, Chris Green
Poem of the Month - members' choice

Members who received this award: 4
Firemajic, ned, TL Murphy, andrewclunn

- - Member-Inspired Awards
Awards inspired by, or created for, specific WF members
Image Name / Description
Commodore Emeritus Commodore Emeritus
A one-time-only award bestowed on Baron for his incredible work towards making WF what it is today. Now sadly missed by those of us who knew him and considered him a friend.

Members who received this award: 1
Potty Award Potty Award
For outstanding pottiness in the face of overwhelming sanity.

Members who received this award: 1
The Cran-Key Award The Cran-Key Award
For being a self-confident opinionated pedant with the annoying habit of being right more often than wrong.

Members who received this award: 4
Cran, Sam, moderan, Potty
The George Potter Award / Star Judge 15 The George Potter Award / Star Judge 15
A special award for Challenge Judges who have given their time and energy for 15 or more Challenges.

Members who received this award: 8
rcallaci, Leyline, Hawke, bazz cargo, Pluralized, Ariel, Folcro, kilroy214
The Fin - Challenge Meister Award The Fin - Challenge Meister Award
For continued outstanding contributions to the WF community through the management of the monthly Challenges.

The Pandora / WF Treasure Award The Pandora / WF Treasure Award
For consistently showing a friendly face, support and service to the forum community and enriching the forum through your presence. May only be awarded to any past recipient of any Star award, The Fin, the Purple Patch, or DSO.

- - Challenge
Major Challenge Awards
Image Name / Description
Star Judge 5 Star Judge 5
A special award for Challenge Judges who have given their time and energy for five or more Challenges.

Star Judge 10 Star Judge 10
A special award for Challenge judges who have given their time and energy for ten or more challenges.

LM Pulitzer LM Pulitzer
LM or Colors of Fiction challenge winners

Members who received this award: 99
, rcallaci, strangedaze, Kelhanion, Kat, LoneWolf, Hodge, Jiieden, Wyndstar, Philo, Leyline, cyberspecter, Chris Miller, eggo, Achilles, JosephB, gigi, Kyle R, Non Serviam, Savia, garza, Foxee, Loulou, spider8, caelum, IrishLad, ppsage, edropus, Crazed Scribe, The Backward OX, Pete_C, smilinghelps, alanmt, adrianhayter, geisha, Katastrof, Tiamat, seigfried007, moderan, Like a Fox, Anna Buttons, NathanBrazil, Bruno Spatola, Gargh, Jon M, Guy Faukes, InsanityStrickenWriter, bazz cargo, Terry D, candid petunia, astroannie, Rusty Nail, Jamie, rubisco, Taknovrthewrld, spartan928, lasm, Staff Deployment, J Anfinson, Pluralized, PiP, Candervalle, Dictarium, Folcro, TheYellowMustang, shinyford, InkwellMachine, Pandora, godofwine, jenthepen, KnightPlutonian, thepancreas11, M. Cull, InstituteMan, bluemidget, violinguy, Bishop, KindaNice, J.J. Maxx, Plasticweld, danielstj, EmmaSohan, TKent, mrmustard615, joshybo, Sleepwriter, Phil Istine, TMarie, TJ1985, Loveabull, inkwellness, -xXx-, Harper J. Cole, Allysan, bdcharles, ned, Tealynn, SueC, Roac
Laureate Laureate
Poetry challenge winner

WF Prize Challenge Winner WF Prize Challenge Winner
Award for the special prize Challenges rather than the regular LM or Poetry Challenges.

Purple Pip Purple Pip
An encouragement award for "new and improved" member winners of the Mentor-managed challenges.

Poetry Hill Pip Poetry Hill Pip
For the Poetry Hill New Poets' Challenge.

No member has this award
The Side Trip Pip The Side Trip Pip
For winners of Side Trips Non Fiction Challenges aimed at encouraging members new to non-fiction storytelling.

Op Ed pip Op Ed pip
For selected entries in the Op Ed Challenge.

Members who received this award: 1
Phil Istine
Pendekoid Poet Pendekoid Poet
Awarded to a poet who has completed and posted more than fifteen poems in a NaPoWriMo challenge.

Members who received this award: 3
midnightpoet, Firemajic, nickba
Quotidian Poet Quotidian Poet
Awarded to a poet who has completed and posted one poem every day during a NaPoWriMo challenge.

- - Published/Produced/Performed Live
For Professionally published works, productions or live performances
Image Name / Description
Published Artist/Photographer Published Artist/Photographer
For published visual art and photography

Broadcast Award Broadcast Award
For recorded or live-to-air work broadcast by television or radio

Members who received this award: 10
Cran, Sam, moderan, patskywriter, Potty, Dave Watson, Dunluchyn, Santa, Monique, Pamelyn Casto
Emmy - Live Performance Emmy - Live Performance
For performing one’s own creative work in front of a live audience.

Members who received this award: 9
Cran, alanmt, Sam, qwertyportne, bookmasta, Santa, clark, TL Murphy, Pulse
Recorded Songs Award Recorded Songs Award
For professionally recorded music or lyrics

Members who received this award: 3
Cran, moderan, Dave Watson
Ozzie - Movie Mogul Ozzie - Movie Mogul
For creating a video for the promotion or dissemination of creative work.

The Career/Lifetime Achievement Award The Career/Lifetime Achievement Award
For 25 years or more in professional writing, editing, journalism-related work, or performing arts.

Members who received this award: 10
garza, Cran, moderan, Ethan, Santa, RHPeat, clark, Robbie, Pulse, Pamelyn Casto
Published Editor / Producer Published Editor / Producer
For editing and/or publishing original written, visual or performing arts works produced by other people.

Published Writer Published Writer
For individual published short stories and articles.

Members who received this award: 151
, Chrispian, rcallaci, RobertLevin219, Kat, Leyline, Chris Miller, eggo, dannyboy, VinrAlfakyn, Hawke, Red_Venus, Kyle R, garza, Foxee, seawings, Loulou, spider8, caelum, ppsage, edropus, Cran, Olly Buckle, apple, The Backward OX, alanmt, Hinducow28, Katastrof, Sam, Tiamat, Prof, KangTheMad, moderan, C.Gholy, Dreamworx95, Like a Fox, Lady S, Gumby, Anna Buttons, TheFuhrer02, TWErvin2, Divus, Gargh, MJ Preston, Jon M, smahan, Nick, KraftyCatch, bearycool, midnightpoet, Cory Lamontagne, sailorguitar, Bilston Blue, fossiliferous_g, Jeff Degginger, KarlR, InsanityStrickenWriter, bazz cargo, walkbyfaith, Terry D, ClosetWriter, candid petunia, DuKane, obi_have, Flapjack, Courtjester, BabaYaga, Brock, Bloggsworth, Winston, Lord Darkstorm, ChicagoHeart, feralpen, Ravel, astroannie, Gamer_2k4, Sunny, egpenny, Anthem, Philosophocles, dale, Rusty Nail, Potty, squidtender, rubisco, xlwoo, Trilby, Kenneth J. Ester, Nemesis, Dave Watson, lasm, Arcopitcairn, Staff Deployment, Nickleby, JackKnife, Dunluchyn, Whisper, FleshEater, starchild, Ethan, J Anfinson, Abbey08, John_O, Pluralized, PiP, Folcro, Pelwrath, JamesOliv, asimpson86, InkwellMachine, Smith, bookmasta, ejrosetta, MrTickle, Theglasshouse, jenthepen, thepancreas11, N J Xkey, InstituteMan, Plasticweld, Alanzie, David K. Thomasson, danielstj, TKent, J.T. Chris, bravery101, Santa, joshybo, ArrowInTheBowOfTheLord, Sleepwriter, fpak, JustRob, Anita M Shaw, Eliot Gilbert, -xXx-, Harper J. Cole, Mesafalcon, Hairball, clark, TL Murphy, Robbie, Hawkeye, sigmadog, Moonlight, Pamelyn Casto, plawrence, gerdun, Chris Green, SueC, Roac, topcol
Published Non Fiction Author Published Non Fiction Author
For published non-fiction in book form

Published Author Published Author
For published novels and single author short story collections or poetry anthologies.

Members who received this award: 70
, saoir, dannyboy, Nickie, J.R. MacLean, Red_Venus, Non Serviam, Loulou, Dan, WriterJohnB, Olly Buckle, Sam, moderan, TWErvin2, MJ Preston, Ditch, Terry D, ClosetWriter, mockingbird, stevetaylor67, sunaynaprasad, lvcabbie, egpenny, dale, Galen, Potty, stellar, CharlesAnthony, Dave Watson, Ethan, Caragula, Tettsuo, Brotherlobo, Folcro, bookmasta, gmehl, David Gordon Burke, Tyler Danann, LeeC, David K. Thomasson, Nicholas McConnaughay, Nosretap23, anthonyjmcgirr, Threak 17, Santa, Riis Marshall, K.S. Crooks, Carly Berg, Anita M Shaw, KellInkston, Harper J. Cole, RJ_Parnell, Arthur G. Mustard, Hairball, RikWriter, Aquilo, RHPeat, clark, Monique, Jay Greenstein, WALTEREGO, Donnam, Pamelyn Casto, Darren White, Bayview, SueC, Ralph Rotten, ctEdwards, AdrianBraysy, Black Knight
Published Poet or Songwriter/Lyricist Published Poet or Songwriter/Lyricist
For published poetry or song lyrics.

Members who received this award: 110
, rcallaci, arkayye, semtecks, dannyboy, Hoot08, MeeQ, Syren, garza, Foxee, citygirl, Firebird, Cran, Olly Buckle, apple, vangoghsear, Chesters Daughter, jpatricklemarr, Angel101, ash somers, Damien., Prof, moderan, C.Gholy, Squalid Glass, Lady S, Gumby, Clayman, SilverMoon, HaroHalola, SvirVolgate, TheFuhrer02, Jeep121262, MJ Preston, Jon M, Isaiah Lake, Nick, bearycool, midnightpoet, Cory Lamontagne, Bilston Blue, Celeste Barwick, Terry D, Jinxi, Boddaert, kennyc, toddm, candid petunia, obi_have, peter6, Skeletor, Firemajic, CLN, j.w.olson, Bloggsworth, feralpen, Ravel, astroannie, Ghost, Higurro, Kevin, shedpog329, JDegg, River Girl, saintenitouche, Fats Velvet, MD Grace, Nemesis, HKayG, Arcopitcairn, Ethan, Abbey08, Lewdog, Ariel, PiP, bookmasta, jenthepen, LeeC, Riptide, TKent, joshybo, Phil Istine, am_hammy, Darkkin, Eliot Gilbert, Harper J. Cole, ned, RHPeat, clark, TL Murphy, Robbie, audrey, Neetu, Pulse, Hawkeye, sas, Marjon, Monique, H.Brown, Syed, TaniAliya, Harmony1, Raevenlord, Pamelyn Casto, gerdun, Darren White, Space Cadet, TuesdayEve, Andrew78, Namyh

Staff Only
Awards and recognitions for staff
Image Name / Description
WF Star Staffer WF Star Staffer
For an outstanding individual effort towards the welfare of WF and its members.

DSO Level 1 DSO Level 1
For volunteering time for service to WritingForums.

DSO Level 2 DSO Level 2
For meritorious service to WritingForums

DSO Level 3 DSO Level 3
For exceptional service to WritingForums

DSO Level 4 DSO Level 4
For distinguished service to WritingForums

DSO Level 5 DSO Level 5
For Extraordinary service to WritingForums

Members who received this award: 9
rcallaci, Cran, Sam, Tiamat, Gumby, squidtender, PiP, Kevin_L, TKent

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