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Published/Produced/Performed Live For Professionally published works, productions or live performances
Published Artist/Photographer
For published visual art and photography
Total awarded: 34
Broadcast Award
For recorded or live-to-air work broadcast by television or radio
Total awarded: 10
Emmy - Live Performance
For performing one’s own creative work in front of a live audience.
Total awarded: 9
Recorded Songs Award
For professionally recorded music or lyrics
Total awarded: 3
Ozzie - Movie Mogul
For creating a video for the promotion or dissemination of creative work.
Total awarded: 5
The Career/Lifetime Achievement Award
For 25 years or more in professional writing, editing, journalism-related work, or performing arts.
Total awarded: 12
Published Academic Reviewer, Editor or Producer
For academic reviews, editing and/or publishing original written, visual or performing arts works produced by other people.
Total awarded: 23
Published Writer
For individual published short stories and articles.
Total awarded: 187
Published Non Fiction Author
For published non-fiction in book form
Total awarded: 11
Published Author
For published novels and single author short story collections or poetry anthologies.
Total awarded: 90
Published Poet or Songwriter/Lyricist
For published poetry or song lyrics.
Total awarded: 182