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mi is happy
March 4th, 2008, 12:31 AM
Let's start this thing! :) Here some imfo just to rember:

Members and charactors: :thumbr:
Aurasheild... failed to make a charactor as of late.
Crazed Scribe.... Will

Shinn (hopes he's alive!)... Robert
Renos Babe... Valdis

Supreem overlord!:-s
mi... Jesse

If you want to join please go to this link or PM me, depending on how far we are: http://www.writingforums.com/writing-challenge/92234-lost-island-rpg-affairs.html

mi is happy
March 4th, 2008, 01:40 AM
To whom it may concern;

Congratulations! I am pleased to announce that you have won a free trip to the Caribbean from the Sea Breezes cruise line. While enjoying the great comfort of our suits you will meet 20 more contest winners and eat in our 5 star restaurant. Sea Breezes guarantees a good time and that's what you will get! While at seas we offer a techno club, swimming, a spa, and much much more! Then we will land in places like Jamaica where you are free to party.
The ship will set sail on July 5th in Orlando, Florida! All you have to do is show the bouncer this letter and he'll let you on! Hope to see you soon!
Sea Breezes Cruise Line
Please note that we are not liable for your safety.

(You will all start by saying good buy to those who came to see you off, entering the ship, and meeting your fellow passengers. I will decide when we set off!:) )

mi is happy
March 4th, 2008, 01:40 AM

March 4th, 2008, 10:19 PM
The car ride had been somewhat lonely, even with her lively old auntie and uncle in the car, and the music blaring from the speakers to her right in addition to the haunting sound of her auntie singing along, it seemed dark…cold. She took into consideration that she was going on a holiday, and that she deserved to have a good time but there was something holding her back, something she would never quite grasp. A warning maybe?

Strapping the fourth bag onto her back and holding both suitcases firmly in her palms she kissed both her aunt and uncle goodbye, smiling as they hugged her. They were the closest thing she’d had to parents. She wasn’t an orphan or anything, just deprived of a childhood. Forced to study, left to play alone with all the sympathy toys her parents brought her on their wild trips across the globe. Well, now it was her turn, her turn to see the world and see why they were so intrigued by its ‘natural beauty’. Giving her aunt and uncle a final goodbye nod she slowly made her walk to the ship, taking no notice of any of the other passengers.

She was still weak from the flight over from Manchester, a place she never really fitted into yet ‘home’ never the less. She wouldn’t miss the weather though, and as the bright gleams of the sun shone down upon her and the blazing heat crawled up her back she smiled.

Approaching the bouncer, she took out the advertisement from her pocked. Handing it over to the man, she waited patiently.

‘Welcome Ms May, please make yourself at home.’ Georgia smiled and walked on, turning for the last time to embrace her aunt and uncles image.

Yet something inside her told her she wouldn’t see them for a very long time…

March 5th, 2008, 03:02 PM
‘It’s not a mistake, its not a mistake.’
Alicia mumbled the words over and over in her head. For the last half an hour or so it had become a mantra.
“What was that love?” the taxi driver asked.
“Oh sorry,” she laughed awkwardly. “I didn’t realise I’d said that aloud.”
He looked at the young woman in the rear view mirror as he pulled into the car park. Her green eyes were open wide taking in their surroundings, but she didn’t look exactly happy to be there.
“Nervous traveller?” he asked.
“You could say that.”
“Well we’re here now.”

As Alicia climbed out of the back seat of the taxi, the driver retrieved her large pink suitcase from the boot and she paid for her fair.
“Travelling alone?” he asked.
Alicia smiled. God she hated taxi drivers they were so flippin’ nosey. Always wanting to know everything about you. If James had been here he would have told the driver to mind his own business or if he was in a really good mood he would have just ignored him completely, but Alicia couldn’t do that. Maybe it was a character flaw that she couldn’t lie or be rude, although she was just beginning to learn to be evasive.

“Yes and no,” she answered as she took the handle of the suitcase and began to pull it on its wheels in the direction that the signs told her to go.

It was a shocking pink. ‘Too pink?’ she wondered. It was new. Everything was new. New suitcase with new clothes inside. New adventure. New life. But was it a mistake?
“It’s not a mistake. It’s not a mistake!”

Alicia started to walk along the wooden path towards the boat…. no wait, ship. She was sure she’d get shot for making such an error if it was said aloud. She noticed other travellers approaching. Unlike her they had people who had made the journey thus far with them. Alicia was alone. She sighed as she tucked her thick dark curls behind her ears and plunged ahead.

Crazed Scribe
March 7th, 2008, 09:52 PM
Please note that we are not liable for your safety.

If Will was perfectly honest with himself that didn't sound too optimistic. This being the first real time away from his friends and family; he was really nervous. It didn't help that the company he was travelling with didn't want to reassure him by taking responsibility for his safety.

With great effort he tore his eyes away from the crumpled letter in his hands and looked at his parents. He knew it was only a holiday and he'd be back pretty soon, but he still couldn't help feel anxious. After all the longest he'd been away from his parents was on a 3 day scout camp and on the second day he'd gotten homesick.

Finally, he was here but would he have the back bone to step on the ship? He got out of the car and hugged both of his parents,


"bye son, have a good time and send us a post card."

"I'm sure it will be great fun, you deserve it!"

That was true. He had just finished university, studying Journalism, and this would be the holiday of a life time. he couldn't let some jitters stop him or he'd never fly the nest. With one last wave he headed onto the boat.

Darn Dame
March 7th, 2008, 10:43 PM
Khrissy had packed her run-of-the-mill black rolling suitcase with little fanfare; bikini, summer shorts, summer tops, sandals, running shoes, work out clothes, hats, bra’s, underwear, sock, one strappy sundress, her badge, handcuffs & keys, mace, portable radio, thigh and chest holster, .38 caliber handgun, a minute bag of make up, and one formal evening gown and curling iron. The last two items were packed under duress from her mother. They were “just in case” items that she had more than enough room for.

She grabbed her bag and small purse, slipped on her shades, and headed for the car. She settled into her seat, strapped on her seatbelt, started the mid sized car, connected her Ipod, and put the car into drive. She looked forward to the long road trip to Florida. It would give her time to settle down, do some thinking, and get into “vacation” mode, something she was afraid she was really going to have to work on.

One day later, after a restful nights sleep in a cheap hotel, Khrissy found her way to the parking garage set aside especially for cruisers. She checked her car, grabbed her suitcase and purse, and headed for the ship.

As she approached the boarding gate, she noticed a few travelers ahead of her. One male passenger was wearing jeans and a wife beater, he had the matching hair to boot. She guessed him to be in his early twenties and maybe standing 6’3 or so. She could almost smell the testosterone from where she had taken her place in line. His appearance put her in mind of the lead singer in a rock band.

The next passenger standing in line behind him seemed to be a bit hesitant. It wasn’t anything glaringly apparent but Khrissy noticed the small lines of worry etched around the woman’s eyes and the slight press of her brows. Her eyes seemed to be questioning and a bit lost in thought. She was well dressed. Her clothing wasn’t flamboyant by any means but definitely clothing of quality.

The two passengers turned momentarily at the sound of Khrissy’s approach. Khrissy smiled.

”Hi. How are you all doing?” she greeted them. “Ready for some fun?”

Renos Babe
March 8th, 2008, 10:56 AM
Valdis looked around smiling to herself as she walked up the ramp onto the boat, no one had come to see her off, it was the way she perfered it. No overly emotional goodbyes, no crying i hope you come back soons. Just her, and a whole possibility of never coming back to the hell hole she'd called home for the past couple of years...

On the boat she found the darkest corner she could and stood there watching the other passangers. this could be an interesting trip.

March 13th, 2008, 09:10 AM
Rob waved goodbye to his wife and two kids; Elle and Jake. This unexpected cruise could be considered therapy; after all, he'd just come back from a third tour in Afghanistan as a Special Forces commander. Finding a chair, he sat down, keeping his suitcase close. He re-checked that he had everything he needed on the trip and finally allowed himself to relax.

I might as well enjoy this trip while it lasts. I'll be back over there in no time.

mi is happy
March 14th, 2008, 12:14 AM
Jesse walked her very light trunk up the ramp slowly. All it contained was the only few pairs of normal cloths she owned (most of her closet contained scrubs) and her emergency pistol and hunting knife. She always had these with her out of superstition of her mob days.
No one came with her. All her friends were up to their necks in work back in good old NY. It was just her and herself.
She found her room. It was quite nice for something free. It had a nice window over looking the waves. She began to explore when she heard the whistle indicating: All aboard!

(Those that haven't posted yet then just act as though you are on the boat already. Also please make a connection with your fellow passengers.)

March 15th, 2008, 08:16 PM
Georgia loved the feeling as the wind brushed against her smooth, moisturised face. Her luggage in her room and a drink in her hand, she sat watching as the passengers quickly hurried onto the boat. It wasn't long before she spotted a woman by the corner, and turning her head she smiled.

'Good day for a cruise isn't it?'

March 20th, 2008, 10:17 PM
“Hi. How are you all doing. Ready for some fun?”

Alicia looked up at the dark blonde woman before her and smiled.
“Well I sure hope so,” she answered. “That’s why I’m here.”
The woman was American, which Alicia guessed would probably be something she’d come across often during the trip, considering where they were. She like her accent and her voice was warm and friendly.
“I’m Alicia,” she said holding out her hand. “I think we better get moving, we seem to be creating a queue.”

Renos Babe
March 21st, 2008, 10:24 AM
Val shrugged as the ship moved off, there was no one here she cared about so it really didn't bother her whether seh came back or not, maybe she'd be able to get lost.

mi is happy
March 21st, 2008, 05:19 PM
Jesse walked over to the bar by the swimming pool. Taking the seat on the corner ordered a fruity tropical drink that went well with the theme of the boat. She noticed a man siting on a chair by himself. She quickly ordered an other one and walked over to him.
"Nice view, isn't it?" she smiled as she offered him the drink.

Darn Dame
March 21st, 2008, 06:02 PM
"Hi Alicia." Khrissy took her outstretched hand and shook it firmly. She then gathered up her luggage and walked up the ramp onto the cruise ship. All around her employees in crisp white unforms helped visitors find their rooms, offered drinks, and generally welcomed the newcomers aboard.

"Can I help you Ma'am?" A tall muscled man reached out for her luggage.

"That would be great." Khrissy smiled freely at the tan man.

"Jus follow me an we get you to your room. Welcome aboard. You are in for a real treat." He set off at a leisurely pace pointing out points of interest along their way.

"Here we are." He stopped before a carbon copy door and placed her luggage before the door. "Can I help you with anything else Ma'am?"

"No, thank you. You've been more than kind." Khrissy offered the man a tip then. As he walked away, she rummaged for her key and opened the door.

The room was small but more than adequate for one single person. Off to the left was a toilet shower combo with a functional rectanglular mirror. The tiled room was cream colored and cool.

The rest of the room was decorated in the usual cruiser style. A floral blanket covered the twin sized bed. What really impressed her was the view from her room. Although there was no balcony, the oversized windows that took up most of the outer wall displayed a breathtaking view of the ocean. A wide ledge beneath the window invited Khrissy to sit.

She spent the next several minutes placing things in storage and hanging up her items. Then she returned topside to mingle with the other guests before shove off.