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April 25th, 2007, 05:02 PM
There's a few things to think about and write down when trying to start your own RP. You need to make sure people know what it's all about and to get them asking as little questions as possible (If they ask a lot of major questions then it means you left out important things.). Here are a few base things you should provide.

Rules: This is one of the biggest things you should have when starting your RP, especially for story based RP's. If you don't have rules then things get chaotic quickly and people begin doing things that you may not have intended or want them to be able to do (as well as other members getting upset because of it). The rules which have become basically written in stone here are godding and auto-hitting/killing. Godding is when you have your character never getting hurt or hit in any situation. In simple terms it's when you make your character invincible. Auto-hitting is as the name implies, saying or making it so that your attack automatically hits another member controlled character without giving them any chance to say or do anything about it. It gets rather annoying for everyone when you do things like that. Depending on which type of RP your starting, rules may or may not be needed.

Plot/Story: If your going to make an RP that has a story then you should make a basis for it. This includes things like setting, era it takes place in, whether it is reality, supernatural, fantasy, mecha or etc. Things that let all the members joining know just what kind of world their going to be RP'ing in.

Profile: You should give a profile format for the members to follow. It should always include things such as Name, Age and Gender. Other things you can add to the format could be things like Picture (An anime or other picture that gives an idea of what your character looks like) or a short Bio about the character.

Joining an R.p.g
First things, before you rush in to joining someone else's RP is to read their first post. The first post should always have the information you need to help you decide if you really want to join and just what the RP is all about. Make sure to read the rules over and check to see if there are any catches or things you should be aware of. Don't just rush in because the title of the RP catches your eye. You want to know what your getting into before you actually get into it.

If you have questions then don't be afraid to ask. Knowing is half the battle. If you don't want to ask right out because your shy or something, then PM the person who created the RP. They will be able to answer your questions and most of them time they will be polite about it. If their not polite at all, then that's an issue to take up with that person and the mods or admin.^^ Or you could just forget about joining.
These are a few things that you should try to avoid or do when RP'ing. Try and remember these things when you RP, it'll help make things more enjoyable.

-Teleporting: This little annoyance here is a big no-no. You should avoid this as much possible. Teleporting can be one of two thing. A) You dodge an attack or something by literally teleporting from place to place. This really annoys people because it means that you can never be hit. B) When you move your character to a place far or a distance away in a single post. Most of the time people do this because either their name is mentioned in a discussion between other characters or there is a topic that is being discussed that has to do with something your character knows about, or because you want to offer opinions on it. Even if there is an event going on or discussion, don't move your character there in a single post for no reason other than to be included.

-Fountain of knowledge: This is also a big NO when RP'ing. This little phenomena is when you make it so that your character seems to know everything that is going and exactly what everybody is talking about, like you've heard it before and your an expert on it (Even though this is the first time your character has ever heard it). This also includes another type that has to be avoided, when you do things like ask questions or take guesses getting everything right as you do so. It's like you know exactly what's going even though your character has nothing to do with it or never heard of it and you get it right.

-The all seeing eye: This is probably one of the most annoying things you can do in an RP. This is when your character knows everything that is going on everywhere else in the RP world while not actually being able to see them. It's similar to the Omniscient view in books, being able to see everyone and everything that's going on, like your god. This also ties in with teleporting, moving your character to a place because something is happening that interests you and you want to be a part. Or going somewhere that another character is headed towards for no reason what so ever.


~Nothern Japan~

Jonathon: *fighting a demon* Damn, this thing is pretty tough. I'll have to watch myself. *attacks fiercely*

~Southern Japan~

Bloodymoon: I sense something wrong. *heads north*

(End Example)

Bottom line, if your character has no reason for going to an area where an even t is taking place then there is no need to move them there. If you want to be a part of the event then at least have a viable reason for going to that area, such as you see smoke rising from the forest, hear an explosion, see police heading towards an area, etc.

April 25th, 2007, 06:17 PM
Thats great Grace, better than what you p.med me to proof read, but i got slayer to do it for me, sorry.

April 25th, 2007, 09:21 PM
Thanks for this grace, this'll help alot of people and it was kind of you to do it.