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November 15th, 2006, 08:16 PM
Alice: I... I think so... Everything just went...

Hare: Dark?

Alice: Yes, like I was swallowed by a nightmare.

Hatter: It's just good to see you're doing fine now.

Alice: I'm all right, thank you.

A bell rings and the guards stand up.

Guard1: Okay everyone get to your assigned halls its cell time. Make a single file line people (Everyone walks out of the room in a line. As they leave guard2 hands a pill to each patient. ). Good job. Free pills on the way out Cant bitch about that.

Alice stands in the middle of the room, still a little dizzy, holding her head with one hand.

Alice: The queen Its been so long This cant be happening again

Man1: Come on Lets get in our cell.

He leads Alice into her cell and she slams the door. She lies down on her bed, pulls out a journal, and begins writing in it with a crayon.

Alice (V.O.): Everyone here is quite interesting I made a few new friends and was wisely advised not to associate with the egotistical bunch I met a boy today Hes quite friendly, a little wacky, but very fun (She smiles.) And not to mention very cute. Hell definitely be in my dreams tonight If I do dream I hope so.

She smiles as she puts the notebook away and cuddles up on the uncomfortable little bed. The set dims, as she falls asleep, to complete darkness.


The sound of a beautiful grand piano resonates through the theatre. The set is intimately lit with blue lights and gray mist. The lobby is empty except for a piano and the dark outline of a man playing it. An open window is to his left and moonlight pours in onto the floor. Alice hears the music, gets out of bed and goes to the door. When she goes to peek through the window the door opens.

Alice: This must be a dream

She pushes it all the way open and heads out into the lobby. The pianist stops playing and turns to look at Alice. It is hatter.

Alice: That was beautifulI didnt know you played.

Hatter: I do So tell me Alice Is your dream worth dreaming tonight?

Alice: I suppose it is Id say so. Youre here. I was hoping you would be.

Hatter: You wanted to see me?

Alice: Sure I did.

Hatter: Because Im very cute?

Alice blushes.

Alice: How did you know what I-(Hatter looks at her with a smile.) I forgot this is my dream. So how much do you know?

Hatter: Everything you know.

Alice: Thats not too much.

Hatter: Sure it is Quite so You have a spectacular mind.
(Alice shrugs but smiles.) I know that youve thought of me naked.

Alices face turns red and her mouth opens in surprise.

Alice: I have not!

Hatter: Its okay I happen to find that very flattering.

Alice: You know, as flattering as you find it, I have never thought of you in the nude.

Hatter: Im sure you havent. (Smiles.)
Ive been working on a piece Would you like to hear it?

Alice: I would love to.

Hatter turns around and begins playing the song. Eight measures of a dreary crescendo build up to an exploding climax of piano and strings. Wind blows open the window and lightening strikes outside. Alice dances along with the music and toward the end she collapses on the floor. Hatter rushes to her aid. The set fades to black.

Scene 4-
(Alices screams echo in the darkness. Before the lights come back on we hear two people talking. It is Dr. Reese and the ward administrator.)

Admin: Im sorry I called you down here so late, but it looked serious.

Reese: She seems fine now.

Admin: This has been her third violent episode in the last week And like I said Its only when she sleeps

The lights turn on, but are very dim. Reeses face looks apprehensive.

Reese: Did she mention anything about a red queen?

Admin: No Does that have some sort of significance?

Reese: The red queen was an almost schizophrenic projection of Alices guilt. She created her because she felt as thought she should be punished for not doing anything to save her parents.

Admin: Oh...

Reese: She used to throw fits in bed six years ago, much like the ones youre describing tonight. She would scream relentlessly About the most bizarre things She created a dream sanctuary to help her cope with her parents demise.
An alter reality that only existed to her when in a dream state. (Pauses) She called it her wonderland This is where she would find her salvation. Here, she believed, she would find closure.

Admin: (Sighs) So what do you suggest we do with her?

Reese: I think serious measures are in order Im not taking any more chances with this one

Reese stares at the administrator with blank eyes.
The set fades to black.

Narrator: Alice spent many days and many nights suffering through the same routine. Her lobby time was cut in half due to her episodes in her sleep. The doctor wanted her under constant monitoring and so she was For six days Alice endured a series of unorthodox medical exams with only a short amount of rest. The days she did participate in lobby time she was too drugged up and worn out to associate with anyone Including Hatter, who grew very concerned with Alices lack of sleep and nutrition. He knew they would use her till she didnt have the strength to breathe, but there was absolutely nothing he could do Except wait for her And so he did.

Scene 5-

The lobby is once again full of movement and chatter.
The three ladies stand in the corner associating. They wear color-coordinated clothes and each has rosy-red cheeks.

Lady1: So What do you think of the kid?

Lady2: Alice? She looks a bit raggedy to me.

Lady1: Ill have to agree Ive never seen some one wear such ugly footies.

Lady3: Shes wearing footies you say? I thought she just had really dirty feet.

Everyone chuckles a bit.

Lady2: I think shes rather creepy

Lady1: She kind of just mopes around, doesnt she?
With her hair all in her face.

Lady2: God knows whats hiding under there.

They chuckle once more and our focus is brought to a conversation toward the other end of the stage. It is between the Marsh hare and Hatter.

Hatter: Ive been talking to Alice on and off.
I cant get her to tell me why shes in here.

Hare: Ive heard rumors about a fire.

Hatter: Yes, well as have I And to determine the trueness of these rumors I sent mouse in undercover.

Hare: In where exactly?

Hatter: To the filing floor.

Hare: You sent him down there?

Hatter: Hes the only one who can fit through the grate.

Hare: During lobby time?

Hatter: Dont worry hes as stealthy as a fox. Trust me.

Just as he says that a guard approaches the chess table pulling along a short man in dingy clothes.

Guard1: Is this yours?

Hatter: I really hope not.

Guard1:I found him snooping around in the records room.

Hatter: Uh huh

Mouse: Come on fellas, tell em how many drugs they fed me this morning. I didnt know where the hell I was.

Hatter: I must apologize for my small friend You see, he was born without a brain, because he was too small; it never developed.

Guard1: One more time and youre both in isolation.

Hatter: Understood Im sure you have better things to do. So sorry for the trouble and have a lovely day.

Hatter taps the guard on his shirt pocket when the guard swiftly grabs his hand and squeezes.

Guard1: This is a serious matter, do you understand?

Hatter looks down at his hand that the guard continues to hold.

Hatter: (Smiles) I didnt know you felt that way for me.

Guard1: You little pervert! (He quickly lets go.)

Hatter: Oh come on kiss me.

Hatter lunges at the guard with open arms. The guard punches him in the stomach and he drops to the ground.
The guard walks away in a cloud of frustration.

Hatter: (Lifts head off ground.) Hey guard! I need to ask you something Seriously (The guard looks back with a red face.) Was it good for you? (The guard flips him off.) Cause it was great for me Wild (The guard stomps out of the scene.)

Mouse and Hare help Hatter up off the ground.

Mouse: Her birth name is Alice Herring she was adopted at the age of six and her documented date of birth is October 25 1931 That would make her (Thinks.)

Hatter: Seventeen.

Mouse: Yes seventeen Funny thing I read her entire file and nowhere does it mention anything about her life as an orphan, nothing before the age six.

Hatter: Hmmm

Mouse: Two years after Alice was adopted her foster parents died.

Hatter: A fire?

Mouse: (Shakes his head.) A house fire.

Hatter: So the rumors are true.

Mouse: Unquestionably. The strange thing about the fire is that they still dont know what started it. At first it was suspected just an accident. You know, like a cigarette left burning or a stove left on?

Hatter: Yeah

Mouse: But about a week after the fire newfound evidence suggested that it might have been a homicide.

Hare: A house fire as a homicide?

Mouse: All of the doors into the house were locked and bolted as if they never tried to escape

Hatter: As if they were dead before the fire even started.

Hare: I feel like were solving a mystery.

Mouse: Sadly this is somewhat of a dead-end mystery. Theres nothing to build from Just a strange detail that will never stir.

Hatter: I would ask Alice, but frankly Im a little afraid of how she might react.

Hare: Maybe she did it.

Mouse: She was only eight years old when it happened. Theres no way.

Hatter: And she happens to be a good friend of mine whom I may even confide in one day. Shes a sad and confused young woman and you accuse her of being a homicidal maniac!

Hare: (Smiles) You like her.

Hatter: Of course I like her.

Mouse: The lightening defense, the passion in your voice
You do like her

Hatter: I just said I did.

Hare: But you really like her.

Hatter: Sure I do I mean she is attractive and funny.

Hare: Oh most definitely.

Hatter: And I am only a few years older than her.

Hare: Two years and a month.

Hatter: Wow, yeah Almost exactly But shed never go for me.

Hare: I think shes mad about you.

Hatter: And what makes you think that?

Hare: I dont know Just a feeling.

Hatter: Yeah well we all have feelings. Im feeling kind of sick. What if its a mistake? Shell think Im an ass and shell probably never want to speak to me again.

Hare: Do you always hope for the worst?

Hatter: Its my defensive setback. Ive been seriously let down too many times to be hopeful.

Hare: There is always room for hope.

Hatter: Hope may keep us happy amidst the unknown, but Ive found that I can be just as happy without building my hopes up.

Hare: Yes, but it never hurts.

Hatter: It always hurts But I suppose I could go talk to her.

Hare: There you go! Now go over there and tell her how you feel!

Hatter: I decided not to.

Hare: (sighs) You just said you were not even five seconds ago.

Hatter: Yes, well Im indecisive. I change my mind a lot.

Hare: Youre like a woman.

Hatter: Sexist stereotypes are for moral pushers.

Hare: Okay Youre like some women.

Hatter: Some women are confused by fairytales. They usually change their minds simply because theyre searching for a storybook romance or lifestyle and this stops them from enjoying the life they do have. Theyre generally looking for something better or something new, but me I know what I want, but Im afraid if I get it then I will surely lose it.

Hare: You know what they say; its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Hatter: Whoever said that obviously has never been in love And he was most likely an altruist. I hate those.
(Exhales heavily) I will tell her eventually.

Alice leans against a wall and stares at the floor.

Hare: Doesnt she look a little strange today?

Hatter: I was thinking that She has been through a lot lately, with the tests and all.

Hare: She seems rather pale.

Hatter: Maybe I should see how shes doing.

Hare: Maybe you should.

Hatter gets up and walks over to Alice.

Hatter: Hello Alice. (She continues to stare at the floor.)
Are you feeling okay? I noticed you were alone and I thought you might enjoy some company (She doesnt say anything.) Hello? Alice? (Raises his voice.) Are you listening to me? Do you even care? (She stays quiet and stares at her feet with watery/sad eyes.) Youre not a very good friend you know. Friends talk to each other. (Pauses)
That was selfish of me. Im sorry. I think I understand.
Ill let you alone now. Goodbye Alice (Hatter turns to leave and Alice grabs him and begins crying, burying her face into his shoulder.) Its okay Im here Youre okay

Alice cries and Hatter holds her tight, comforting her.
The lights fade to darkness.

Scene 6-

Alice walks through the strange and eerie forests of Wonderland. The spider-like trees glow a dim neon-blue and jabberwhalkys hide in the bushes. A white rabbit man dashes across the stage.

Rabbit: Excuse me, Im late. (He notices who she is and turns around.) Youre Alice arent you?

Alice: I suppose this is another dream.

Rabbit: You didnt answer my question.

Alice: I am Alice.

Rabbit: Yes, Alice the dream-child. You fought the red queen, didnt you? You took her on and you thought you won And you would have too if she wasnt an inexorable nightmare.

Alice: I suppose. Ive been trying to not think about that right now What are you late for anyway?

Rabbit: Late? (Looks at his clock.) Heavens me, I am late!

Alice: Sorry late for what?

Rabbit: Im late for a very important date It was such a pleasure meeting you Alice Im late, Im late, Im late! (Sprints out of the scene.)

Alice: Well, good luck Mr. Rabbit. He doesnt seem to enjoy life very much although; this is all just a dream and a very bad one too. Dear how I wish I never had to come back here. Wonderland just keeps getting stranger and stranger every time I visit. If only I could find a way to never fall asleep again.

Cat: Did you say a dream? (A glowing smile appears with a glowing pare of eyes.)

Alice: Who said that?

Cat: Up here: (Alice looks up in a tree where a dreamlike cat sits. He also has glow in the dark stripes going down his back and tail.) Do you really think this is a dream?

Alice: It must be I mean, it has to be, right?

Cat: What do you think?

Alice: I really dont know anymore.
Im almost sure that Im dreaming.

Cat: Or is your life in the ward all just a dream?

Alice: I (Begins to breathe heavily.) I dont know

Cat: A single perception of reality is a tricky thing. It is never reliable because the existence of the reality perceived can never be proven. It makes you question whats real, doesnt it?

Alice: Im real! I know I am! I know I was once happy and I had a family who loved me!

Cat: Do you remember being happy? Do you remember anything from your childhood?

Alice: (Gets angry because she really cant remember anything.) Youre just trying to mess me up, like everyone else in this horrible place. You hear me you ugly cat? Youre just an ugly cat and I dont want to speak to you any longer.

Cat: (Laughs eerily.) This is all just a bad dream. (He fades into the darkness. All lights dim to black.) Wake up Alice Wake up

(to be concluded...)