View Full Version : Funny scene put to Excalibur Theme

December 20th, 2005, 07:25 PM
So for those of you who know the epic theme from Excalibur, put this short scene to the music. I think you'll find its very funny. :grin: If you haven't heard the song, go to this site and scroll down. Click on the Listen button for track 4. It'll give you a preview of what its like.


[climactic musical opening from theme from Excalibur]

[Camera follows a van moving down a highway with beach dunes surrounding the road.]

[Music drifts into the quiet area from the theme]

[It pulls up to a wooden house on stilts with dead hedges lining the driveway. A man steps out of the car, followed by a woman and two kids.]

Man: Honey don't bring that coffee near me, I haven't changed into my swimsuit yet.

Woman: Sorry dear. Kids, go grab your bags and bring them inside.

[Man walks halfway down driveway and enjoys summer/beach conditions for a moment.]

[climactic music starts again]

[On time with the music, multitudes of kids with waterballoons pop up from the hedges-1st the left side, then the right, finally a group cuts off the front of the driveway.]

[Look of fear from the man. The family stands motionless.]

[Camera shoots one group lobing balloons, then cycles to the other two. Cutback to man showing a look of agape horror and stumbling to run back under the house.]

[The woman grabs her kids and holds them close.]

[The attackers chase him pelting him with the balloons.]

[climax of music]

[Enter a grown man with a water hose from under the house with a loook of avid enjoyment, spraying the retreating man.]

[Retreating man falls to his knees and continues to be pelted until he is laying on the ground gasping for air.]

[song end]

[scene end]