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May 28th, 2005, 10:25 PM
This is actually a play for radio. I understand some people will grumble because its not technically a script or a play, just a dialogue, but as it is intended for radio (probably a special program aimed at teenagers to deal with the issues involved). It doesn't have much format (sorry) but i used it in my English coursework.

Eyes Open

(Sound of the tape rewinding)

OK, OK. Monday the fourth of August, 2003.


This is a bloody stupid idea. My girlfriend, Sarah, she says I should keep a diary to look at when Im older. Well screw writing all that stuff, cant be bothered; Ill just tape it, so I can hear my wonderful, youthful voice years down the line if I havent burned this thing. It just seems so girly. Shes always saying stuff like that, Sarah. Reckons I should be more like Riley. So I say, Go out with him then. She gets all awkward and apologetic then which is when I like her best.
But by God, Rileyyou could write an essay on him, bloody hell. Hes at the same time the most well known and the most unknown bloke in the Sixth. How weird is that? Hes one of a kind, thats for sure. I cant put my finger on itI guess its just that hes so damn nice all the time, must put people off. You know? No, of course you dont know, youre a bloody tape recorder. This is so ridiculous. Bet Riley has a diary

(Sound of tape skipping forward)

Wednesday the twelfth of November 2003.

Im starting to like this diary stuff now. Not as bad as I thought. Corse, my girlfriends buggered off now, after she got all temperamental, all bloody womanly on me. Sarah can go sob her heart out to Riley if thats what she wants he can have her, for all I care.
But thats the thing, its so weird no one really wants to get that close to Riley. I mean, he holds doors open for everyone in the bloody school even that little prat Sweeney, the one that me and the lads hang from the coat hangers sometimes
(laughs) Anyway. Where was I? Yeah, he holds all the doors open! And hes always there for all these hormonal girls who need a shoulder to cry onbut thats as close as they want to get. You know? Christ, I keep saying you know. Im talking to a diary! What was I saying?
Oh yeah, Riley. Oh today, bloody hell, righthe did Sarahs homework today. I mean, shed forgotten it, right, and she was about to try and wriggle out of it with the teacher when Riley pulls out a second copy of his work. He says that someone was bound to forget, so he did another one! I wouldnt have been shocked if he turned her bottle of water into a glass of champagne after that. Bloody show-off.
But, I spose he wasnt showing off. I really think he just did it. Out of the goodness of his heart, like. Christ, goodness of his heart? Im turning into a right sob story, cos of this bloody diary

(Sound of tape skipping forward)

Saturday the fourteenth of February 2004. Valentines Day.

Right, so we all went for this meal together, cos none of us are going out with anyone at the moment Christ, too much hassle, you know? so it was me and some of the lads, Sarah and a few of her little friends, andwell, we invited Riley, cos he dont get out much, by the look of him. Real pale, skinny, you know? Anyway, so we were just in Burger King, right Im not splashing out for any of that fancy foreign rubbish and all of a sudden, Riley turns around to Sarah and says, I love you. I choked on my fries! I was nearly hospitalised, not that anyone was paying me any attention. I mean, love? Thats a bit strong, innit? I mean, this days, you want to go out with a girl you just sorta let her know with a few hints, you know, a couple of winks, cheeky pinches, that sort of thing.
Buthe sounded so sincere. I think he bloody well meant it. And I suddenly felt so sorry for him. Cos, you know, she let him down. I mean, if itslovethen theres no way of letting him down gently. She said it right there at the table. Ouch! He justtook it, though. No fuss. He nodded, smiledand paid for all of us. All twelve of us! He must be loaded with cash. Money, love, kindnessI think Riley just doesnt get it. Girls dont want that Victorian attitude anymore. Move with the times, you know? They just want a little slap and tickle once in a while (laughs)

(Sound of tape skipping forward)
(Voice has become subdued and faltering)
Wednesday(coughs, sniffs)Wednesday theuhthe tenth of March, 2004.

(2 second pause)
(Quietly) Right, now what do I say?

(Normal tones) RileyRiley never really got over Sarah, I dont think. If only hed waited a bit longer, you know, when these girls grow out of the love-the-bad-boy stuffI think she would have changed her mind. I guess we shouldnt have laughed at him. I mean, at the time, it was just the done thing, you know? Naturally, the whole school found out about the Valentines thingthat last dinner we hadI dont think it was entirely my fault. Girls blab, you know
IuhI came across his diary today. He wrote his down, all proper, like. Funnyits not so girly, when you look at it. Its like reading poetry, bloody hell. I meanreal tragic and all, but reallyreally good too. You know. Deep. It was kinda surreal, eerie, you know, reading it whenSarah read the whole thing. She cried so much. I didnt know what to say. I think the love thing was shared deep down after all. Kinda like Shakespeare, innit? Didnt quite say I love you too in time
I mean, I didnt think he could get any paler. He kinda looked sad, like he always did, even when he was smiling. His eyes were still open, man, it was scary.
No crown of thorns, though
Why did I say that?

(2-second pause)

shouldveshouldve opened some doors for him too, really.
(There is a soft sniff from the speaker, and then the tape stops with an audible click.)

Tell me what you think! Probably the scariest thing to come out of this was the fact that, although I based the character of Riley ver slightly on my own experiences (except i'm not quite that extreme), my english teacher was more ready to draw parallels with Jesus... :? (i added the crown of thorns after this comment was made). It may have been the fact that there were 12 people at the 'last supper' of Riley, i dunno...

But then my english teacher is an odd man.

Let me know!