View Full Version : Emily Cries (a monologue)

May 6th, 2005, 05:33 AM
EMILY- Please don't turn and walk that way, Zen. I know you wont come back if you go.... No, that's what you said last time, and it took you seven years to come back to me! You left me when everyone thought I was crazy, and now you'll leave me in the middle of a battle when I need you the most. I needed you then, and I need you now... Arrand? What arrand? What could be more important than right now? ... Please Zen! Don't go, don't leave me, ::clinging onto his arm and crying:: I need you, I still need you and if you go I'll never see you again! No! Don't lie, if you leave I wont wait another seven years. I'll lose this fight, and I wont care what happens to this world! You can't leave, this world depends on us.... Yes, you and me, becuase I need you to win.... If I lose, this whole world loses, and Legion will win. Please Zen... I need you... isnt that enough? If not, then you can just leave.... ::Turns her back on Zen. After a moment she turns around, and looks for him. When she doesnt find him she sighs.:: Fine... but this time, you wont see me in another seven years...