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Ralph Rotten
July 16th, 2020, 03:21 AM
Wanna play follow the writer?
Easy game.
I post a pic of a person, and we each write our own character introduction.
Just something between a paragraph and a page.

The idea is to see how we can all start with the same image, and come up with vastly different characters.
Eye of the beholder, right?

Okay, here is the first one.
Write an intro for the girl in the middle.

Ralph Rotten
July 16th, 2020, 04:17 AM
Having been born into a life of wealth, Shohanna had spent most of her life in decadence. Schooled at the best private institutions, and gifted a generous monthly allowance, her greatest concern in life had been managing her social life. Back then it seemed very important that she run with the right crowd, be part of the right groups...

Scuffling along through the dirt, Shohanna closed her eyes for a moment as she remembered those days. It had all seemed so important, all of her juvenile bullshit. It almost embarrassed her to think back on how vain she had been back then. Truly, she had been a parasite; She created nothing, gave nothing, and consumed wantonly.

But Zero Day had changed everything. With enemies attacking from all sides, their tiny little nation had been locked in the grip of war for the last two years. Three years ago Shohanna's greatest concern was getting front row concert tickets. How far had she come to be there on the road from Torak, marching to battle with her sisters in arms. How had she gone from heiress to soldier?

July 29th, 2020, 12:08 AM
‘Why do I keep agreeing to these?’ She thought wearily as her friends drug her up the next hill.
Her back hurt, her feet hurt, the ‘war paint’ they had slathered on her was running and didn’t make her feel any more fierce.
‘Army boot camp, train like a soldier!’ Had been the slogan. Her friends had already put her through the mill of Zoomba, Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit and so many other gimmicks that her body felt like an abuse receptacle. She just wanted to lie on the couch and play ‘Animal Crossing’... maybe some snacks?

Oh wait, that was why she was here trying to ‘keep in shape’ for the relationship her friends were excited to find and she already didn’t care about.

So here she was, in her army drab, decked out with a rifle that had no ammo (due to that ‘one incident’ nobody wanted to talk about) and a bunch of packs that felt like lead. She deserved an extra slice of that cake tonight, dammit.

Two more hills to go, then the paintball ‘gun battle’ and then she could go home... she was counting every second.

Merciless Medic
August 4th, 2020, 11:29 PM
No one knew how tough this was. This training session. It had only been a good month in and their first pack test was grueling. These people thought that this was going to be simple. Do a few push ups, learn how to use a gun, do a few pull ups, do some agility and quickness exercises, camp out, and be at least friendly and cooperative with your teammates. Or, at least those were the thoughts those new recruits had when they had signed up to be pushed to their limits. Some were more intellectually gifted, while others couldn't wrap their brains around the aspects that all military workers need to know to at least survive in the camp, much less a real war. Some were a bit more physically gifted to take the exercises with stride, while others floundered. One of them being a young woman, named Charla, who had been on the receiving end of her neuroses seeding doubt within her ability to do these activities.

She had found friends though. Two she had the chance to learn more about. One of which was a girl who seemed quite tough and firm, yet supportive and quite intelligent. She became the one holding the radio, as the brunette found herself having to carry the radio pack for the pack test. The other girl was much sweeter, yet was just as supportive as "radio girl" and she was exceptionally brave. She was the one who would selflessly give up ammo or water whenever her fellow bunkmates needed them. She covered them during mock breaches and she was quite the social little butterfly. Honestly, Charla found herself hanging out with this selfless soul more often than radio girl.

Charla knew she was going to want to be around sweeter people, and thought she was never going to find such an angel within the rough and tough people who joined to serve their country. She always had issues with those who were opinionated and firm, constantly mistaking the stern words as being angry, destructive, or dangerous to be around. Her home life was also filled with gentle support and love. She was a bit vanilla in terms of her style and that was because her family fostered her to never change much about her, helping her feel more comfortable in her own skin. Imagine how shocked they were when she signed up to join the military - the first of her family in a few generations. She was going to make history in her family, and she was glad she had made friends in her month-long battle of wits and perseverance.

The time of the pack test came, and they had to wear their armor, carry their backpack, guns, and ammunition, as well as a large canteen filled with water. This was going to be one hell of a test. She was just glad that her selfless friend was ready to give her any water when she needed it, and she was also grateful that her two friends-turned-sisters had her back. Despite how exhausted she was, she struggled to follow through with the demands of the test, not wanting to waste the effort they had shown throughout the month of being in the army. With the initials 'DC' being written on her gun sling, face paint smeared from sweat and tears and the day - and test - nearing its end, she marched on with her sisters, thankful that the test was almost done.

Maybe they won't have to do this again tomorrow.

Oh wait... This was the first of six tests throughout the week?

​Oh no...