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July 1st, 2020, 09:58 AM
Just wanted an opinion about a relationship between my main male and female lead in a story. The two characters come from different cultures and the female MC actually detests the male at first (Franklin and Wanda by name). Wanda even goes so far as to screw him over pretty badly and they get into a fist fight (she's a fighter). They end up calling a truce after Wanda is attacked and nearly killed. The only reason she survives is because of Franklin coming to her aid. Things calm down after that and Wanda ends up falling in love with him. The reason being that after all the crap she put him through Franklin still helped her. Despite the fact she tried to ruin his life and even considered plotting the man's death, he saved her when he very well could have left her for dead.

This doesn't mean they get lovey dovey because Wanda is a high maintenance b*tch. They actually have sex for the first time after a massive argument when she blurts out that she hates Franklin because she loves him. It's a rather twisted situation for Wanda because both are true, she does love him, but also hates him for making her feel that way, which makes her extremely vulnerable emotionally. She also ends up pregnant and the two are married because of it. In her fictional culture bastard children are outright scandalous.

This doesn't make things better by any measure of the word because Franklin ends up falling in love with her too, but they mix like oil and water. They love each other, but there are days they can't stand to be in the same room. The marriage spirals downward to the point they almost get a divorce in large part because of the cultural difference. However in the end they do manage to work things out. It's not all love and roses afterward because they still fight at times, argue, and storm off in a huff, but they learn to make it work.

Instead of constant fighting and bickering I was thinking it eventually comes down to friction because they're both very strong willed, but it doesn't get out of hand. They do still get into fights at times, but after working things out, and in the context of a warrior culture it's how they work things out, on occasion it even serves as foreplay. Mind you they're not trying to kill each other, just having a dust-up. What I aim to eventually do is have it where there's still some volatility in the relationship, but also a very real love for one another and they even learn to cover each others weaknesses and play off strengths in real combat situations.

Franklin: A pretty down to earth working guy type. Even tempered most of the time, also very intelligent, but typically only applies said intelligence when he has to. Otherwise he prefers to keep things simple and straight forward. Never trained in a specific combat style, but has a high degree of natural talent and a lot of first hand experience. Learned from the School of Hard Knocks and incorporates a little bit of everything into his combat style. Very dangerous in close quarters due to unorthodox fighting techniques. Not very good with magic.

Wanda: Comes for a very wealthy aristocratic family with a long and proud lineage that traces back over 1,000 years. Practically a poster child for the spoiled rich b*tch, save that she's got the brass to back up the attitude. The attitude is partly because of her upbringing and also a defensive mechanism to protect herself as her father became very distant and withdrawn after her mother died when she was around six years old. That's not to say that Wanda is without heart, but expressing herself isn't easy. Words don't come easily to her in regards to her own feelings, and because of her station it's hard to tell if someone is a friend to her or the power and influence her family wields. She is trained in a very ancient form of martial arts, but doesn't possess a natural talent for it, instead relying on form and technique in fights. She is however a power magic wielder and her lineage allows her access to magical studies and resources most others wouldn't have.

July 20th, 2020, 02:55 AM
Well, I think it'd be helpful to get their values and priorities straight. If Wanda if from an aristocratic family, make her risk losing her prestige to help Franklin out. Something like that.

Figure out what Franklin likes in life and make him choose Wanda instead, for example.

July 20th, 2020, 05:19 AM
I don't write many relationships, but when I do I find it helps to have the characters be friends first. They have to like each other beyond their romance, and I usually find it satisfying to have build up to the couple getting together. If your characters are constantly fighting (even if they are warriors), do they even like each other? Or is the fact that he still helped her after Wanda did him dirty the only thread holding their love together? I understand they stay together because she is pregnant in her culture that's bad out of wedlock, but what does he like about her? Just her strong will? His respect for her magical ability, or a hidden desire to access her ancestral collection of magical studies? What makes him stay beyond her strong head? What does he respect? And vise versa? (I don't expect answers to these questions, rather just suggestions to ask yourself). I'm not a relationship expert by any means, but the kind of relationship you've described seems like a firecracker. Violent, hot, but gone soon after. You said things have almost lead to divorce in the story, so just find ways that they can stay and like each other even when things aren't so romantic.