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June 23rd, 2020, 05:00 AM
Plotting has to do with the emotional consequences of any action or dialogue. Shakespeare wanted to explore the consequences for example in Hamlet of Hamlet's father being murdered by Claudius (monarchy and madness maybe). This is the suspense question. An emotional question could be, is Claudius innocent? Then a suspense question might be, will Hamlet prove that Claudius is guilty? A suspense question generates much more plot than an emotional question. If you want to know more I recommend the playwriting seminars 2. It's written by people who have written for the BBC. So make any amount of questions for every action is the takeaway point. For example will they find the killer? Is a famous and well known suspense question. Make up more and see what you come up with. This is what others refer to as plotting. The suspense question is always unanswered until much later. It isn't answered until some pages later. A suspense question makes the plot drag on much more than the emotional question. Both questions are the sort needed to write plots.

A tip to create plot is to have characters that share pasts. This will make it easier to write the plot as the characters are in conflict over something that happened. Because of what happens the character wants something. Again this is said to be the consequences.

Posted elsewhere by me in the forum:

One thing that I discovered about plotting a story is you need to ask questions to yourself. Why can't they have it is an important question. Why can't you leave the house? Because I feel sick. Because I can't take care of myself. Because I need to make friends (previously I asked about it and got a different answer). Asking why is important. I enjoy playing sports. What is the worst thing that can happen? I broke my leg. I lacked those simple explanations in writing. But that's how you interview yourself to create conflict. Obstacles, are for when a goal is declared and something or some force is preventing the character from getting it. Again you ask a question and your mind gives a good answer. Could be a character, nature, machine, society, and so on. What things happen that make the goal harder to attain? Thus, what is another important question.

That's how I brainstorm.